Thanks  to you two Devs here for giving a short information about current state. I'm waiting for the Blog with details.

This game has indeed so many great things providing a good and solid game from start to now.
Beside all complaints you read from us players you provided a great pleasure to many player.

And while there were always little details to complain about, the overall experience from End of 2010 to today was always better than 95% of other games I tried in between.


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I would support this game also.

I agree that this game needs some decissions of the last 4 years reverted. On the other hand I think that also a lot decissions in the last years also drove the game to a better next level. In my opinion it is mainly a balancing issue that needs to be changed, but this means as well industrial balancing as also module balancing

On the large picture I think that it will be hard to find a base that satisfy all player. E.g I like most points of current gamma system and would hate to see the old gamma back. Others don't like gamma at all and like a game with only 6 islands as we started.

And while I was always against a wipe, I think this game is only able to recover now with a start from scratch for every player.

ADFormer this game has a lot player that have some insight on programming on a certain level. It is just the question of how many having insight in game design. And ofc if you ever tried to dig in foreign code, you learn how hard this can end. I know of larger games with decent size coder team that could not manage to find and solve some bugs that effected every player.


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At least enough player left in forum, as long as this is true game is not dead, even when more drama is happen here instead of Nia.


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It costs you like 200k Epi to produce Prototype for ligth ewar, that is a bit more more than 1 argano cargo.

I think it is ok, that you are forced to either risk this argano on beta or spend a long time on alpha to get the materials.

You could e.g. collect artifacts and recycle the T0/T3- stuff for Epi materials. One sequer full of artifact stuff should be more than enough for those not willing to take the risk.

I see a far bigger problem in the fact, that game activity is far to low, to allow a new player any specialisation.

Steam chart is not correct, as a lot of agents are not Steam.

But it is true, that game is empty. Within last 4 weeks population dropped significant from few to too few.


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There is a bug, in which player get not always removed from terrain again.

And this can even happen on beta island.

I like to get Button to max an extension in one step with one "Are you sure? => Y/N" checkbox this should help a lot. With the EP gain usual since a while (and ofc because my nexus agent had to respend 1 M EP) this would help all veterans, that know excactly what extension to max out.

After this patch, missile are far more better than now, and Messmer will have really no use left
As when AC energy is also getting more a problem, you will prefer Missle for all fits that need energy for more than just dps (like Rep, ECM, ...)


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Great Bot design, will it have cycletime or damage bonus on Potato-Guns?


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Just for completness for the next reading this, the container with work logs will vanish after some time and spawn no longer for this assignment. So if you miss it while beeing afk too long, you need to cancel assignment and take another.

You need to be aware, that this creates a problem unless (Deputy) CEO has also access to storage, as there are reasons to reduce number of storages if corp shrinks under a certain level, but you are not allowed to cancel storage rent as long as there is a folder left (which is very good to ensure, you do not forget stuff).
But we have corps with only 1-2 player left.


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Great news and happy new year to you as well smile

One problem is that in last years almost everything is given to player in plenty compared to the years before. Kernels are one of the items that remained in shortage. This game was never meant for a single player to solo make self + corp research. Given the current player base it feels as if this would be necessary, but in fact there should something remaining bringing player to act together.

And Anni you can macro everything if you like and need. Eg. leveling in WOW from zero to max including doing all necessary quests for items. But in Perpetuum I hope nobody is using that high sophisticated macros that perform every task full automatic. And if the only reason is that the player base is not large enough to sell macros that require a man year or more in development, I'm fine playing a small niche game with players and ignore those using macros as far as possible.

Do you really thing, that elimination of ingame corp market would give you access to items traded in corp to price used in corp?

That is not the case. It would just force players to relay on unconvinient ways of trade inside corp.
Anni shows with his typically sarcasm the problem.
The core of the remaining corps is somehow communistic meaning that you contribute and receive without selling to excact prices. If an officier puts something in a folder or takes something out of a folder it is fine as long as the balance is kept on log term.

Anni I would gladly sell all corp stuff for 100Bil per item.

If you spend NIC you allready get Kernel. The less NIC you spend, the longer will it take. If oyu setup a buy order for 100kNIC/Kernel you will see that there will be player farming Kernel again....

May I point to this discussion about that topic smile … signments/


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This bug with bad LoS vs building is there again.
It might be related to the fact, that LoS is not always working for two bots standing on same tile on gamma.
Especially when a tile is surrounded by plants on four sides and can only be entered diagonally you have often no LoS to bots on same tile.


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You could also use "refresh", as I used to do.
I have this issue several month longer than reported, but too seldom to bring this to ticket, as for me it seems to work right 9 out of 10 times.

I feel that this is more often on beta island than on alpha island, but never did statistics.

I say, and I keep saying this, that if veteran miner has drawback against other miner just because of maxed cycle time extensions, than this is wrong. Ofc I just need to use some credits to reduce cycle time, but this is _never_ how it should work when deploying a patch changing the mechanics.

Annihilator wrote:

i dont't know what you guys are talking about regarding industrial tunings -> especially Goffer

i was mining liquizit yesterday with my riv mk2... 5t4 tuners and 5 t4 med miners. accu stable.
actually, the only thing i had issues with this whole time, was that i have never mined so much liquizit in such a short time.
1.5 mk1 scarabs full in one hour.

First as I wrote the yield with 2 tunings should be as before, so thats fine, the new yield is game changing.
But you cannot have maxed extensions for recycle time reduction if you are stable with that fit, or you had someone giving energy from outside.

And that is my concern, beeing not maxed at extensions allows you to use better equip so a veteran miner needs to reduce extensions or drop equipment, and I had tested with minerals I have not maxed extensions for cycle time, but still require T3 miners in order to keep stable, as T4 reduce cycle time that much, that I dry out fast.

I do not even think about fielding my T4+ MIner arms at the moment

The change in tuning was an attempt to correct the problem, that since almost 2 years one more head tuning is more important than bot bonus, causing the Seth MK2 with additional head slot beeing the better Messmer for Gauss and ofc beeing the most important PvE bot at all.

And I really appreciate that Devs did something, although it is still not finished

I see a lot of interesting changes in the right direction.
But I think for miners we need solution for the fact that at this moment it is more effective to use more tunings and reduce cycle time by downgrading extensions.
That means an agent with less spend EP in mining might be the better miner than a veteran with maxed extensions.

And today you are better using miner modules not at T4 with this patch.


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Update to patch 3.8.2, but fitting will need some more testing, as with the new tuning rule, it is not easy to say if it is better to use more small modules and tunings or more med modules and less tunings

In fact I'm a bit mixed. Riveler mk2 with 2 indu tunings you have a bit better bonus as before patch with 5 tunings if I remember numbers right. And with 3 tunings you are definitive far better than before patch, that is fine. BUt yes, now head slot is no longer that important for miner.

And NOra harvesting requires now an external energy transfer bot, but gives double the amount than before patch, so in the end 2 bots doing same as before but require a bit less plants. I like it other will hate it.


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check out this link. … july-2013/