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Topic: Button to max Extension in one step

I like to get Button to max an extension in one step with one "Are you sure? => Y/N" checkbox this should help a lot. With the EP gain usual since a while (and ofc because my nexus agent had to respend 1 M EP) this would help all veterans, that know excactly what extension to max out.

Re: Button to max Extension in one step

Too rarely to use, why would you need that?

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Re: Button to max Extension in one step

well, i would have loved that years ago,
when i actively played, accumulating a few extension points, then raise a some extensions several levels.

or better, i would have loved if they had copied over the interface from perp-planner, with the planning stage, and the spending buttons big_smile

so, regarding the request - i would not want a "max out" button, but having the ability to raise the extension to the level i want, and then an "apply" button.

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Re: Button to max Extension in one step

+1, for maximum affordalble level button.

I often have 300-500k EP to spend (over 3m), and after introducing a grind-based progression it's no longer a big deal to train new skills even to max level.
Especially when for some reason the more skills you have the more laggy you cheet is...

Re: Button to max Extension in one step

Can also be done by ctrl+click on up button, to save space and time.