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tl;dr: High latency and routing issues may happen on 09-30 between 2 and 7AM CEST.

Upcoming network maintenances - New core infrastructure

As part of our commitment to continually improve the level of service WorldStream provides, we want to inform you about upcoming network maintenances.

About 2 weeks ago a first outage occurred on our network infrastructure. Our network staff discovered we were facing hardware limitations on our Cisco platform which we only implemented last December 2015. During the last two weeks we have made some major fixes to reduce the impact of these hardware limitations.

As we were facing these problems on our core infrastructure we have decided to replace the complete core router ánd core switching platforms with the latest Arista equipment. Step by step we will phase out the current cisco platform by new Arista equipment. The new Arista equipment can scale up to 30Tbit/s of utilization, with deep buffer architecture to handle microbursts easily.

During the next 6 weeks we will perform the following steps in order to maintain and improve the quality of our services:

Replace current Cisco core router infrastructure by new Arista Equipment - 30/09/2016 between 2 and 7AM CEST.Replace current Cisco core switch infrastructure by new Arista Equipment. - To be announced.Expand our Telia Sonera port capacity with another 100Gbit/s. Within 30 days.Expand our AMS-IX port capacity with another 100Gbit/s. Within 30 days.

The first maintenance will take place at the 30th of September, between 2 and 7AM CEST. During this maintenance we will replace our core routers. We will perform this implementation and replacement gradually, and will do our utmost best to bring the impact to a minimum. However, during this maintenance bursts of higher latency and suboptimal routing paths will occur.

If you would have any further questions related to the issues please feel free to contact us at support@worldstream.nl or on our live sales chat located onwww.worldstream.nl.


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It really depends on what you call "fully defended".

The changes in gamma revamp were intended to make you choose between defense potential and base utility, instead of just "build ALL the things!" and be done with it.


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It's very simple, you only use as many boosters as you have energy for.

Annihilator wrote:

why did you nerf the prometheus' hitpoints a few patches ago

It still has the highest armor among the light robots, but based on my in-class tests, the survivability of the Prometheus was disproportionally higher than the other two. The same test inspired the boost of the Castel. (Castel should dominate the Prometheus in theory, but it was only barely winning. Meanwhile the Prometheus and the Yagel were dominating their rock-paper-scissors counterparts.)


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Thanks Sasaki, I was able to do it based on your post. Although only in the live client, not in the dev client, which will make things a bit harder to debug.


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I'm unable to reproduce this, must be something else to it than simply dragging the module into the storage.

First, I think the difference between invulnerable and not invulnerable can be called a change. (And let's not forget the fact that it wasn't invulnerable in the first place since its accumulator could be drained.)

Second, it's been like that for almost 2 months and noone said a thing. Quite the contrary actually, some people even said that the hit size reduction bonus is useless and it would have to be more prominent to have an effect.

But let's see:

Basic robotics lvl 10, the T4P evasive module, and the evasive nexus at lvl 10 brings 3 down to 0.25, that's correct.

What can you use against that beyond draining its energy:

* Any light laser's hit dispersion is 3
* Precision firing lvl 10 makes that 3*(1-(10*0.03))=2.1
* T4 weapon stabilizer brings that down by 15% to 1.78 (using 2 means 1.52, and using 3 means 1.29)

1.78 dispersion against a 0.25 hit size means ~0.14, which is a 14% chance to hit (16% with 2 stabs, 19% with 3). (Or in other words: every 7th (6th, 5th) shot hits on average.)

That's for a robot which has been designed to have evasion as its main defense.

ps. I realize there is a discrepancy between modules and extensions modifying turret dispersion and hit size, some using linear reduction, and some being percentage-based. They should be made consistent either way.

Hotfix deployed for the Vektor.

The Vektor will be fixed soon. I simply forgot about the extension that boosts the evasive nexus. (Btw it's -0.20 with everything maxed and T4 modules.)

Patch notes:

The dispersion/hitsize gap will be widened around the last wave of robots. Until then I'm keeping myself to the current status quo. I want to keep my sanity and don't mess up everything midway.

Annihilator wrote:

eta for DoF ingame?

It's just photoshop smile


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Message from our server hosting:

[SOLVED] Very large DDoS attacks

We have faced very large DDoS attacks this morning around 05.00 GMT+1 which caused some interruptions on our network. Due to an important federal police case we were forced, by a court order, to hand over a hard disk from a customer. This lead to anger from a large DDoS group.

Unlike traditional DDoS methods, this attack was pointed towards all the IP addresses in our network. Every IP in our network was receiving a low amount of Mbit/s from the attackers which resulted in huge amounts of incoming data into our network.

Again our apologies for the inconveniences caused. Our network operation team has implemented the necessary steps. If you would have any further questions related to the issues please feel free to contact us atsupport@worldstream.nl or on our live sales chat located on www.worldstream.nl.

Server will be down on 2016-09-23 from 15:00 servertime/CEST (13:00 UTC) for the deployment of patch 3.8.1. The patch brings the second wave of Syndicate robots, and includes a few fixes and balancing changes. Downtime will be about 1 hour long.

The second wave of Syndicate robots is coming tomorrow - get ready for the Echelon and the Daidalos!

http://blog.perpetuum-online.com/posts/ … ts-wave-2/


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A little delay compared to the plan, blog is expected on the week of 12th.


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There was a bug with this, and it's working a bit different than what the patch notes said.

From now on every morning at 8:00 server time, artifacts that are older than 3 days will be deleted and new ones will spawn.

(patch notes updated)


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB_xJ-L … &t=102

Plants grow randomly, there is no connection between their death and spawning.

As for minerals:

If they were meant to go against Mk2s, they would be harder to obtain, more expensive, and would require more extensions, making them out of reach for newbies. Why would we do that?

They were never meant to be better than Mk1, the intention was to be on par with Mk1. (At least those that have a counterpart in other factions.) If you only drive Mk2, they are not for you.


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Jita wrote:

Basically Zoom nerfed mission payout by a factor of ten. While keeping the prices of token store items the same.

a.k.a. mission payouts were ten times more than intended for a single player.


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This was a change in 3.7.4.

Change: The NIC reward share of non-participating squad members won't be accumulated by the participating members anymore, it will be lost instead. Note that assignment difficulty is still calculated by the squad size when requesting an assignment.


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These robots were initially created to be given out as rewards and they fill more of a role of vanity items than daily usage robots.

They don't require any extensions because anyone who receives one as a reward should have been able to use it at the moment they get it instead of waiting months.

They are in the Syndicate shop due to popular demand, and they are sold there because as their description says, they were captured by the Syndicate.


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Patch notes are now available: