We're revising the accumulator usage modification of tunings, so the difference between AC and machine guns shouldn't be that prominent after the changes, but it's still there, so here is my proposition:

CURRENT (Machine gun vs Autocannon)

MG		Cycle	Accumulator	Damage	DPS	Accu per sec	DPS ratio*	Accu ratio*
T1		4	2		160	40		0.50	1.49		2.00
T2		4	1		160	40		0.25	1.49		2.00
T3		4	2		170	42.5		0.50	1.51		4.00
T4		3	2		135	45		0.67	1.44		2.67
AC		Cycle	Accumulator	Damage	DPS	Accu per sec
T1		8	2		215	26.875		0.25
T2		8	1		215	26.875		0.13
T3		8	1		225	28.125		0.13
T4		8	2		250	31.25		0.25

NEW (Machine gun vs Autocannon - accumulator usage brought in line, tier cycle times equalized)

MG		Cycle	Accumulator	Damage	DPS	Accu per sec	DPS ratio*	Accu ratio*
T1		4	2		160	40		0.50	1.49		1.45
T2		4	1.5		160	40		0.38	1.49		1.46
T3		4	2		170	42.5		0.50	1.51		1.51
T4		4	2.5		180	45		0.63	1.44		1.43
AC		Cycle	Accumulator	Damage	DPS	Accu per sec
T1		8	2.75		215	26.875		0.34
T2		8	2.05		215	26.875		0.26
T3		8	2.65		225	28.125		0.33
T4		8	3.5		250	31.25		0.44

* DPS and Accumulator ratio is MG/AC
** DPS is calculated with using 1 damage ammos for simplicity's sake and doesn't consider ciritical hits


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Sorry it took a while but I finally did the math using help from the above posts (thanks again) and this is what I came up with.

  • I have created an efficiency ratio difference between tiers (efficiency meaning what you get from the module for the accumulator used). T3 became the balance point, anything worse has efficiency below 1 (less useful considering energy used), anything up is above 1 (including T2+).

  • As I mentioned eariler the additional remote repair accumulator penalty has been removed.

  • To make things more simple, cycle time modification has been removed (hence all the 1s in the new table there) so the new balance is done using only accumulator modification and repair amount modification.

  • Generally balancing was done considering what repair amounts you get from the consumed energy and harmonizing the two, meaning a reduction in repaired amount modification, and a slightly reduced accumulator usage modification.


TIER	Acc MOD		Repair MOD	Cycle MOD
T0	1.3		1.1		0.97
T1	1.3		1.3		0.95
T2	1.3		1.3		0.95
T2+	1.3		1.35		0.95
T3-	1.3		1.4		0.92
T3	1.3		1.4		0.92
T4	1.3		1.5		0.9
T4+	1.3		1.55		0.9


TIER	Acc MOD		Repair MOD	Cycle MOD	Ratio
T0	1.4		1.1		1		0.38
T1	1.3		1.2		1		0.73
T2	1.3		1.2		1		0.73
T2+	1.27		1.3		1		1.1
T3-	1.4		1.4		1		1
T3	1.4		1.4		1		1
T4	1.4		1.45		1		1.15
T4+	1.4		1.5		1		1.32

Example: 4x T4 armor repair tunings now provide 442% armor repair amount modification (was 772% before) for 384% more energy (was 435% before).

  • Pretty much the same changes happened here, except for the cycle time modification removal since these modules didn't have that in the first place.


TIER	Acc MOD		Gather MOD
T0	1.3		1.1
T1	1.3		1.3
T2	1.3		1.3
T2+	1.3		1.35
T3-	1.3		1.4
T3	1.3		1.4
T4	1.3		1.5
T4+	1.3		1.55


TIER	Acc MOD		Gather MOD	Ratio
T0	1.4		1.1		0.38
T1	1.3		1.2		0.73
T2	1.3		1.2		0.73
T2+	1.27		1.3		1.1
T3-	1.4		1.4		1
T3	1.4		1.4		1
T4	1.4		1.45		1.15
T4+	1.4		1.5		1.32
  • EnWar tunings did not have a diminishing returns factor so far, quite the contrary actually. The more tunings you used, the better your drainers/neutralizers became. This is turned around with the new values, so efficiency is reduced the more tunings you equip.

  • This is more interesting for neutralizers since the used and neutralized energy amounts are more closer; for T4 tunings the turning point in efficiency (when you need to sacrifice more energy than the amount you neutralize) arrives at using 7x tunings. (For those curious, in the case of drainers this theoretically happens at 47x tunings.)

  • The difference between drained and neutralized energy modification has been removed.


TIER	Acc MOD		Drain MOD	Neut MOD
T1	1.1		1.1		1.2
T2	1.1		1.1		1.2
T3	1.1		1.13		1.23
T4	1.1		1.15		1.25


TIER	Acc MOD		Drain MOD	Neut MOD
T1	1.2		1.1		1.1
T2	1.2		1.1		1.1
T3	1.2		1.13		1.13
T4	1.2		1.15		1.15
  • Creating a difference in accumulator usage modifiers between the weapon types was a bad idea, now all types of weapon tunings use the same values. This retains the specific accumulator usage traits of each weapon and creates the same efficiency reduction curve when using multiple tunings.

  • The same tier efficiency ratio differences are used here as for repair and industrial tunings.

  • Cycle time modification has been removed here as well, efficiency is controlled by only accumulator usage versus damage modification.

  • Generally DPS modification remained about the same, and accumulator usage modification has been drastically reduced.


TIER	Acc MOD		Damage MOD	Cycle MOD
T0	1.5		1.03		0.97
T1	1.5		1.05		0.95
T2	1.5		1.05		0.95
T2+	1.5		1.055		0.95
T3-	1.5		1.075		0.95
T3	1.5		1.075		0.95
T4	1.5		1.075		0.925
T4+	1.5		1.085		0.925


TIER	Acc MOD		Damage MOD	Cycle MOD	Ratio
T0	1.35		1.06		1		0.38
T1	1.19		1.1		1		0.73
T2	1.19		1.1		1		0.73
T2+	1.085		1.11		1		1.1
T3-	1.13		1.13		1		1
T3	1.13		1.13		1		1
T4	1.12		1.16		1		1.15
T4+	1.1		1.18		1		1.32


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Reviewing the tuning module balance is the last thing on my todo before deploying the next patch, and I just realized that repair tunings must have been bugged for quite a while.

Having an extra accumulator penalty for remote repairers on top of the self-repairer penalty is not intentional. Maybe back when the modules were created the two separate penalties were needed, but then some change made the general armor repair accumulator usage penalty affect both types of modules, I don't know. I'll probably just remove the remote penalty.

Otherwise thanks for the summary, I make good use of it smile


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Check the client date on the window header (when in windowed mode). It should say Nov 5 2016 15:26:37.
If that's not the date then usually changing the download region in Steam fixes the issue.


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Note to self: if you're planning for the holidays, multiply by 2.

Anyway, the 4 remaining bots are now complete, still left to do are the cosmetics, the balance pass, and the other balance changes planned for the patch.

Happy New Year to everyone!


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The plan is to release all remaining bots before the end of the year. This might mean that they will come in one big patch instead of two, with the associated balance changes.


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Good idea with the resists, I have put it on my todo.


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Depending on your fps, it could be an illusion.

Annihilator wrote:

i think the change is ok.

i am confident DEV Zoom did also up the accumulator consumption of all NPCs that are supposed to have tuners fit.
really, i am confident that he did that, if he had to do that manually

Zoom, did you do that?

I don't have to do anything about that, NPCs are using the same modules and their robots have the same accumulator as players.

And yes the penalty is the same for all tiers, that's the point. Only the positive bonuses change, thus making higher tiers better and easily comparable.

I'm open for feedback on the tuning changes if people think the penalties are too much for some weapon tunings.

And we're live.

Patch notes: http://www.perpetuum-online.com/Changelog:2016-11-08

Server will be down on 2016-11-08 from 14:00 servertime/CET (13:00 UTC) for the deployment of patch 3.8.2. The patch brings the 3rd wave of Syndicate robots, includes a few fixes and balancing changes, and we'll also perform some maintenance tasks. Downtime will be about 2 hours long.


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Thanks, the Daidalos had the same problem. Fix in next patch.


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Fixed, thanks for the notice.


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The original login screen music is a looping .xm file, I have uploaded it here:
http://content.perpetuum-online.com/ima … nscreen.xm

You can find an online xm player here, or online converters of varying quality via google. But your best shot is probably using the .wav writer of XMPlay.


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Just a simple sale.

Patch will be delayed to next week, we want to include some bugfixes that are still in progress.

Graphics-wise it's not specific torso slots that have to be prepared for the modules, we have armtype IDs, which control how the weapon models are aligned and connected (sideways, upwards, on arms, etc.). And for the game logic part we have a simple config for the chassis that says which slot can take which size/type of modules. Mostly what I did so far for the new robots is changing slot types, removing slots, and sometimes reordering them. But it's probably worth experimenting some more.

Annihilator wrote:

zoom - have you tried different heads on those two bots already?

I did, but unfortunately a lot of them have bad connections to other chassis' (floating in the air or weird angle).

Slight update to the Hermes' stats in the blog:
* Accumulator: 450 AP @ 240sec recharge
* Surface hit size: 4 m

Does that 4U difference compared to the Ikarus really mean that much? I don't want to make any other robot obsolete with the new robots, and this isn't a hauler.

Couple of thoughts from me:

- If artifacting is fun with the Ikarus, I wouldn't want to change that.
- However, the hit&run artifacting is not really by design (at least not for the combat types), and I'd like to change that somehow, possibly by putting better loot into the artifact NPCs.
- The balance of the Hermes is a delicate thing because if it gets much better then it becomes a viable combat assault and a competition for the Locust. Enough speed alone might do that, but a better accumulator could be still ok.
- The base accuracy of the geoscanners is relatively high, because with the old scanning method newbies would have a hard time finding anything. With the new scanning method this could be revised now, and thus make geoscanner bonuses more valuable.

The 3rd group of Syndicate robots is just around the corner - have a closer look at them in this new devblog.

http://blog.perpetuum-online.com/posts/ … ts-wave-3/


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Inda wrote:

What is this btw? This isnt a Steam sale and people come ingame.

It is a Steam sale, just not that big:


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The "Fellow Humans - A robot themed sale" runs from October 4th through 7th.

Save 75% when purchasing the Perpetuum base game, packages, and DLCs during the sale, both on Steam and on our website!