hush hush, they are working people too, so they will work on it on weekends wink

Brash wrote:

i'm curious about the server options.
        Will we be able to limit the islands loaded?

       Can we switch the resource spawns back to thier initial static points?

ther server loads as many islands as you create.
resource generation code has significantly changed since then, but most likely its possible

so, there wont be the ability to register new non-steam clients.

and steam is restricted to one client per account. somehow i feel like you should have done that years ago...


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logicalNegation wrote:

Blog time.

CRM said "during the weekend"

that means sunday night 22:00


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Man Gan wrote:

I wonder - what about Steam Client? roll

i think the client will get a "lobby" added to join servers
just like many other games on steam.

what i find interesting -
those setting up a standalone server will more or less be able to "sell" their own booster packs.. big_smile
and since EXP for npc kills is already a developed feature,
someone could set up a server where you actually progress by playing, not waiting.


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thanks for the clarification
does that mean we can finally make our own balancing passes?


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Jita wrote:



I know, thats the Elephant in the room, but:

Would any of the remaining DEVs please answer what are the consequences of the
voluntary liquidation of "Avatar Creations", that is already running for three month now?

And is there an estimated time until its done and gone?

does this automatically lead to the removal from steam?


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Just that you know,
on behalf of the remaining member of my corp (aka me and my wife)
i wanted to say goodbye before the forums shut down.


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Man Gan wrote:

I throught about bots with L-size (Large size) stuff, and I seriously second to implement those next big_smile

heavy mechs are in theory already able to fit large weapons
and to be precise,
large weapons are already ingame:

Heavy Weapons Seth match

maybe zoom is absent for so long because he needs to learn how to combine the existing robots with the existing animations of the large weapons (which are mounted to gamma turrets if you did not notice up to now)


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Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:
Annihilator wrote:

i kinda feel sorry for gargaj...
seems like noone cares about the guy who actually coded the API (probably)

Gargaj .... I hope he goes onto great things after this game. He's a very talented coder. I think hes codes most of the game lol

Now I say that it sounds like im being a troll hmm

Anyway sounds like the last 10 people playing this had fun! well done... How the mediocre have fallen.

Time for Perpetuum 2.0

around the time i visited them,
it was like
- CRM server code
- BoyC engine code
- Gargaj everything else + cleanup of each others mess. (responsible for chat commands like /winamp)
quick google shows he is active on github big_smile

somewhere in between have been other DEVs noone ever noticed (eg. JR, i think combat code)
And some i never knew what they actually did (eg Calvin)


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i kinda feel sorry for gargaj...
seems like noone cares about the guy who actually coded the API (probably)

Hi fellow Perp vets.

as todays weekly server maintenance in Elite Dangerous happened,
the DEVs over there did something that made me remember something that happened in perp to.

everyone who used a certain cheat to get godlike high-grade crafting mods with cheap low-tier crafting materials,
got his cheated equip reduced to factory defaults.

and not only that - if the DEVs have detected such a cheated mod on your account, they have removed modifications of the same type on the same kind of equipment on ALL your ships.

this reminds me so of all members of M2S beeing reduced to arkhes in the past.
If you are a salt-collector, and like to read topics full with whining cheaters - head over the the frontier forums or reddit big_smile


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ADFormer wrote:

So wait, now that I think about it, what is restarting the game going to do, those people, such as Ethos and Chaos (which I have found to be the two most active large corperations), wouldn't they restart the corp, and work together to build back to where they were in almost no time flat? If that happens then it would almost be like the restart did nothing. But why don't we all try and do what I do, when ever someone joins Ethos, I give them 15m nic and take them under my wing to make sure they get to a high lvl very fast, they want to do industry I go out and mine with them, they want to do combat and I'll start launching TAPs.

the last time the DEVs did a reset during beta, and gave the "vet player" some jumpstart bonuses,
it took like two weeks to get back to the situation before the reset, and another three weeks to have the balance difference back.

and that in an enviroment where we had random research and not the current system.

ADFormer - giving a new player everything from day one -> what content is there for him beside PvP that he can't have without someone else willing to do with him?


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ADFormer wrote:

So maybe Zoom has not given up on the game, rather, he has not gotten the income he used to get from this game so he had to get a job, the others quit so what if this is just to much for him to handle with a job and on his own? Has anyone thought of that?

2017-02-16, General Chat wrote:

[20:10:23] <Inda> Night Patch whats happened moved to USA ?
[20:10:47] <Annihilator> zoom always works for perp on thursday nights!
[20:11:06] <DEV Zoom> no, i got a day job, now for reals, not just as a forum gossip smile

Khetar - i think noone beside noobs ever seriously used anything but chemo, single damage or pvp ammo to begin with... simply because the resist combinations in favor for them are rarer then DEV appearances after release.

ultra high Damage modifiers, equalised resists and slow healing -> there are lots of factors comming together. and well, robots with 6 headslots, vs. robots with 3 legslots.

maybe the game would be even better with jitas powercreep balance...


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Khetar wrote:


You could say the same for eve though. Minmatar, Gallente and Amarr weapons are exactly the same, different RoF, Range and damage, as well as visuals. Pretty much exactly the same as in Perp. Goes for other MMOs as well btw, all spells are the same, all ranged attacks are the same, all melee attacks are the same.. Kind of a useless argument.

hmm, i remember eve having different damage types, and no weapon beeing able to deal ALL of them at the same time,
also, i dont remember eve lasers using ammo
in perpetuum, over the time, all the defining difference between the weapon systems, which are the defining differences of the three fraction - got equalized.

Rowboat wrote:

Note that i started playing in 2015, someone said green bots were OP at one point in time and not talking about the ictus.

there where several times when green bots have been op...
hell there was even one time in the game history where YAGELS had been op.


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Jita wrote:
Rugerx wrote:

At least they pay attention to the *** game and how things are going


Does zoom even know a waspish will two shot another assault with just two tunings? That a gropho which is supposed to be weak to blue can do the same to a double plated mesmer in like three shots?

Your game balance is irrevocably broken. SHut the servers down already, you have no *** clue how to balance.

how is any bot supposed to be weak against any other? all weapons deal all damage types and all heavies have resists against all damage types.

and effectively there are just two weapon systems ingame. straight LoS and ballistic LoS.  there are only different flavors in RoF and Dmg per shot.


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nah, im not talking bout what they nerf or buff,
i envy the fact that the EvE Devs track statistics and react to them


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CCP Larrikin wrote:

As you may have seen in the May Monthly Economy Report, there is a significant upward trend in the Money Supply. This is primarily due to NPC Bounties.
This trend is unsustainable. Having such a large ISK faucet is bad for the economy, and this ISK faucet is concentrated to a relatively small number of players.

i am baffled. these sentences contain so much truth... you could easily translate that to both Perpetuum and Elite.
its no wonder EVE was successfull for such a long time - they do track their economy


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BeastmodeGuNs wrote:

Ya know, when I look at the changes that were made here in perp by Zoom and I look at the changes/nerfs Fozzie announces in EVE, I can't help but feel like Fozzie has had words with Zoom at some point in the past and as a result balances under perpetuum quality dev influence.

RIP Roraqual being decent.

that all is dwarfed by the elite dangerous devs... really.


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Khetar wrote:
ADFormer wrote:

So back to the original topic, one thing that was suggested was make static ore spawns so people could just sit there and wait for a miner to show up and put reds on alpha 2, I strongly disagree with that for the industrials sake. I have 6 characters running around 4 of which I have them drive mk2 scarabs loaded with mk2 rivelers and symbionts with their fits. If those changes were implemented idk about other industrials, but I like to not have to worry of being blown up so I would just say bye to the rare ore and mine on alpha 1, I would not care.

And this is exactly what's wrong with the current system. The way you explain it is how it should be. There should be a LOT more risk on beta and you should not be able to afk mine anywhere once you figured out the NPC routes.

I have 10 riv mk2 - able characters and would rather only see 2 in the field than play with the hello kitty world that it is now, rendering any kind of material worthless.

Back then epriton actually meant something to our new corp, now it means 2 hours of play for 2 days of production - especially with the insane tuning boost and small miner abuse.

the ingame market was DEAD because nothing exploded in PvE.
I still have the VERY same MK2 Seth with the same lasers and tunings in my hanger for PVE that i have aquired a few month after release. And i have farmed 5th star npcs countless hours,
and loved to hunt down the grand observers on alpha1 with it - not for the stupid loot*, but in response to an alpha miners call for help.

The scarab is missing a rebalance patch anway... that thing is only so fragile because they didn't wanted to have another imba shield tanked hauler like the lithus. But what do you expect when pvp rules are made by dedicated griefers?


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ADFormer wrote:

That drawing is awsome! So based on the looks of it, is it theodical?

come on, after so many years, you could at least write the name right big_smile

well, it has mostly lasers, but also rails and missiles... and even a Buzzsaw - > may be factionless


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Inda wrote:
Annihilator wrote:

Menyhárt "Melchior" Gábor - for the best looking scifi-robot warmachines in a computergame, given the poly-threshold.

I really like the robot dessigns, but you need to code that also. So why not the whole DEV team?


and yes, ECORP was founded by Gambit,

please do not forget whinatory... sorry "Purgatory" - who managed to supply the alpha market almost alone and who even managed to get into the second round of the great tournament  - multiboxing - and then lost by default because he missunderstood the point rules (together with the DEVs who made them...)

i would even put "Dehrios" on that list.

and Lemon, who managed to cause a great nerf patch because he managed to tank to many noobs with his Artemis


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Menyhárt "Melchior" Gábor - for the best looking scifi-robot warmachines in a computergame, given the poly-threshold.


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Writing my part in colors into the quote (with propper formating big_smile)

Jita wrote:


  1. Remove Gamma. Until your population recovers its just empty space or unassailable places to create wealth

  2. Bring back the old ore mechanics with static massive red spots on beta and less beneficial ones on alpha. The dynamic spawns made beta industry harder and alpha industry easier. And never ending spawns of the same ore type is a recipe for disaster (as eve found out recently)
    agreed about the instant respawn. the implemented system does by definition not work (a new deposit is generated as soon as the total falls below a certain threshold. this means, it always generates a new deposit after one is mined out.
    the dynamic spawn system is perfectely fine. the distribution of the minerals in stuff that is produced is what makes beta so pointless - there is only epriton to mine

  3. Revert the recycling nerf and revert plasma. Both these changes made you not bother to sell your loot and made you nic independent. It was market breaking and caused the emptiness you see today. You also don’t need plasma with the new missions and its just a cause of a lot of botting / beacon pit crazyness as well as people having millions of old modules they don’t sell because they are worthless.
    agreed partially. plasma is crap - a per kill bounty payout would have been the right thing.
    Loot tables are crap to begin with. fragments, "tier0" items and rare higher tier drops should have been the thing to do. having tier1 drops as default has always been a bad idea.
    recycling of fragments and tier 0 modules should be the job of "scavangers"

  4. Revert all mech / balance changes including diminishing returns until we are back before the horrific imbalance that created undemobable bots. It was really well balanced before. Its just got steadily worse since.
    maybe. balance was never good, and got worse with every step that removed rock/paper/scissors. aka when long range weapons got their accumulator usage reduced, and all the different weapons got their traits equalized.
    ontop of that, PVP ammo introduction and injector ammo nerf put the nail into the faction balance

  5. Bring the syndicate bots back to the drawing board. As a rough rule of thumb new mechs and content should be awesome and then nerfed a couple of times back to sanity until the new awesome thing comes. That’s what gets people interested, makes a fotm that’s exciting and causes them ice sales.

Make Beta great again!
The aim is to reduce risk

  1. Make Beta 1 stations unlocked (but still able to be taken). Yes that dead horse. Review it once the population rises perhaps but for now lets go back to post release mechanics.
    disagree. just the intrusion system is crap

  2. Remove detectors from the game and nerf the view range of the smaller bots and mechs. No more seeing an island in thirty seconds. Make roaming great again.
    agreed. detection system needs only be there to counter masking. not increasing viewing range. the game was great with max 1km viewing range, and ~800m combat range MAX. even the robot speed made more sense that time

  3. Increase the undock vulnerability. All those undock and look guys can get bent.
    disagreed - the vulnerability and such is just a baindaid to the unnecessary system to dock in the first place.

  4. Restrict missions to station owners. Give a reason for ownership.
    disagreed - after all i am for docking restrictions

  5. Increase the loot drop rate for PvP to 100%
    actually, i would forbid the ability to destroy cargo completely. IMHO cargo you "destroy" should simply drop into a container. give it two options - "abandon" and "drop". one would drop it into an open fieldcontainer, the other one in a 5 minute protected
    suddenly, "piracy" would be a thing. if you shoot someone, his cargo mostly explodes. if you want his cargo, you can give him the option to survive and drop. and last but least, you would remove the artifical need for the infinite black-hole fieldcontainer on the market

  6. Allow jumping with a PvP flag only from beta to beta, not beta to alpha
    no need to, if they would get back to a crime&punishment system, instead of the bandaid-crap-alpha/beta system to begin with?


  1. NPC sell orders for all Mechs and bots (not heavies or gliders) at a price that’s above mineral cost

  2. NPC sell orders for weaponry up to tech 3 (until the market is back)

don't see how that would even create a market or help the game

  1. Bring back the old squad mission money. Changing this was the worst act of seppuku I’ve seen in this game. People loved it and you *** it up despite us all begging.
    meh, maybe they should actually make squads squads first. but agree - the incentives to do stuff together are -100% (yes, negative)

  2. Mining and harvesting missions should put the equivalent amount of material in the local station on an NPC sell order
    you think to small here. but a relation between the missions and the NPC market would be great

  3. The new beacons are fine but the pay out is horrible, make them in line with squad missions
    already covered by the requeste to change loot-tables

  4. The chance based tickets for items are fine as a concept but they should be decent pay out instead of useless. Start a thread asking for pay out ideas.

  5. Bring back red spawns and decent observers everywhere
    agreed. non-agression ENEMY NPCs are plain stupid