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Further to what the op has pointed out, I would like to add that I find it very peculiar that in order to fight an NPC spawn, usually the rock-paper-scissors foundations does not work.

This game is supposed to be build upon the idea that;

Nuimqol are strong against Pellistal but weak to Thelodica
Pellistal are strong against Thelodica but weak to Nuimqol
Thelodica are strong against Nuimqol but weak to Pellistal

which in short would be normally referred to as BLUE > GREEN > YELLOW.

The way resistances and armor hardeners (against npcs) work is different from assault and below to mechs and above.

Let's take a new player starting in Attalica fighting in his little arbalest as an example. He would follow the above advice and he pops over to hershfield to seek harder green bots that are naturally his arch enemies. He would use kinetic slugs and see that he is dealing good damage while his bot is naturally tuned against these enemies. So far so good. Then he upgrades to his mesmer and tries out some T3 mech-Heavy mech spawns armed with his composite core slugs (pure kinetic) and he soon notices that liquidcore (kinetic+seismic) does more damage, but then he realises that chemo ammo is probably the best damage dealer all round since it provides a little bit more damage and is better vs industrial npc that pops up once in a while.

This story would have been all nice and dandy until one realises that the best robot overall against NPCs is actually the Seth Mk2! Yes an all around robot that overshadows all other races in almost every possible way. Let me explain this a little bit in detail below as per my findings;

Against Green spawns the best is Seth Mk2 with Machinegun chemo bullet and second Gropho Mk2 with sonic missiles. (no Mesmer here!)

Against Yellow Spawns the best is Seth Mk2 with Thermal LCL lazors and second Gropho Mk2 with chemo missiles. (should be Gropho the best no?)

Against Blue Spawns the best is Seth MK2 with Machinegun chemo bullet and second is Mesmer Mk2 with composite slugs (still mesmer tank and accumulator is a bit flimsy)

The above is taken with max skill t4 fits. Now this has been the case even before the tuning rebalance and has been tested these last days. I might be missing some details so in that case please point them out. While I point out that I do not know the coded npc resistance profiles the fits scanned from the npcs and the damage applied to them seem to tally.

My proposed solution:
Fit NPCs with the following: No armor plates - 1 Univ Armor - 2 Univ Armors.

This way the resistance profiles would follow something like this:
No Plates (assaults and below) - This is already the case with lots of assault and light bots.
1 Universal plate - Mechs and above (T2/T3)
2 Universal plates - Elite mechs and above (T4/T5)

And the percentages should look something like this:
Example on Yellow npcs (artemis / seth / zenith)

No resistance plates     - 23.08     60    9.09    31.03
1 universal plate.....    - 37.5     64.29    28.57   42.86   
2 universal plates...    - 54.55     70.59    50    57.45

Where the profile follow Chemo - Kinetic - Seismic - Thermal

If this is a good solution, would it be hard/take too much time to implement? To spice thing up, you can also keep the current (or even secret) damage profiles on Rare Npcs (like mighty arbitrer / observers) so that players have to explore and find out new things.

Ps. Something else needs to be done to tackle the fact that most pvp/chemo ammo is straight out the best against everything
PPS. I would like to see the devs create more NPC content as there are potentially more players that are interested in PVE and might find the situation in Perpetuum quite a bit grindy and rigid in terms of going through the mission levels. I am not sure about the tap situation, but it seems they are not much used in their current state.
PPPS. The game is great, just need some more ppl smile


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I thought a lot about this long ago, and the most logical conclusion to balance them I came to is to give them a timer like a fieldcan (1 hr) and then they get removed.

Want to scout a teleport/station/chokepoint? then get out there and plant them every time your need to get intel.

As it is now I think they even stay there after a server restart like patch day (stand to be corrected~)


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just a small suggestion if I may..

Do you guys think it would be a good idea to link gammas both to betas and to alpha2?
since smaller entities could claim a small base on gamma before conquering beta sap stations (example a small corp with few same tz dudes) and maybe move to betas later on so both options would be equally viable. Would be nice to have "Fort" defense/attacks smile

please do not include political sperg, just be objective.

Bug 1: When doing missions and receiving updates, client lags like loading resources. I suspect it is audio related but not sure. Tried it with both updates on and off (the bottom right popups) and it still lags between mission objectives.

Suggestion: pre load all objectives at the start of the mission maybe?

Bug 2: when loading up the map it takes some time but when minimised and opened up again it loads up instantly.

Suggestion: (when we close the map send it minimised by default instead of closing it) ex: pressing M twice will open map and minimise it.

Bug 3: (not sure if there is a workaround) Enter carriages do not work with dialogue boxes. example when unstacking a pile and the confirm popup appears with OK, pressing enter does not work, you have to mouse over it and click it. I figure by 2016 it would be kind of nice to select something and click enter to confirm.

Suggestion: Offer an option in client?

Edit: Do not think it is pc related as game works smooth even on high settings.

down again, can you please reset it every day? thanks.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

Maybe we're entering deep into theorycrafting now, but I'm really asking myself the simple questions:

1. What do you roam for if you're the only faction living on your beta?
2. Which one is better gameplay and involves more players? A tight circle of veterans "living" and hoarding and farming ad nauseam, or providing incentives for casual visitors from Alpha to have their fun with missions or ninja epriton mining or whatever.

I'm trying to extend casual gameplay as much as possible to betas, and break the circlejerk of the usual suspects there, pardon my expression.

Dear Dev Zoom,

You are definitely right there and some time ago I did propose something along those lines. Think about it as npc null sort of. Please allow me to link it below for your own perusal. There is also a pretty photoshop pic to illustrate the idea better.

Ps. Would be nice to know if you read all the eloquent features and discussion topics, just post a seen or something.

Thanks and regards

Dear Dev Zoom,

Please listen to Ville's idea and consider the potential that players can help out in designing new islands and assets, particularly given the fact that most vets around here used to terraform islands as part of their gameplay and they obviously liked it.

While I do not particularly believe that station unlocks would result in a mass exodus from Alpha to Beta Islands, I think it's a good idea to put in NPC stations just like beta 1 and see what happens. In such case I think 2 stations are ideal and I would go as far as say they should be reasonably close to each other so as to lessen the problems with station games.

I believe that as some people said, firstly it is a problem of population (which you just need to advertise etc) and secondly it is a problem of a small game world (spark teleports - few islands - small islands, easy to set scout eyes etc..) Please remember that Eve has hundreds of constellations and traveling the universe from one edge to the other takes hours. I remembering riding in darkfall and it took like 5 1/2 hours in real time to ride from one end to the other. A large game world would give opportunities for groups of players to find their own corner sort to speak. It also helps with regionalisation, be it resources, trade, market etc. As it stands now, I can be in Shinjalar or hershfield in a matter of 20 mins tops? 10 seconds with sparks.

My solution is perhaps a bit out of the box, as it would need to create smething like this:


You will have a very large island like twice as large as gammas or perhaps larger.
Divided geographically into 3 main sections (where role wise the factions all wanted to set a foothold on the new territory)
You will have 6 NPC stations, and one very large in the center (like 3X the size of tellesis station)
While GAMMA islands are all about production, base building, Fortress fighting, nora farming, artifact hunting - this central DELTA island will be all about the Ultimate NPC hunting, so you will have:
- NPCS that drop tons of plasma,
- Small groups of T5 npcs like 2 or 3 max that a solo player can take them
- All npcs roaming so you are constantly on the move.
- Best mission rewards from npc stations.
- Same pvp ruleset like BETA
- Ability for people to put up few buildings like gamma like just small towers for example (open to discussion)
- Some terminals sprinkled all over the map so players can 'bank' their spoils while pveing but cannot dock inside for safety should pvp occur.

- Anton

First and foremost I would like to congratulate the devs for the awesome job with assignments. It's  my personal belief that this should be the turning point in perp's future and my suggestions are merely based on a continuation of this feature.

1) Apply Alpha 2 and Beta 1 + 2 assignments. Beef up rewards for beta so players have an incentive to go there. Also keep on revamping highways and teleport network.

2) Introduce some form of player housing. Most modern games are building on that foundation and luckily you have gamma bases, turrets, etc where you can take assets etc. You can have few pre-made spots on Alpha where players can build their 'mini station' - more spots on beta and a lot more spots on gamma. Make it appealing to have your own little station, maybe you can manufacture with better ratios or your base gives you some mined minerals daily. Each account would be limited to 1 base and a lot of bases together would form a small 'village'. Archeage did something similar but they failed at the limit of 1 per account and a lot of hackers etc. Just imagine a small guild having their homebase in alpha and working together, then they expand and could move to beta and eventually they become a superpower and they settle on gamma. Everytime they need to deconstruct their previous base. Every new player should be abe to settle down his mini base from the get go.

Some advantages of bases could be:

  • 1 spark house teleport (players should be only allowed a death clone and no sparks)

  • Ability to 'hire' syndicate in your home station and request missions directly

  • Better station facility ratios

  • Adjacent friendly relation agents would give a benefit aura

  • You can upgrade your home station to increase benefits

  • You can install a 'RADAR' on the roof and it alerts of inc ppl (just like proximity probes work)

  • On betas and on gammas you can surround your 'village' with a wall.

  • On betas and gammas you can have your own little plant farm at the back!

Some mechanics of bases could be:

  • Cost nic and tokens to build and maintain (the more upgrades the more maintenance)

  • Fully destructibe anywhere and lootable. You need to defend it (or bring friends) to keep it.

  • First attack would be put into reinforce and second successful you destroy and loot it. (like POS)

  • To build on Blue beta (for ex.) islands you need friendly relations with ICS or they tax you more tokens for upkeep.

  • The larger (and more full of fluff) your base is, the more upkeep so wealthy players would be happy to wave their big epeen while new players are happy with some land they 'own'. [bases could be made upgradeable vertically for space reasons]

3) Introduce npcs in betas and gammas that are worthed to farm. Currently almost no one farms npc's in betas and in gammas because there is no incentive to do so. The convoy npc's are somewhat the high-end group pve mode?? but most just avoid them as you need a very good group to do them, while observers are the insta-zap mode npc and are very very hard to do solo. In eve they introduced Burner missions aimed at solo players and we could have solo observers roaming and at multiple mech sizes, not just the larger ones (light and assault observers roam alpha 1 and 2 respectively and are orange). Also devs could introduce officer npc's which are very rare and fat loot pinatas found only in betas.

4) Daily login bonus (login each day and get 10% more ep or something)

5) Pink robots for cash (do I need to say more?)

6) Maybe lessen a bit the time needed to farm a fitted mech for pvp.

7) Add a little faction bonus to robots and please do not forget about green bots.

8) Unlimited trial with agents restricted to Alpha 1 islands and no ep accumulation after 14 days until they buy the game to remove restrictions.

9) Please keep in mind that in every game, the bulk will be carebears and the few will be pvpers, (and most pvpers will have carebears accounts as well) so a lot of focus on carebear progression [like missions] is very important to keep everyone happy.

10) Propose a 1 year plan and try to stick to it. People need to look forward to something.

I think the above should not take too much dev time compared to the ROI in the game as most of the mechanics already exists in game.

Just my 2cents because like a lot of people arguing on this forums, (even the most flaming topics), we do care smile

pvp today: tnx to rad guys for the skirmish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbixQwlU85Y

We would like to welcome all the new guys who joined perpetuum, and those who chose to join with us

Planned ops and friendly corp, still recruiting new players

Enjoy the benefits of Alpha life while having the opportunity to take part in pvp ops WHEN you want, IF you want with PHM. Join our friendly corp today!

*** New players most welcome ***

sorry if I was not clear enough, but I am saying about adding new types of npc, not removing those already there.

When reading this point "Oh and I think mobs roaming a giant circle is meh...id like to see static robot factories with defenses and static mobs, then NPC resource supply depots, also guarded, and caravans going too and from..." by Stranger Danger I realised the large improvement such change could potentially add to perpetuum!

Let's admit it, NPC's here are like shooting practice that drop stuff.

Alpha Orange: Mindles chckens, Stay there waiting to be killed (good entry level farming for newbies)
Alpha red: Angry birds, Will chase you around and do not drop aggro if you stop aggressing (god for people like 2 months into the game)
Beta reds: Meaner angry birds that like to protect their territory (good for vets but apparently very few farm beta npcs, could be a problem with game mechanics)
Gamma reds + observers: These are mean machines that actually patrol their islands and hunt you down swiftly. These are like cops for the npc corporations. (good for the vets and all that)

Main point being, they just do that, they either standby or they walk around in predef circles. <- Problem

Now what if these nians live on their islands exactly as we do, Some things they can do for example;

1) They can start docking/undocling into terminals like we do all the time. (could be just eye candy)
2) They can engage each other every now and then (like green bots fighting yellow bots when they get close)
3) They can start mining! There are industrial bots scattered around but they do not mine. MAke them mine like we do, and players can kill their mining op and take the minerals from their field container. OFC make it that they have protection squads around so players team up together to kill the lot.
4) MAke them go around looking for artifacts in beta islands. Once they find one they loot the can and go quickly to ICSBeta for example and players can follow them around till they see them looting the can and then kill them. Another real player could be watching it all and kill the other player etc.
5) Make NPC fortresses and the further out from the fortress the lower tiered npc's patrolling the perimerter. (For example at the fortress HQ, a mighty npc would guard the stash but to get there you have to go through t1, t2, t3, t4.... mobs.
6) Make npc's caravans that move stuff from one fortress to the other. Npc caravans can start small(sequer + 3 assaults) and progressively increase if they are not killed (could be on a daily / sap timer sortof) so players can either chose to kill them at the start for little loot, or wait it out for a chance to the bigger bounty.

My point is, not every player is coming with and eve background and is used to spin their ship for maximum eye candy. Other mmo's out there create a living and breathing word by having npc's going around their business and it helps make the game looks more populated when les ppl are online.

Apart from this, keep up the good work with steam etc.

I thought orange NPC's on beta were kinda tactical so people who pvp would chose to walk by, or shoot them if being zerged hoping they change targets and kill their agressors.

And yes there are a lot of them.

Advice for new players: Join a corp, any corp because experience in nia will be much better.

If you are looking for a great corp that gives you the opportunity to experience pvp when you feel ready, I cannot stress enough that PHM will be an excellent option. We organise a lot of ops ranging from simple alpha mining to pvp roams around beta islands.

Sound corp structure backed by vet experience, should be hard to turn down the offer.

+1 to player build arkhes

First let me say that I am all for a sandbox game and an open world. I have just resubbed to perp after 2 years off when I read the news about b2p just to support the game.

I was thinking of a place that only light bots (yagel etc) could teleport to (maybe make a teleport with bot size restrictions on alpha islands), where new players could teleport there in their cheap bots to do missions and kill npcs of the same difficulty as alpha island but that yield better loot.

For a paralell idea, please think about ship restricted gates in eve, where any number of players could enter just as long as they do not exceed the ship type restricion. Also no restriction about fitted items, if you want to risk your t4 fitted yagel, the more tears when yoou lose it to a group of organised newbies.

I do not think this would take long to implement, and devs could use existing terrain for this, like make them high plateau or something, that the only way to get over there is by using the special teleport. This should not have a big impact on the vets also because npc's there should only drop up to t2 items and perhaps better kernel loot.

I believe new players would love the feature as they will dibble with pvp in small bots withought the fear that they will be roflstomped by much bigger mechs. Their only challenge would be better players (in terms of skill/fits) and organised groups (which they could easily organise themselves into corporations themselves as well).

Sorry if this was suggested before. What do you guys think?

Make standard free 2 slots and above that just like the current skill.
One should not be made to spend ep to install one spark on a second alpha terminal. Other than that one should spec into that as per current skill.


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Howard Quartz wrote:

Using your method:
400 / 0.5 - 400 = 400 waste.
400 / (1+(.001*6)) =397.61
397.61 *  0.3802 = 151.177 total saved
397.61 - 151.177 = 246.43 waste
246.43 + 400 = 646 needed

Your foruma seems credible as well. I am keen to try both out at higher numbers and see the outcome. Thanks for sharing cool

EDIT: LOL disregard previus posts. Manufacturing can go beyond perfect delta in this game.


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Production Formula

I have went through 2 sleepless nights over this but finally I have worked out a method that, albeit not 100% in all cases, should give pretty accurate results.

Also it must be understood that

1) Perpetuum works in fractions but round up all the numbers.
2) There are flat out factories, time bonus factories and material bonus factories.
3) Starting with a high efficency CT is VERY IMP. 68% and above is good.
4) Yes you do need mass production efficency skills but the more you pump in, the less bonus you get, but more is better. Roughly at 40% extensions you will get 60% waste reduction. At 50% you get 70% waste reduction and at 60% you get 78% waste reduction.
5) Grinding rep is beneficial in a very MINUTE way. still it gives a little bonus espcially when doing robots.
6) No, you do not need many invested EP points to start doing the standard items. Level 8 in basic and lev 6 in adv and expert mass prod efficency is a good entry point. On an item of 300 base you will be saving 60% of the waste.
7) A 50% CT could be anywhere from 49.5 to 50.4. A variation of .9% is possible.
8) This method only works for tech 1 items. On t2-4 there exist yet another penalty to production. L2 factory you roughly add 10% + your extension bonus.

Ok let's take an example of producing a T1 Long range demob.

For perfect delta it needs 300 vitricyl.
Let's say we are using a L1 factory with CT of 51%, 4% relation bonus and 54% extension bonus.

First  work out [(Base amount / {ct ratio/100}) - base amount]
[(300/.51)-300] = 288.24 waste

Second work out relations {waste / [1+(0.001*relation)]}
{288.24 / [1+(0.001*4)]} = 287.1 waste

Thirdly work out a log of your own extensions. [Log(0.1*extension bonus)]
[Log(0.1*54)] = 0.7324

Forthly apply your log bonus to the waste to see how much will you save.
287.1*0.7324 = 210.26 <= saved material.

Fifth deduct the saved material from the first wastage to see how much actual waste you will have.

288.24 - 210.26 = 78 waste.

Last add your actual waste to the perfect delta.
300+78 = 378 <= the amount you need to produce this item.

Also big thanks to Bibi Waffles, Norrdec, Optikhan and William Booney who helped me through wink

Now I wish more prople take on to production and make a fortune out of it. As a result there will be more competition, prices will be brought down and lower the pvp level barrier for the average joe to have fun xplodin bots!

Dear DevBoyC,

First of all props to your team that are so quick to kep in touch with the community. Although the number of problems seem to be high, having such quick response is brilliant and promise well! big_smile

Today i had some disconnects on both my toons and since i run them on different machine I figured out it could be helpful to say my story.

One toon i run on a quad core 4gigs ram nvidia card gtx260 (everything is asus in my main pc) I was mining in this toon.

Second toon running on laptop dell d530. everything turned to minimum on the crappy lappy.

Internet connection is 12mb up 4mb down (i download at 1mb/s speed)

I DC only once on my crappy laptop only when jumping a teleport. Rest of the time i was just in sequer loting can. I did 4 or 5 jumps total.

I DC'd 4 times on my main pc while standing still and mining. I noticed sometimes the modules were not showing to cycle and sometimes the red light persisted even after the mining laser was not miing from the tile. (bug?)

On my main I do a lot of alt tabbing as I have explorer and a bunch of programs open all the time. Game runs always perfectly smooth with only 100ms latency throughout. Once the crash report thingy worked but the other times it also crashed!


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The Enclave is actively recruiting miners/indy and pvp agents. Lots of fun stuff with us on several ops. Drop in Enclave Recruitment or visit us at www.enclavecorp.net for more info smile