The new blog is up and with the Official Server ceasing in Jan, the OPP group has proposed to accelerate their time-frame and release an Alpha Server in Late Jan. This will allow those that want to play to do so with full knowledge around what is being offered at this time. This will also help test and give feedback on bugs and issues as well. More can be found here : … pre-alpha/ … m-project/

Well I am glad to say that OPP development is underway. I'll give a big thank you to the Dev's at AC, and to Gargaj today for further patching the server.

We have some talented OPP dev's who are finding out how things work and we are now in a stage of beginning  the development agenda with content, balance, economy and server teams all at work.

If you have not done so, come join us and contribute your comments and idea or just join the discord. … m-project/


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Come join is and a part of the future of the game Eng Daniel … m-project/


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I second such a question. We are thankful for your generosity and eager to get started.

Here is a taste of things to come. Just waiting on the server and code hand over, but the  OP Dev team have been hard at it looking to the future.

Get your info here and post your thoughts … ve-servers

Here is a taste of things to come. Just waiting on the server and code hand over, but the  OP Dev team have been hard at it looking to the future.

Get your info here and post your thoughts … ve-servers

Thanks for the heads up Zoom. Look forward to seeing things progress.

I for one am really excited. I know that having been in the Open Perpetuum Project discord discussing this, there are a number of older and recent players with skills and a desire to make this happen. Players like, Nullpointer, Ville, Bler, BKK Annihilator, Beastmode, Gunner, Zortag just to name a few.

I also thought is was great gesture to offer this option by the Devs'  and it is much appreciated by the players.

Come join up, bring you ideas and opinions - your all welcome, no mater our past history in game.

Dear Dev's, thank you for making this game. It has been probably the best MMO experience I have had (played a few in my time as well). I have so much enjoyed the fights, the enemies, the politics, the friends and fun in my time here.

I think that your noble gesture of providing the game DRM free is all the more powerful given the personal blood and tears you put in this game. I salute you sirs.

I do hope a version of the game can continue, as I would still very much interested. As Beast said FA Forever have done and my other favourate Return of Reckoning (Warhammer online) as well.


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Again, all the last 3 posts are spot on. But alas, this has all been said many times to deaf ears. I so want this to succeed, but there seems a fundamental stubbornness around recognizing the above, esp the balance changes. Sigh!!!!


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I tend to agreed with Jita on his change plan. There is a universal recognition that the reversal of the awful balance patches would go a long way to set up good pvp.

Good PVE content is also vital.

A lot of Dev energy went into syndicate bots that were in fact marginally better  than tech 1. Make them worth buying.

Later let the story add that the Nian's have captured and re-engineered them into tech 3 invasion npcs that can have a chance to drop a CT that makes 2 bots and so on.

Anyway the game is loved and people are wanting and willing for it to grow, but have some frustration at gameplay decisions that sucked the life out of playing.

Anni ...was your liquzit miner cap stable or not because you implied it was and now you are saying it should not be and nor should any t4 fit bot.

For the love of mike what on earth was the logic in this tuner change. Was there a complaint or something. It just spanks of another random stab at a balance that was not a problem. Why not have just limited the amount of tuning or diminished returns or something.


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Looks interesting


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In some way Mark Zimmer was right, that comment made him a legend - in that people still talk about it. It was indeed a great fight - bloody Pokk was singly minded in his need for vengeance.


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Well Perpetumm, who can argue with such wisdom
"Over this last patch I have been one step ahead of everyone else of what it would do, and why..."

Your brilliance and modesty reminds me of this … ger_effect

The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which low-ability individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability as much higher than it really is.

The phenomenon was first experimentally observed in a series of experiments by David Dunning and Justin Kruger of the department of psychology at Cornell University in 1999.[1][2] The study was inspired by the case of McArthur Wheeler, a man who robbed two banks after covering his face with lemon juice in the mistaken belief that, because lemon juice is usable as invisible ink, it would prevent his face from being recorded on surveillance cameras.

This pattern of over-estimating competence was seen in studies of skills as diverse as reading comprehension, practicing medicine, operating a motor vehicle, and playing games such as chess or tennis. Perhaps even perp.

You oftn make me laugh and now I know why.

Kissy kissy



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Guess he lost a bot, now wants the game changed.


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Good luck Bad - was a good thing to fight beside you. Hope the new house and plans go well.

I agree with Dark about the graphics. Who are these mythical people - have they not seen a green island in full sun?We have stuck with Perp because we think it has been great value for money.

That said there was some decisions that accelerated a number of people leaving and it wasn't anything to do with ep. It was a poorly thought out balance patch and a perceived stop in the content. To this day I have not heard anyone from the Dev's address the balance patch that many had criticized. Perhaps all that was needed was to split ewar into  racial modules (eg a module specific to blue, green or yellow) both ecm and eccm. What emerged was a nerf by someone who clearly did not play, where green pilots had to turn into yellow pilots.

I to agree with Dark "Fix those and add some new content, static and dynamic (something like 2/3 PVE 1/3 PVP).
Add some Islands and increase the options for getting onto  and off them. Finally, Bots and Modules."
That is what the population has been asking for years.

Add your vanity rubbish for those willing to spend money on it "Pinks gropho etc" and ep boosters and ep/spark content DLC and there is a cash shop.

This sounds a lot of work at this time, but it has been in the pipe line talked about for at least 2 years.

I have enjoyed this game and hope to continue to do so.

take heart Zoom, Kia Kaha (be strong)


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FFS....Reboot the server or something the database lag is crazy long.


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Yes can confirm down our end of the world we have 5-8 sec lag internal shifting items. We have also shifting to using a gaming vpn service and this has been helpful, but that said I have had 2 disconnects recently. Blocker's game was unplayable as well - he will try the vpn service.

Here's a thought. Localize to Chinese and open it up in China.....BOOYAA the masses arise


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Jita's idea sounds like it would have been a good beginning. There also sounds like a number of us that would like to contribute to new bot's and also don't for get, new modules - that other game has A LOT of them.


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I agree, make scanning a bot a hostile act and flag the player. As for the other game, there are many more modules, fits and ships. Plus and this is important - it has MANY more players and space to live.

It would not be possible for a scanner to scan 50 man fleet in Perp and islands have choke tp points now (stupid idea). Less a problem with a pop of 1000, but we don't have a 1000 players.

it's a touting spy - doesn't question what beastmode is as per the statement, but jumps straight top a player and laughs at a reference to gunner (no confusion or clarification sort). lol