And you gotta admit, sitting one character (you know who) in between oxnair 111 and oxnair 11 monitors all who entered norhoop and then Alsbale etc.

And 2 characters can cut off access to Hokk, Kent and Gamma (without the use of a iz).

Poor game design

And I dont agree with the Rhao comment. Im saying the whole basis of inter-island access is BS. It does not help roaming, pvp, ninja mining and ninja sap.

There should be more access points into islands. Hell I think there should  many more islands.

I agree with all you have posted Crepitus. It is even more stupid that the TP'S for travel to Norhoop can be covered by one castel, making it even easier to monitor who goes on and off.

While the tp system may look symmetrical or simple for travel from Alpha to beta and then beta2, it makes for poor gameplay, restricting access and unneeded choke points.

Probes should be time limited and able to be placed around stations or teleports.


(16 replies, posted in Feature discussion and requests)

There we are - that the above ideas could become the basis of a new bot type complete with AOE demob and also counter demob modules options. Concealed mine launcher, even shot range mortar modules. These could add additional coolness to fleet fight etc


(32 replies, posted in Feature discussion and requests)

I like the idea of time limited probes. Why not have several different timed probes. 2 hour, 4 hour 8 hour etc. Each cost a lot more (a type of nic sink). 

I don't like the idea of being able to place them close around stations (perhaps a 500 m exclusion. Or around teleports (same exclusion zone applies). That way a player can enter an island, but if they move around it, then the probe works.

I agree the current implementation of the instability and protection timers is too dependent on connection and I too am a long way away from the server. Make the syndicate protection start when agent visible (that should be when the molecular instability starts.

As for fixing the network/code issues that contribute to it, I think that sounds too hard - look how long it took for the dev's to find out is was plants contributing to the lag issue (Way after we told them and reproduced it on the test server)


(24 replies, posted in Balancing)

I agree, they are no longer needed - remove them.


(37 replies, posted in General discussion)

I also agree with Paw. It doesn't matter who owns the Island - there should be more entries and exits on islands and also to Beta 2. The current layout removes a key fun component, that is the ability to stealth in and exit.

There needs to be 4 entries and exits on all islands.


(20 replies, posted in General discussion)

Lol...sounds like a whine to me. 110 in squad, I love that one. What do you need a reimbursement for,

Read wider Aye Pod, this refers to a statement in a recently closed thread - he knows what I am referring to. But thanks for the attention, I feel honoured that you take notice of me.

Well I shall no longer engage with this derailed thread. See you all on the battlefield, if you still play...

Smaldyc states " I have addressed your thinly veiled insults by shoving down a generous helping of similar - albeit more intelligent - offal down your toggie throats, you complain about that too.

LOl...listen to this drivel. I love ofal (lambs liver and bacon, yum yum). 

.....well I can honestly say that in all the years I’ve read Smaldyc, no one has ever questioned his intelligence.
In fact..... I’ve never heard anyone even mention it.

now I know why

Sorry Blocker - had to reply the bullshit is strong in this one....I will now refrain....Good Day sir

to Ville - South Isetsu, ask NSE. You might not have noticed - I never see you around, only afk mining somewhere ......and to smaldyc - really...that's it, that's your response. Post it notes to kinda does confirm my comment then. 

The comical thing is that to the rest of us, you standing in the corner, shaking with rage, madly waving your fist at all and sundry, over some past perceived injustice - plotting revenge. Apparently you have exacted it, only none of those it involves can see it - that's got to be annoying.

Rage on - no one cares, then move on

Love and Kisses


Thanks....I like to think I have the freedom to click a tile. I had great mirth reading the fantasy that we were made to leave the game by Smaldic - well I'm still here, blocker, Dark, Lecktron, Cal Rodden etc are all still here and we play regularly   - ask Rovoc and NSE.

Me thinks there is some long history bottom hurting in some, for some long forgotten history none here cares about - something about account sharing bans or what not.....get over it, we have.

Come play have fun, we do both.


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Well done Goffer. A great effort.

I like gives the pve guys another purpose and reason to login and do stuff.....we need things for them to do as well.


(28 replies, posted in Balancing)

Well done Ville.   I think all the players who play agree, that balance patch was the biggest unbalance piece of rubbish that contributed a great deal to people deciding to leave.  For the love of mike (or Michelle) bring back proper racial differences and don't just nerf the yellow.  All the previous patch needed was to slightly change the strength of ewar.  I love my seth, but I miss my ictus and a long range demobbing zenith.....

Great ideas guys, I believe this is the way forward. It's fun, unpredictable and rewarding. Growing the new folks involvement in fun stuff is the most important thing. PVP will come after pve to amass gear and nic for most. Oh and please change that awful balancing patch.

Why cant an anomaly be a portal to somewhere in the world that has some observers and lovely cache of CT's or bots or modules....make it worth looking for, scanning down, what ever the method.....but to make a forced location and limiter for beacons...well that seems to be an example again of removing content  - in this way now limiting where and how many beacons you can do.


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On the other hand, I wouldn't care about a server wipe anyway, that would be fine. Most of the comments here seem to be from people who no longer play the game......go play something else...or come back and contribute....

back to Zenning..peace out screamers


(70 replies, posted in General discussion)

Holy crap...I actually agree with you Syndic.  Content for players that is engaging and interesting pve will retain players. Letting corps that are new, grow and allowing them to find content that helps that, will grow. Advertising and some sensible robot balancing (perhaps some new bots and modules. Not some so called emergent pvp gank mechanic around opening the beta bases that jita once proposed....

Its ok now...Ive taken my meds and I'm zen'd

Anni, you know that is not a good idea...some strategies for pvp depend on not being in gen chat. 

Accelerating the proposed changes, so that all players enjoy the game is a start to retaining players. How about new modules and bots, to pull back older players.

Other pve events (world events, special drops on gamma's or betas) to help all explore and gather a sense of treasure to discover...but this has all been said before.

I like the new mission system, as I have not been a fan of missions in the past.

Welcome to Perp. As you rightly point out the game has so much potential. That potential is all the more helped by new players and new Corps. OTHERS welcomes you in, no matter who you have for friends and the end its just a game that we  try to have fun in. See you on the battlefield...


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I have also checked out with my isp. They informed that the quality of line I have with them has improved (less noise), they reset the router at the exchange, took of interleaving and this has made no difference. We have run pingplotter and seen no ping issues, but internally in game that lag has been very bad. At this same time I have also run speedtests to Amsterdam and the upload and down speed was well within normal levels.

currently not playable


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I have to say that whole bot rebalance was a shot out of the blue and a fecking nightmare.....all that was needed was a little tuining down on ewar. Instead we got wholesale nerfs to green (plus other nosensical idiocy).....and the end result is seths online......and what is still galling from that is the player base said as much. Dev's please at least play you game to know what we were going on about.


(6 replies, posted in Feature discussion and requests)

I like the creativity of all this.....adds pve as well....and this attracts pve players...and the game needs more pve players...and pve players may eventually turn to pvp because they had a good fun experience and want to expand...and that is the point of the game isnt it....not forcing people to play according to other mechanic.

Keep it coming...more genuine creativity

+1 Great idea Obi