Plain and simple for me....Islands are too small for that all means make more a game like this , you should be able to get lost. For goodness sake change the sap mechanic if you must, let the loot drop of you cant do the sap. Add some friggin content, stop removing it.

How about world caches that you scan down, have to fight npcs for. Bring back a decent gamma while your at it.


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I think that is Captain Pointless (Perpetuum) point - he is fine because he hasn't been playing - trol.

My disconnects have occurred with trying to undock - station screen is on, but castel was being blown up, DCed, and also while mining on a number of occasions.


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I am not sure about other people, but for the last couple of weeks I have noticed frequent disconnects (even lost a castel to this at S I ). I have also noticed that while in terminal, these disconnects can often be precipitated by blank inventory when trying to access storage.....anyone else getting this.

So Perpetuum....what you really mean is I disagree with you....and for some reason that's a dear fellow there is nothing new in that dont know you even have a fence - because your too afraid to reveal your real character.

As for the stp...I think it a reasonable thing to have an Alpha, beta and Gamma spark. I have outlined mt view in another forum post.

To those other people resorting to name calling because another perspective is given, that is not a sufficient argument.  I bid you all good day...:D

I agree...signed


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Well I for one don't see the rationale for the spt change....why would you bother with a gamma outpost if you cannot spark to it, you have no epi there. I think having 3 sparks one for each type of island is a good compromise. For goodness sake change the sap mechanic....let saps drop loot if not attended, so people roam for that, and let it revert the ownership over time if unattended.

if its about pvp...that make no sense - say one person at the station, enemies come over, either the person wont engage (as out numbered and no way to have other peeps spark in). = less pvp

my thoughts are have 1 alpha, 1 beta, 1 gama spark, no blood spark

We love em probe wars......


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Hello Mr DHBlaze, I missing the chronicles. I enjoyed the style, music and wanted to encourage you to make another when your ready. I hope real life isnt too hectic, so no pressure, when you're ready - we will see you back on  again.

I went out to do some mining. When the module was empty of charges and went to automatically reload....nothing but endless cycling of no ammo found. There was only liquizit ammo in the cargo....bug affects mining as well. FYI


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Good stuff DHBlase, I like the music as well.


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I think  that might be The fool is strong in this


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I suspect, by mean OTHERS, please explain why we are enemies..I don't remember the reasons.


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That's great news...I hope it is fixed soon.....thanks for coming out to say it ZOOM, you could have hid a patch in there and saved face...*Bows to Dev Zoom*

For the record again...fight on Norhoop....killing plants significantly hit and NO LAG.

LOL......ville ya sound like the DEV's......perhaps it "POTATO math" causing the lag.   If this happens with 5 -10 in pvp, god forbid we get 20 -50. I so what the game to grow - but really, come on, cut the crap and recognize the issues please.

I can confirm what Blocker has said. I noticed the lag issue at the same time the patch was introduced and server shift happened. Now it could be said to be either. However, the server has now shifted again an there looks to be less hops from where I am to the server, but the lag issues still occur. And only in relation to PVP with plants. We also had a fight a day or 2 before, where we were on the teleport station at Xianator and peeps were on the hill - no significant plant attacks, battle went on for a long time and NO LAG.  Yesterday fight, in the trees, N/A lag.  The dots connect quite strongly here. normal ping for me is between 300 - 450 ms.


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Actually,'s just you...we no longer pay attention to you......please drone on.....your just a hum in the background.

Now back to Syndic.......please enlighten us....on second thoughts, that not possible...scratch that.


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Can we get back to Syndic's supposed indignation and need to stick up for Peanut's virtue.........baaaahhaaaaaa...."exerting dominance"......'boom'....... that's all we have to say...go back to eve part timer.....discuss!


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An update on lag.....I have been in 2 major battles today. The first on Norhoop and then Hersh. Was playable, minor lag spiking...positive.
The second shifted from Nohoop to Hersh on the teleport....lag quickly went 5000,then N/A..recovered for a few seconds and back to N/A, 30 000. Not sure why or what the difference was. unplayable though in last fight.


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At this time I think that there has been an improvement in my lag.....some static pvp was good on Norhoop (no change in ms, but back on Hershwasok as well, but have not had med level battle around plants yet to know if it is fixed...But this is positive from not being able to do pvp in the past

Lol...I love is also a great chance for the game to have some publicity, by naming a specific Observer "the BMG" variant after a player considered by the community to have contributed significantly to the game - can drop a rare single use CT for a bot etc  and t4+ gear, but also need a group to kill.

So do it and get the news into the game sites - its great free advertising


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We had another try with Kent as South Isetsu.......started off reasonable...but then 3\4 armour gone...dead. I was looking forward to the fight...but I will not be PVPing now......


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Back to more lag again today........1500---3000---n/a on Hersh, then same at Norhoop. A similar experience later in the day at  Kentagura. Zoom this is killing your game and rendering PVP none playable. Any news please !


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"Probes are not meant to be permanently fixtured gate scouts.  Probes are per operation Base on the island"

So a probe is being used like an extra fixed scout account.....that's a pretty good advantage to have, but counter to the stated purpose above.

The problem is they keep being blown up and not by arkes (that's dumb). The problem seems to be you cant catch the killer....well that's the game folks....set traps, send a real scout.....but to use them as extra scouts is a form of spying (seeing who is there) and enables force projection (by allowing you to fit up, position etc).

It also assist with a perfectly safe Beta and Gamma - that's not right either. There is the right risk reward there - a probe to safeguard the fleet of miners etc.....


I don't see the exploit as such. It rather points to and Artemis tanking a Baph. This game has a rock, scissors, paper approach. You were in an Artemis and he was in a Baph....All it says is opium had the wrong combination to take you. So be it, well done. As with most things -if he wanted to kill you next time he adapts, another bot perhaps. As they say....well played Sir.