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Topic: Thanks words after few words

I want to thanks the developers for keeping the great game for long time.

For some (long) time we know the game is dead, even after some opinions from community. For me you could give last try with f2p, even along 2 ou 3 months to see what comes.

Now it's time for community to work, what the dev can do is be a head of community or at least an community where they know the devs are on.

We all(most) know there are great communities developing great old games, some as I know the OpenTTD and Freecol, they develop the game from scratch. But this game wasn't so great (players base) as TTD or Colonization behind to be much more complex to develop, so we have a problem for perpetuum future.

It will be a great and I'll be very happy with the private servers, isn't something new, the game Live is Feudal is a great example of a game client+server to work, even single player. But will be huge afford give the source to community, as some dev wrote, I have other example of a game is being developing and have open source, or at least part of it, it's space engineers a game it's being developed along more than 3 years with weekly updates (far i remember, only miss one week along 3 years).

Last words: I think community can help you keep perpetuum-online.com address and be the base of trust and leaving for the game. Git the game, so can be forked or keep alive for long years.

Re: Thanks words after few words

Come join is and a part of the future of the game Eng Daniel
https://community.sequer.nl/2017/09/24/ … m-project/