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I think that sounds about right Zort...Inda all this time in the game and never an issue with probes.....now yours get shot and you want to change the game to suite you.......


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I agree with those above. The game needs some fundamental things addressed.
Addressing the lag issues (otherwise there is no point in pvp)
New content
    New robots (artillery, melee, etc)
    New modules (T5 , additional rare and modified loot drops from special npc, armoury caches etc)
    Mission rework (glad to see it is in the works)
    Teleport reorganisation
    An invasion or outpost establishment by the nia's
    Re-establish sap loot drops when timer is done regardless (this adds sap content back that was removed for players    .   to roam beta for, with no change to station status)

Money making options for the devs to sell
    Custom robot colours
     Custom decals

The reality for a lot of us in the game is we really think the game is a gem, but needs some work. Catering to the causal player market will not yield highly here. Let them play there console or whatever is the current fad game. We choose to play this because we see the potential.

Despite the often negative even vindictive perspective from some, my experience is most players that stumble on this game (as I did 2 years ago) enjoy what you have created.

Can you Please inform us with more regular updates as well.


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I have rarely posted on this forum and I am not renowned for trolling. I have no idea what is happening behind the scenes in this game, but small scale and particular mid range battles on islands like Hokk have become unplayable. I have no problem losing bots - but to not have at least a decent battle because lag goes to thousands and then n/a is ruining the game.

Please put some god dam pressure on the provider...they will kill your game.


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Again..unplayable in the big fight yesterday..lag N/A.......smaller fight that night on Alsbale, lag at 33,000, then dropped, but at times unpredictable. This is not good and if the pop increased would be a game breaker. Both Blocker in Australia and Me in New Zealand had the same issues, so not a service provider issue on our end.


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Oh Syndic...ya sound like a pompous ***....after careful deliberation....blah blah ...hunt them down....blah blah........moving on. Try to get with the programme...we are talking about growing the game.

I think we need more betas
new modules
new bots
world events
island events
special drops with resources and gear (so new players can hunt them on the new islands and get ahead) or a beacon that can access a unique location with resources, modules or bots
Companion beacon (when action ed - they can summon X number or type of bot)