Snowman wrote:
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Snowman wrote:

I'm just really happy I cross specced into yellow big_smile

The tears of the kain pilots are very tasty.

umm, I think you missed something, amirite?

try a mirror, you too can see the tearz!

Lord Syndics retributthead alliance checklist

ERP Nerf...check
Blue nerf...check

its official, everyone must whine!!  lol

Yeah Goblin, I am sure Syndic has a Midgit Tootsie roll for you!!  lol

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<someone joins island chat>
<miners dockup>
<blob undocks>

fixed )

^^fixed the fixed


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William Bonney wrote:

Well, have had to modify my original stance on "Regulators is not currently, nor ever will be affiliated with any Alliance while William Bonney is the leader of the Posse."  This was the initial intent, but seeing the huge vaccuum out on the Beta islands, my members have decided they want a piece of the Beta Pie.

So, cuz I know we are neither big enough, nor EP heavy enough, to do it on our own, we are currently reaching out to some of the big boys to see if we can't make friends.  I prefer a "shoot 'em all" mentality, rough though if everyone shoots back, lol.

So, I guess I should live by the rule of "never say never" here though.  Eh, made a mistake, I admit it.  Have np's doing so yarr

Lord Syndic awaits his new minions...GL/HF!!

Snowman wrote:

I like to pop infestation artifacts near miners! LOL cool

Yet another fine example of Syndics crew!! Fine indeed! roll

Arga wrote:

Karbon - It's possible, at least until they nerf transport missions, to open 10 (20,50,100) trial accounts and run the triangle from day 1, and earn about 1 M NIC/hour/account. AC of course is not worried about the average player, just those out to abuse the system. Even after the transport change, there will simply be another 'best' way to make large volumes of nic with free accounts. Typically this person is going to be selling the NIC in RMT, so they have an actual incentive to find and exploit ways to make free NIC. In case you didn't know, it's possible to trade items in containers outside the outpost, so the trial accounts could buy a 8 M NIC riveler, then hand it back to the 'real acccount' so nothing of value ends up on the trial account, and they are just abandonded afet 15 days. Put a cap on it, no problem the accounts are free, so they earn the cap, xfer the NIC and open a dozen more.


Just say no to the chinese farmers!! RMT spam stay away. This was one area where EVE really screwed up.

Gharl Incognito wrote:
Arga wrote:

If by chance Cap. Corp X becomes the target of an extended campaign, unlike communist corps where the corp is everything, the capitalist corp can simply dissolve, and it's members take away a large personal fortune, and another corp forms up. That's not actually loosing, in fact it makes more ecomonic sense then sending waves of bots out to meet a force that isn't trying to accomplish anything but to make you dissolve.

This.  That's why ego becomes the driving force behind a Commune Corp.

Hmm, gee whiz, I wonder who in this game in charge of a large communist corp has an ego bigger than all of Nian? Hmm, nah, couldn't happen!! lol

Syndic wrote:

The best "natural" NIC sink is PVP. Encouraging PVP & Territory Control will make NIC more relevant. smile

Syndic wrote:

PVP more. That will solve all inflation problems. lol

Its too bad your corps political doctrine is diametrically opposed to the promotion of more pvp. Having massive numbers of allies and far more EP than the majority of those you oppose. If you beat your head against a wall sooner or later this grows old. The same goes for being blobbed by large numbers of enemies. If a group comes out in 10-15 Assaults, you meet them with 15+ light/heavy Mechs supported with Ewars. Fighting and losing is one thing, having NO chance what so ever is a horse of another color.

hai guys, who do I talk to to join?