Sad news, indeed. Although, good to see some progression towards a future for Perpetuum. Would love to get my hands  on whatever comes out of this.


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Fairly well-documented effect:


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I think I forgot to extend my SSL; anyway, try it without https;


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I'd start with (retractable) OAuth2 tokens, with a few grants enabling access to:
- your public profile (including corporation history) - this is always granted
- your credit balances, EP expenditures, etc.
- your current industry queues
- assets, including meta on stacks, item levels, damage, etc.

All with short cache times, say 15 minutes.

This would be more like a version 1 though, :-)

Gwyndor wrote:

If the population were large enough then the alpha dwellers that just wanted money would sell to the highest buyer. Since the only stable player groups in the game are vying for beta/gamma then they all have their own internal markets. There arent any middlemen and its because there is no incentive for people to continue playing the game if they dont intend to go to beta/gamma.

TLDR make missions and alpha industry interesting (not easy money)

This has been brought up quite a few times. It's not a matter of population (well, it is), but there's a choice to be made about how you can go about kickstarting an economy. EVE had it for a few years, there were pretty much monthly devblogs on how NPC market orders were getting rebalanced. Anyway, since content expansion stalled a few years ago, there's not a lot of incentives left out there.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

Some of these tools are in the client, like terraforming and placing decorations. But that's pretty much it, the rest of what's needed for creating an island is very rudimentary (imagine a website with numeric input fields), we'd need to make long documentations of it otherwise you wouldn't understand, split it somehow from all of the other admin stuff that you shouldn't see, and so on.

How about you publish the specs, let us figure it out and have us build the tools?


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Jose Bianchi wrote:

Worth $100

50 pounds, cutting it close lol


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It's not even funny how accurate the comic is. The last picture, just see what Star Trek Online does:

Opening one costs about a dollar. On average it hands out trash.

Celebro wrote:
Ludlow Bursar wrote:

Very nice. Looks like Perp has been helpful in learning to draw and write.

I bet he's rubbish at adding up.

If you learn Hungarian math first, then normal math is quite easy smile

Implying Hungarian Math is a superset of normal math?


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Burial wrote:

Does it support CORS? Been toying around with web services lately and having trouble getting the data from your site.

Never intended it to. It's basically mimicking the Perpetuum API, so maybe talk to Gargaj if you intend to get serious with it.


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I don't think so, but can't recall anyone using it.


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Select the EP history, then hit shift again yarr


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I have set up a bunch of items at:

Someone I know probably knew one of the victims, she found that out through social media within about 2 hours after the crash (or the near certain mid-air explosion) happened, but generally my social media shows what it should mid-summer. Papers seem to be filled with stories about lucky people missing that specific flight.


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I have those. Hit me up ( to get the ball rolling.


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Excellent feature.


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Maybe the whole concept will be more interesting with tiles (like concrete) that need to be kept alive with some sort of highway nodes placed along the route. You power the first one conventionally, then they can transfer whatever energy type they require amongst themselves. So they can't be used for normal power transfers.

Pretty much how the 'normal' highways are laid out - they have nodes running along them.

Auras are lame anyway.

This with the warfare thread maybe makes living on beta's interesting.

Oh, it's like EVE's wardec mechanic, but the other way around.

It's so much more fun to handle this through diplomacy and relying on your guys to honor agreements like that.

Did some spitballing along those lines here.

As far as content creation - that's a good one. This could be done point-based, so every time you create a spawn somewhere, it'll cost a few points from a pool (the size of which is determined by the difficulty level - as are the bots available in the spawn). Have players set up triggers and such for spawns and (!)story dialogs.


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Fu ManChu wrote:

I believe pvp could be very exciting and the game has what it takes. But this is game is ruined and we all know  by who, it´s by corps like _____________.

And who's it going to be next month?


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Rage Blackout wrote:

If they get a free bot, I want a free bot too.

I mean, its only fair.

Also, lag for everyone. There's your answer.

I like a lot of this.

- agreed with bots requiring less types of commodities - but not so with Mk2-variants
- I don't like faster production times and expanding prototyping slots, well I do, but not in light of improving industry in general cool (Zima has a point here)
- hell yes T2 needs *a lot* of love

If you really want to kick industry (and the economy) in the next gear: components on top of commodities. Bleed away some of that infinite minerals into a secondary industry.

Also, serious industry now is just having stacks of all materials.


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You should get a reasonable measure with the fitting tool on or the Profit fitting tool here: … ting-tool/