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Lucian Night wrote:

There is no reason for your power block to disband, you have clearly shown that you have trouble fighting the 5 or 6 of us in 1 corp.  Seriously dont kid yourselfs, you need that alliance to make up for the lack of skill.  Im glad to see you guys playing again instead of crying about perp while playing another game. Welcome back smile

Holy *** it's the Taco! Man, it's been awhile. Join JOKE


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Rex Amelius wrote:
Burial wrote:

I agree, Gamma PVP can be lots of fun when excluding the problems with lag and crashes. Despite all the political things that are going on and Serious Business™, I've had a lot of fun too so props to you for bringing it. Things have been stale for too long! smile

You ever play EVE bro? Ever warp to blackscreen? If this game gets bigger, the Lag Monster will be sure come for us all.

Yep, can't wait to see what lag is like when there's 500+ in general

That's fine for me, and anyone else who is used to doing that, but what about the new players coming in with steam? They buy an account, decide they want another one, and have to go to thru the website?

Like I said, I just wanted to bring this up so certain people aren't scrambling to fix it after the fact.

I thought this should be brought up, with Eve on steam you can only purchase 1 account per Steam account. Will we be able to have multiple instances of perpetuum thru steam, and purchase time there? Would hate to have only 1 account linked or something.

I'll take 3


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IMHO, wipe gamma and all of the islands.

Considering the amount of time and money it takes to have your own gamma base, I think it makes perfect sense to have a quick way to get back to defend it, and I'd be all for maybe having 1 free (no slot) home gamma spark. I personally think that beta is the main issue here, and that we should really look for solutions that affect beta only. I'm fine with sparking to gamma and alpha but think there should be some restrictions in place for beta.


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Seriously Hunter? You disappoint me son. Unlike you, the people who've made an issue about this use the mechanic and know it's broken. Unlike you, they've made it a point to fix it for EVERYONE. This isn't about nerfing dream so that someone else can win. It's about a game imbalance that needed to be fixed. You'll still have your instant sparks, it's just that now you'll have to make a bit more tactical choices about where you want to have those sparks. It's a win-win compromise for everyone, and for you to blame the devs for "listening to the crybabies" is downright insulting. Grow up, as you're the one acting like a little baby now.


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DEV Zoom wrote:
Brutux wrote:

Understand. But you are basically deciding to make a change because of low population (as you stated in a previous post in this thread). My question is would you then reverse this change if the population increases?

I also wrote that I think it would scale well with a larger population too.

And I wouldn't call this knee-jerk. Knee-jerk would have been if I accepted Ville's first proposal smile I admit I waited to see whether the discussion dies, but it just didn't. So a decision had to be made eventually, and looking at the number of posts and different views it was obvious that there would never be a solution which everyone agrees on, be it either "do something" or "leave it as it is".

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't. Now STC and friends will QQ huge tears that you're on Ville's side! I don't envy you your position my friend.


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Not me, that's for sure.