Baal signing out!
... but signing in for future awesomeness @ OP server project big_smile

Cool, one step closer to a new era of Perpetuum smile

Thanks for the update DEV's.
It's sad to see what appears to be the end of the Perpetuum era. This game has truely offered something unique in terms of gaming experience.


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Excellent initiative! smile

strange, on first page I got 5 of my deaths registered, but on my "profile" page I lost 7 bots during the battle.
So yeah, something is not right... :S

Edit: oh, so in corp kills doesnt count, didnt know that.

GF! smile
Thanks to everyone who showed up for some pew pew! big_smile


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And here is a video of Zoom putting the price:


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Has the game ever been a full time job for any of the devs? I thought it was more of a hobby project smile


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If there was a rollback of the balancing, a small boost to the new bots, and a lot more PVE content, I believe the game could really pick up. Give nice carebear content on alpha, beta and gamma, and PVP will follow!
Too much focus has been on changing balance, or developing/tweaking for example gamma content, rather than focusing on provising content for the more casual players.

If there is just a reset/wipe, what would that help? I would for sure just uninstall the game and move on with my life.

Looking forward to some news smile
I am like many others just lurking around the forums, only doing a little bit of production in game. But I havent given up hope quite yet smile


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Come on Zoom, toss us a bone here! wink

Not sure if these quallify, but here we go smile

Highscores - artifacts found this week, this month, in total, NPCs killed, produced items etc! Gives a competitive challenge and promotes PVE gameplay. Just look at how killboards can motivate and promote PVP.

Double EP, double drop weekends etc. Based on experience from many other games, such events can generate a lot of activity and bring back players to a game.

World events, such as the PVP tournaments we had in the past. If it takes too much work, outsource the planning and management of the event to a few trusted members of the community.


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I wonder aswell... neutral


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Players have been asking for ways to toss money on the devs for years.
New bots, pve content, paintjobs or graphic update... there have been many good ideas, and a lot of people willing to invest in the future development of this great game.


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I was able to RSA and Rep his bot. Wonder what would happend on a pvp island, if blowing it up, would he loose the bot, or is his bot safely docked up and deployed at the same time? #Schrödingers_bot!

Looks interesting smile
Dedicated heavy combat support, cool! yarr

My gropho has an IP69K rating and will with ease resist any water or steam spray up 100Bar pressure yarr


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When you have mined or harvested the required ammount, a mission container will spawn next to you, with the work logs. You need to open this container, grab these work logs, and hand them in at the terminal when you delivering the mission.

Thats how I understand it aswell. Seems like a sweet feature smile


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he said by the end of the year, not by the end of THIS year! fuuu:lol:

Remote market orders do the same to trading, as spark teleports do to pvp. No es bueno!

BMG! <3


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New player, or returning veteran, ETHOS offer something for everyone cool
We offer end game content for seasoned players, but we also have a nice and friendly atmosphere where new players get help in learning the game aswell.

That was sooner than I expected, awesome! big_smile