Steam Client, updated and now stuck on "Connecting.." until it times out. sad


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Syndic wrote:

Just had another lag-spike, huge teleport/dock delay moving stuff around storage takes forever, etc

Smells like dying hardware or someone made a ninja 'fix' and it broke everything.

Adding trading and market place to Perpetuum doesn't seem like a natural progression.
Not all players are steam players so while it benefit the newer or linked players it doesn't help some of the long term players.

It introduces real money value to good in Perpetuum. Currently the prices are based of market averages and such but are not connect to xxNIC = $xx. I never really liked the ICE but if it's available to be exploited (And I mean that in almost every sense) I'll exploit it as much as the next person.

Many wars in Perpetuum have been that of attrition. You grind the enemy down, slowly, over many months. Allowing sudden injection of NIC from the use of real currencies can massively disrupt this. It's no longer who puts in the most effort but who PVPs with the best stuff bought from the market.

You made a good move removing ICE, don't introduce another link back to RMT'ing.

If you want my money give me customisation. Expand what Perpetuum Credits do, allow me to buy gifts and such for other people with my Perpetuum Credits. Let me put my corporation logo on my robot, let me paint it funny but amazing colours. Allow new laser effects or damage effects that doesn't do anything but look pretty.

Valve have shown you can raise millions of dollars just by offering ways to change how your character looks compared to others. I don't mean a monocle for £70, but something fun and temporary that doesn't cost the earth. Make people WANT to go out and fight. Want people WANT to show off their awesome missile effect.

You've already stated you want to create a new engine, AWESOME! You'be already said you're enjoying the new players, awesome! Give them something customise! big_smile


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Slipfeed wrote:

Just FYI you could switch your server hosting over to a virtual private server with scalable spot capable hardware in a matter of an hour.

Rent rack time.  Upload and install server platform software through terminal.  Prepare game update to point clients to new server.  Push update, clients connect to brand spanking new state of the art economical server platform, old server goes in bin.

You're welcome.

Would be awesome but likely more expensive than what they have currently.

DEV Zoom wrote:

Ok maybe we should have been more exact with the wording there.

This is NOT a cash shop.

You would only be able to trade existing items, that have been created in the game. You wouldn't be able to buy a robot for money that's just created out of thin air. This is merely the extension of the ingame economy to the Steam community market.


An in-game cash shop with cosmetic items (paint) and other fun things. Not selling my Gropho Mk2 for £0.16 on steam. Please god no. Lower the entry price and improve the cash shop!

Issue is they added more highways and both Beta attackers and Beta defenders complained they were in bad places.

Fix the games general travel mechanic and you'll no longer need highways.

I love this idea. On the map you should be able to display your loses and their location with the newest at the top, selecting them should give you a location.

The kill-board powered by the limited API system has locations so I don't see why we can't get them on a map in game.


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I thought this issue was based on the fact that extensions boost the base value and not boost the already boosted value.

What the UI is missing is a breakdown of where additional values are coming from and what the base values are.

Asked for this when Autonavigation first came out and I think Gargaj nearly removed my internal organs.

Would be awesome to have but not worth spending hours on or rewriting code or risking slowing down the client.


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+1 for managing credits through the website.
+1 for EP booster details on website and character selection.

Transferring credits needs to be looked at more before it is implemented.


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Damn the forums are quiet without the American players. Almost peaceful but Anni is still here.

Sucks when things break that are out of your control. Good handling of the situation.


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I'd rather a system that can sell fitted robots and CT's (And likely more things in the future). It also opens up the chance to create scams! big_smile


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Already suggest in-game but separate alpha and beta. Make the terminal changeable as well so you can look at other places than just Shinj.


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DEV Zoom wrote:
New gamma features and changes:
  • All buildings received a bandwidth parameter. Terminals provide the bandwidth for the network, and all buildings connected to the network use a certain amount. Works pretty much like CPU vs modules in the case of robots.
    While this does limit the number of turrets that an be placed it also means that corporations will be for inclined to avoid using certain non-essential structures just to have more turrets. Why not create a mechanism more like robot fitting limitations rather than a CPU/Reactor limit? Split the idea of bandwidth into sections "Tactical Processing" is used by offensive and Defensive structures where as "Resource Planning" is used by gathering/processing structures. This means that you still impose a turret limit but do not effect the other non-combat buildings

  • Both single module terraforming and beacon terraforming has a limit of how steep slopes you can build. The limit is currently set between the slope capability of assaults and mechs.
    While this will remove 'mud walls' there is nothing listed then provides for better walls than the current plant player solution. Rework them off of the plant player or add a better walling system onto the building system that's supported by the terminal

  • Buildings can only be deployed within a certain radius of a terminal. Suggested radius: 1km. Exceptions: mining outpost, command relay, and the planned highway node.
    1km sounds like we'll end up having very small, compact gamma island bases. This will also limit what buildings you can build due to pre-existing terrain around your terminal

  • Only 3 terminals per island.
    With the range restrictions from other terminals and teleporters we don't need to also have a terminal quantity restriction

  • Terraformed landscape will slowly degrade to the original terrain with time, but this only affects areas that are outside of a certain radius of buildings (ie. unclaimed land). Suggested radius: 300m
    Will unrestricted buildings (Highways, command relays, mining outposts) cause land to be claimed? If so, add a parameter to every building stating how much land they require and how much they claim. E.g. terminals claim a 400m but a reactor only claims 200m

  • Reactors will not generate energy on their own. Instead, we will introduce a new underground resource, which can only be exploited by a building, but it does this passively over time. The exploited resource is directly sent through the existing network into the reactor(s), which has a buffer for this resource. (So if you lose all your miner buildings in the network it will still provide energy for some time.)
    Fuelling bases should not be done automatically by the outpost itself. While I understand the need to not allow unoccupied bases to remain operational you could introduce a new player NIC source by allowing fuel to be gather/created on any island and adding multiple uses for this fuel rather than just for bases. Variety is the spice of life after all. This will mean a base with resource gathering systems and a factory could produce its own fuel but using logistics and moving fuel around should be achievable for bases that are more focused towards other aspects.

  • Highway nodes. These simply emit a "highway" effect in a certain radius and you can chain them to build highways on gamma. Uses both bandwidth and energy, like all buildings. Heavily in development, no specifics available yet.
    Highways, yay! Limitations, boo! Highway structures should not be limited to where they can be build, how many can be built and they should not be expensive (They're going to get blown up a lot). Highways should form a web, where by you place multiple structures and the acceleration field is projected between them, rather than a single structure with an aura like effect. Range between highway beacons should be limited to 100m to 200m. The idea of this being to mirror the currently available highway structures seen on Alpha and Beta islands that have structures on both sides of the highway.


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Communication is very important but in small teams a little hard to balance out.
A roadmap would be amazing, would be best as a presentation (Pre-recorded is acceptable) and then this turned into a blog post.

Getting an idea of the overall game vision would be awesome. A form to submit our current issues and ideas would be nice too but again this needs someone to review the data.


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The next scale should be 2,160U cargo capacity.
Really slow, perhaps a new mechanic where by it has a build in teleport beacon that can be charged up but locks the robots in position and draws massive amounts of power while charging.

The issue with scale of the robot is an engine problem. The largest robot in the game is a Glider because this allows for "Larger than 1 tile" robot feet. An even larger glider would look silly as the smallest change in terrain would make it look like it had hydraulics.

A very nice idea and something this game could use but I'd like to see it done differently. The ability to carry sparks would be amazing, and also robots that the sparks could deploy from. You load your spark (And robot) into the beast and then get to watch as it carries you around. When you're ready to depart you can just deploy again from any of the robots in the ships storage. Limit this to a configurable option of corp, squad or no one and it's golden.

How many options would there be to select your "Role" within the squad?

  • Light

  • Light EW

  • Assault

  • Mech

  • Mech EW

  • Heavy Mech

  • Support

Something like this? Would it be a sortable column in the squad window? Would only online squad members display this information for easier sorting?


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+1 The robot should be changed to the name of the preset

JSON export could easily handle containers.. Just saying..


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It's a small bug, it'll get fixed. I'd rather have more QoL and features.

No matter what you do there will be bugs when you change stuff.

This has been added to the game!



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Is this a common issue for multiple player?
If not you should probably give a little more detail?
When did it start happening? When was the last time it didn't happen?


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Alpha 1 islands are seen a "Noob" islands. Sure people can stay there and make small profits but it's very little compared to other islands. Alpha 2 islands should be a little more risky than Alpha 1 with a greater reward but we already have the greater reward.

The downside to Alpha 2 islands is the long travel times between the terminal and other locations but that's hardly a factor.

Maybe making the alpha islands worse would be good but currently they're being used by newbies to grow and experienced players to play on during short gaming sessions. I like them the way they are. If people want to own an outpost on Beta/Gamma they're going to need to defend them which means logistics to and from, mining Beta/Gamma materials and being active on the islands.

I've seen plenty of opportunities to gank Beta players and with the new autowalking detecting light robots will likely be able to find more nice things to kill a lot more easily..


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Mark Zima wrote:

I still have 2 terminal tabs...

same here