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My old corp chat tab (and channel) is still active along with my new one.  I can't seem to delete the old channel.

Is this a bug or can I do something to remove old corp chat channel


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DEV Gargaj wrote:

Shift-click the radar, not double-click (since it's out of visible distance), but yes.

That being said the robot still has problems with the occasional plant but I have a solution in mind for that as well.

I recommend a lawn mower module for the leg slots big_smile


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Loved the podcasts.  Glad to see them coming back


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I already submitted a ticket on this and was told it would be in the next patch.  lets hope, its a waste of easy token income


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If you look at the amount of cited references of this article compared to other game articles, its obvious, this article is superior.  Lets just continue to add more content and cite more independent sources (vs more perp links)
Good work on this. 
This is a way to get the word out on perp.  I have linked a few other wiki pages to this article for folks searching on a new MMORPG.


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I added a few more references and a couple of links to other wiki articles.  This page is more complete, better done and has more cited links then a lot of the other game wiki pages.
This article will help get the word out on Perpetuum, so it is a good thing for all corps and players.
Good job on this