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Patch applied 2 days ago.  Can't log in now.  Error: "Windows can not access the specified device, path, or file.  You may not have the appropriate permissions to access them."


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My computer is broken due to hard drive crash.  Will be days before I can get back on line.  See you all soon.

Put some syndicate PvP ammo in the Passive SAPs.

I LOVE that to purchase a syndicate robot, it will require 3 different colors of tokens, and NIC  .  This will cause a lot of missioning and PvP!


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Our only hope is that they sell this game to a large corp., that has the money to properly advertise and develop this game.  It could have been BIGGER than Eve!


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Exactly when are the loot tables for TAPs going to be updated???


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gees, present icon covered by other windows in that corner.  not very obvious.  ty bessy


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I purchased both upgrade kits thru the web store and received nothing.  I checked the box that said redeem to this account...  All I got was an email receipt that said:

Your purchase of the following item(s) was successful:

- Upgrade Kit Zero: 1 * 8.99 USD
- Upgrade Kit One: 1 * 8.99 USD

The purchased items have been automatically redeemed to your account.


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Ville, Of course you don't want more access...it threatens your lockdown!


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The current teleport system SUCKS!!!  There are way too few teleports to beta / gamma.  You can monitor all peeps entering and exiting with 2 light bots!  Once PvP starts, a couple of heavy mechs can lock down both exits.  There are not enough escape routes to alpha.  The number of teleports should be at least tripled.  The current layout will extremely limit PvP in the near future.


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The balance of the game has been destroyed by the green bot nerf.  Now few peeps field green bots.  consequently, blue bots are not fielded either, because their primary targets (green bots) are not present.  So now there is a GLUT of yellow bots fielded.  Green bots were disadvantaged in several ways, and their energy advantage WAS the balancing factor.  FIX THIS!

This change (opening beta 1s), would be extremely easy and quick to implement.  So try it and see.  I think it would encourage pvp a little, and I'm all for that.


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Is there any difference in the probability of an upgrade, or loot drop, between alpha, beta, or gamma?

Oh Crap... good point Noodles.  By your method u couldn't close the terminal to everyone, but u would NEVER do that.  OK, I stand corrected.  Sorry Zoom!

Ok, if u insist in a reason to shoot friendlies...  Let's say u have corp mate(s) that u just  discovered is a thief and is attempting to get stuff off of gamma.  Move the slider and he/they are...DEAD.  Or maybe u just want to screw with a friendly!  Or maybe u are just testing the turrets.  Or maybe...  Get the point?  And yes, I know there are other ways of accomplishing the preceding.  It does not matter WHY.  What matters is it's wrong!

Leave it to Syndic to just throw stones instead of constructive criticism.  Noodles, if u set turret relations to friendly, they shoot good and below.  Why you might want to shoot friendlies is not the issue.  The issue is: THE SLIDER IS WRONG.  It did not work that way in gamma 1.0.  Now it makes no sense.

Sounds like the DEVs screwed up!!!  Zoom, of course no one has complained about it until now, this is the beginning of PvP on gamma 2.0.  Bases have just started being attacked.  Some corps have JUST completed building their 1st gamma base since gamma 1.0.  The fact that this is the first complaint does not mean that Zort is wrong.  Zorts question of what does the turrets shoot if you have the slider set to hostile, clearly indicates their IS a problem.  And how do you set the slider to shoot friendlies, also clearly indicates their IS a problem.  Please address this issue with the seriousness that it deserves.

8 hours and still counting!!!

6 hours and counting!


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So in Avatars defense, most of my lag and disconnect issues were solved by my ISP.  Cable co. replaced main line down alley, the drop line to the house, the house wiring to each room, even the equipment interconnect wiring and splitters.  Problem solved.  Rock solid 125 mS ping.


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I didn't have any lag issues until a couple weeks ago, which was a couple of weeks after everyone started complaining about lag.  Now I have frequent disconnects and extreme lag on all clients.  Game is mostly unplayable.  Yet there are times I can get on and play normally for 1 min to maybe an hour.  The lag occurs randomly, and can occur during minimal server use.  Changing video settings has no effect.  Bypassing wireless router has no effect.  The lag is even present on their web site.

To Avatar management.
You should have 100% of your programming talent addressing this issue.  Player retention was pathetic even when the game was running normally.  Now players are dropping quickly, even vets!  Your income stream on this game will continue to diminish with the player drops.


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Frequent disconnects, severe lag, all clients.  Game unplayable!


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I was immune to lag... until today   :·(


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I found a DAMAGED arkhe in Hershfield corp storage, activated it and attempted to deploy.  Server crashed.  Now I am stuck in this damaged arkhe.  Each time I log in the server crashes when it tries to deploy me to terrain.  Submitted support ticket.

What Ville said!