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all i see would be more free alts maybe take a third or more of the online players numbers away for a more realistic answer.


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So may be old issue unsure but since return to check out perp and the accumulator change i tried to send a saved preset fit to another player through the fittings screen 4 out of 4 times game crashed.

thing i have noticed about tuner patch is seems ok to use accu nexus but makes difficult leg slot fitting for cpu guess we will fiddle some more

Probes were one of the main reasons i stopped playing as they simply did nothing but stop solo roaming and alert the hordes.

Probes are possibly one of the worst ideas ever implemented in perp much like walls.

Ville is right a rare moment that i will agree with him, the best solution would be to just rid perp of probes.

Congrats on 5 yrs Zoom nice to see you still persisting with perp.

Always looking in to see the usual suspects on the forums.

Maybe some day i will check in again.

Alexander, I guess there would be 4 classes of bot, light, assault, mech and heavy each with a individual icon and for each module we can use a small icon for guns, tackle, ecm, supress, nuet and drain that resembles the modules that you have fit on your bot for that desired fleet purpose.

This is in a basic form but general idea

Well was just bought up so I threw it out there, also expected troll roll

Foske mentioned an idea in general chat which is also something a couple of our alliance members have already talked about, the idea as in the title is to be able to select your roll for the bot your in during a roam/defence etc.

Basically be able to select from a menu from private functions or alike to select say light/ew or heavy dps, mech suppressor and so on with small symbols, not sure of the difficulties in being able to do this but it would be great for fleet commanders and the rest of the squad to see who or what is left.

It was mentioned to Dev BoyC and he recommended to post away.

Thoughts ?

Was good

Why Obi, Alexanders voice was pretty tongue


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I vote no


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agree nice work Doek


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I would also like to throw in an idea about abandoned terraformed areas.

Seeing as there is an ever increasing amount of these areas where things were once built that seem to stay until you re-terraform , I would like to throw the idea out there about the willy wisps that used to regen the ore fields. Can this be re designed to cause an erosion affect on these areas which are no longer in use: EG no more structures attached to the terraformed areas?

Possible or not just throwing it out there.

No i havn't used it Merkle as do not play games this way, was never even tempted, if i have multiple accounts they will be manually used as intended.

DEV Zoom wrote:

Xira actually summed it up quite nicely.

tl;dr version: Perpetuum isn't a twitch-based game, hence people multiaccount because they can, not because we advocate it.

If i recall there was a thread about this to do with ISO BOXER which in part has wrecked your game and yes you did advocate using it is ok, so the obvious happens those desperate to make a name for themselves or to win will abuse this as much as they can, anyway i believe that accounts should be limited in number


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Whilst docked at shin when trying to move items from a container to main storage, i am getting random items suddenly exchange that are already in my main storage area instead of the item i am trying to move to main storage.

A riddle in itself.

Only me or others have had a similar thing, throwing it out there.

Didn't Gremrod already do a beginner tutrial of the setup and mechanics of the game, i'm sure i saw it around somewhere i just can't remmember where.


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As was reported with lag lines , there is no such things (swept under the rug)

Plex, here we go again

All this will do is increase the numbers of (Gold / nic) farmers in game, it will not increase numbers of genuine people who play the game for what it is or personal enjoyment.

While playing Eve i knew people that played the game simply thinking that they could one day retire from making enough currency/characters to sell on external market and i have recently watched vids on chinese gold farmers and the estimates of 500 000 of them in various games already.

Fail subject best way to wreck game in my eyes, also love how this barrow is pushed by same people over and over.

Come and buy my NIC > this way cheap cheap lmao

get over it


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ty quick responce for i'm sure very busy people.


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When i have opened the info on a docking staton small on gamma islands to see who has ownership or built it each time i have tried this when found a new terminal the client has crashed

I agree, i loved superiors and roaming spawns on alhpa islands it made it far more interesting.

i did actually see a very brief glimps of jasdemi on norhoop i was shocked i thought he was just a forum trolololol.

anyway would be good to see them return.


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I spend most my time on shinjalar and Alsbale so far 1 day in seven has been playable.

Things that seem to give me NA is the first spawn leaving shin terminal going down the highway most times i cannot pass it due to NA lag, combat in pvp results in NA lag to then DC and this may take up to 30 secs to one minute of coarse instant death, doing NPC beacons is just as bad but i do not DC.

I'm in Australia with an average of 360 to 400 ms i now average 600 to 1200 has even gone to 22000 plus and it lasts for well over one minute some times which is basically NA

Minning there is no issue that is noticable

Another thing that has happened after last night server restart is coomplete black screen in my clients that were running fortunately mine only lasted a few seconds and then came back where as another player i know his clients just remained with a black screen but could still see radar chat channels and cargo contents along with anything that he opened in terminal

This really needs to be resolved asap getting tired of it already, also ty to those that have worked on finding things about this issue to try and help resovle the underlying causes much appreciated.

While i was reading your forums i can across a post where people in Australia were saying they hve problems, I myself live in Australia in the Southern Highlands about 1h 30 mins drive from Sydney. With ADSL2 testing the way you prescribed on both test 1 and test2 without using any there party apps my pings were respectively  an average of 379 on test serv1 and 376 on test serv2.

Just thought i'd slip this in to give you a rough idea, generally the game plays well for me with the odd dropout, hope it is usefull in some way cheers.

By the way love the game keep up your great efforts cheers


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o/ I to apologise for your recent troubles for overload, and to be quite honest this is great i will be playing this it's very refreshing