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Intrusion 2.0. it's all started (or ended) with Intrusion 2.0

Who is responsible for persuading people to introduce that? Let's burn that mofo


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Gekko wrote:
Jita wrote:

Scarabs are a cancer that I would remove. Smaller cargo means more trips and bigger risk. If also encourages people to live on beta as to hell with moving all the stuff back and forth.

Smaller cargo means less risk. Because then it's just staticstics and most of the cargo will be safe. Instead of losing lots of stuff in one unlucky run.

for that, Scarabs should be more tanky or cost less to make people use of them on Betas


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is all pointless until DEVs are answering

everyone is so "hey let's do this or that and that will help for sure"

forums are full of your proposals, one more wouldn't change anything

I would rather see Zoom saying "hey I'm still alive working on %change%

I would rather see at least any word from any DEV

weekly, monthly, whatever, but on regular basis

even if it's just "oh look there is a cat behind our window oh wow lol"

Inda wrote:
Line wrote:

E-Corp CEO, don't remember the nick

Probably Gambit.

Wasn't that Martha Stuart or whatever?

E-Corp CEO, don't remember the nick


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Seraph is a Destroyer-class robot. There should be 2 more classes after the Heavy Mechs - Walkers and Destroyers.


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If they implement my Seraph I'll be back. Lots of people will, actually.

Thing is, that they ain't going to implement Seraph.



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logicalNegation wrote:

Zoom responded to my bug reports on the wiki! big_smile
Still I would like word on where they see the game going... ideally not into a trash can.

How'd you know if it's real Zoom?


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Even if so, you can use syndicate ewars instead of.

Then, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't your corp currently owns 2 beta islands? What's the problem to go and mine/grow those resources? With the current population it should be 99,99% safe


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I wonder if DEVs are sometimes visiting the forums to see if someone of them is still developing this game lol


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But T1-T2 do not require rare resources at all, same as light/assault bots. Are yuo sure you're doing everything right?

IMO best feature would be:
- people are posting their wishes or troubles both on tickets and forums, and devs do react.


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Lolbion keeps begging for my monies for me to just take a look at the game. I find this...unfriendly. Is there a way to not feed their greedyness and play?


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Ville wrote:

Raid times 830 to 1100 EST Wed/Thur/Friday.  We have a group of about 40ish people.

DOH knew that there will be TZ problems smile


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is WoW part still actual? I might play with you

It's Vkontakte, new version


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Something tells me that there is only Zoom left, that's why everything is so slow smile


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there might so some issues preventing them to collenct money, like some law, or taxes, or whatever. so I believe that Zoom can just post here some account info, like, for Nian welfare or whatever

or 3d-guy could just stream himself working on the new robot model so we could watch and donate

lots of possibilities tbh

I would prefer to hire someone to ADD new stuff (robots, guns) in game first, not to improve what we already have


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bug or not, but there is always a possibility that guy just died afk-mining and there is noone to visit him and check


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but he is there on his Scarab 24/7, already 2 weeks passed. are you sure he is ok?

did you tried to relog?

in current circumstances, 6-tuning Joes with tons of support can be considered as Siege Bots and thus no artillery needed xD

I would prefer brand new bigger bots with heavy guns instead. all those Walkers and Destroyers we were talking about. To avoid any possible "hey how can such a big bot hide behind a small bushes" just place their hit zones as high as possible, making all the covers useless (well except some buildings). they also should have extremelly huge amount of HP and should be able to fit only medium and heavy guns.


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somebody please call him, hes sitting in his scarab under hersfield doing nothing on the same spot for already a week