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So I have kinda many-many little buttons on event log, each of those can upload a screenshot otherwise does nothing? oh wow


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Didn't got it. When I press that button, absolutely nothing happens. What behavior should I expect?


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What's that button for? It does nothing.


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I still think that tunings should increase both applied and emitted interference.

So waterguns, right?


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Main thing isn't that T2+T3 better or worser than T4. It's about 2 modules vs 1.

Yes, please, go fit all to T2+T3 missing free slots for ECCM or Demobs or whatever. It's completely your problem what to fit.

Otherwise we will get the same "hey let's put all head to T4", just from other corner.


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Just some crazy thought - what if stacking the tunings of same type will also cause interference? Higher the tier, more interference stacking would add

Not that full head of t4 would make you blind to death, rather it's not even cross the line. Instead, it will make you more vulnerable to interference both being in blob or under effect of interference emitters, or TP-anomalies, or whatever.

So you have to diversificate not just your personal fittings, but a whole fleet composition.

Optional: Stacking tuners would also increase the amount of interference your robot emits.


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you've linked the same post twice. one should be this I guess


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Happee New Year tho Nians!


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aaaand NO sad


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Hey, he still have few hours!


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Still should be able to quickly post something like "Oh sh*t I'm sick"

Gekko wrote:
Line wrote:

No. Just no. Play the game, you lazy %#$%#

I would, but farming kernels is hardly a playing. I can't even call it PvE - just standing and clicking(can we replace it with tetris at least?)...
And it's an illogical scheme, because crafters are usually the type of players which prefers to use their brains in game, not just their ass-hours with 0 real effort... roll
Even if it'll require 5 years of logging in/booster to research all tree passively, it'll be incredibly cool...

No, suffer. After all, that's what the MMOs are about.

But seriously, you either do something or find someone who will do that for you.

Daily EPs
Daily RPs
Daily NICs
Daily Resources
Daily Robots
Dailiy Stuff
Daily whatever

No. Just no. Play the game, you lazy %#$%#


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DEV Zoom wrote:

The plan is to release all remaining bots before the end of the year. This might mean that they will come in one big patch instead of two, with the associated balance changes.

11 days left smile


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1. Seraph
2. Poisoned Plasma Axes
3. Whatever


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Annihilator wrote:
Line wrote:

That's just 1-2 beta missions, easy to complete. Why do you think it's too much?

because rock-paper-scissors balance sucks when its not negated by universal damage ammo.

but that doesn't mean that sindybullets should be cheaper than they are.

Rovoc wrote:

again, have you ever had to scan down a gamma island?

I was making island-wide scans back when there was no directional charges at all. That was long, hard enough but fun. Now, with directional charges and zombie-pilot it's semi-afk "job", Make a scan, click to map, triangulate, rinse, repeat.

Ok how about this:

As an owner of Beta/Gamma station, you're getting an ability to perform, let's call it, "Satellite Scan" - special tab in geoscanner that shows all the resources (or just specific one) all over the island, tile-mode. However, you can perform such a scan just once per 12 hours, and then it stays unchanged until next scan. Either automatic or manual, that cost you with NIC (subscription model, like with storages - you can subscribe for resources of your choice for, let's say, 4M per resource). Other option - you buy a "Satellite Scan Request" on SindyShop for tokens and NICs - in that case you use it at your will, but still once in X hours.

Information should be only available if you have geoscanner equipped. Also there sholud be a way to restrict an access for that info for corpmembers. Prices, range (in case it's not island-wide but a radius around your station) and/or accuracy can be extension-based.

That might be hard and long to implement, but at least it adds more meaning for station ownership and creates another NIC sink, not just feeds your lazyness.

Rovoc wrote:

Have any of you scanned a gamma island? seriously have you? scanned all fields?

@Line how many arganos have died to scanning? not sap scanning field scanning.  There is no data to support your claim.

Exactly. In fact, you don't even need an argano to do that scan. It's easy, fast and safe, and you want to simplify it even more - why?


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That's just 1-2 beta missions, easy to complete. Why do you think it's too much?


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Annihilator wrote:

to make it even worse, if you teleport while under the effect of the nexus,
you will end up beeing damaged, because the server will only register your relative health at despawn, and restore that when you respawn.

a simple fix would be, if the nexus would add plain x% RESISTS instead of x% hitpoints

Or that. Like an active uni.


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Currently it works in a way that once you turned it on, it increases max amount of HP you can have, without actual adding those HP. That means that for this module apply it's effect, you need to armor rep those HP, or ask someone to RR you. As an opposite to, says, Speed Nexus, or Ewar Nexus, or whatever, the effect of Armor Nexus is kinda delayed or even not applied at all - during the battle, one who receiving that bonus, can be simply unable to get that extra armor, because he is either doesn't have spare energy to run a cycle or two (expecially with those new changes), or have their less than 100% - Armor Repair income (which means, they wouldn't feel any difference), or even too busy shooring or running to see if they are under effect.

Taking all that into account, I hardly doubt anyone does use Armor Nexus, and probably never will.

I suppose that Armor Nexus should increase / decrease both max HP and current HP.

Too safe for pvp islands. Geoscanning is already easiest and safest job to do, no need to simplify it even more.
And that will be used mostly by gankers, not miners.
Also, 5M isn't much at all.