Savin wrote:

Also, I have to disagree with you that adding new content will cause players to return: the game is simply moving in a direction that will have a minimal attraction to PvE players.

I have nothing but hope left. smile

Intruder wrote:

now dont you go getting your hopes up that norhoop will turn on each other like a pack of dogs.

I only point out that it will be stressed.

How your leadership responds to the stress is up to them, but something will have to change. I know what I would suggest, but I'm not your leadership smile

Something will change, and change is good.

Or they could slightly increase the range that containers are accessable from, 2-3m would actually be enough, to allow miners to reach an additional row of tiles in each direction.

It also means that you will still have to move your miner around to get to ore which is something it looks like the devs want; that is players being more active when mining.

The work around, which is to drop a second canister and transfer ore 7U at a time is additional tedium that is NOT needed.

If NIC sink is the issue, create a second field container type at 10k with greater range. Or add a skill that allows you to access a container from a greater distance. 1m per point.

Savin and Wraith are making excellent points too.

The devs have alluded to new content coming out based on the lore of the game. This may change the way it is played and entice some players back.

Wouldn't it be great to log in and have the islands over-run with non-respawning adds... thousands of them, finally defeating them with a server wide alliance, to find new land masses...

edit: that is the land masses only show when there are enough players on the server to defeat the poop-pile load of adds.

The game plays like this, but I want it to play like THIS.

When everything is abundant there is little conflict.

The one great tool the Dev's have for controlling the meta game, alliances, are resources.

But even without that, if you read through the forums, the limited outposts have been major players in the internal alliance conflicts; even though they have no real strategic value.

Previously Norhoop alliance worked because there was plenty of resources, there was no reason to fight over prime spots since a single Red Epitron tile could be mined for hours. Technically the only reason to fight at all was for fun or an outpost.

Without conflict the game stagnates.

I think everyone will agree, the most excitement happens when there is strife in an alliance, and a member breaks off and stirs things up.

As of now there are still alot of spare minerals floating around the system, but once those are depleated the cost of everything will go up and alliances will be stressed.

Additional feedback:

I logged in last night and the world felt empty and deserted.

It was really great seeing trains of sequars and bots going about their business at launch. Some of my impression from last night could be the reduced visual/radar ranges from the last patch but I think it was just because there was just very few people online, spread out over 6 Islands.

More space is not the answer. I think the steps that were taken to force people to the PVP islands were attempting to increase player density, which is good and neccesary to make the game more exciting. The problem is PVP changes only move PVP players around; and starts the call on the forums for more space so non-pvpers don't have to run into the pvp players.

More players is the answer.

Maybe additional PVP mechanic changes like artilllary and tanks will retain the current player base, but it won't be enough to entice new players to stay or bring back those that left. Changes in the motivation for PVP will be needed for that, things like Player owned structures and more content.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the first real content update patch can revitalize the game.