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Syndic wrote:

Yup, add 20 more PVP land masses and you'll kill PVP. big_smile

Then most probably mechs will be king as solo pvp will be much more likely, I actually like the idea but I know its not going to happen.

Though I must stress that this will move more to the industry side of the game, which is how the game needs to start off imho. First game needs a healthy economy, with players capable to produce first then more intense PVP will finally come and there will be "real stuff" to actually defend like POS etc. Thats how EVE started. PO is moving to the end game too soon, the chicken must come before the egg, if you catch my drift. There is no linear progression just join a beta corporation and enjoy end game.

Where is the sense of reward in that?


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Campana wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:

Yeah, it's only showing active accounts now.

When you say active accounts, presumably you mean ones currently subscribed?

Has to be, I think there is no other way they could get the data. How can they show inactive active accounts?

Kciredor Nov wrote:

Check out Inner Ring Excavations

Thanks for your support!

Coppersmith, do what you most enjoy. No need to do transport missions, miner/industry by itself is profitable, specialization is key to get were you want fast. Join a corp most will help to get you on the right track. Our corporation will surely support your goals. Remember have fun.

Jelan wrote:

Ok, so i had a look at the PI forums, nice layout.  Unfortunately its going to turn into a No Hope/ECorp circle jerk and anti Infestation propoganda site.  Which in itself is funny but i dont think its what the creator intended, shame really

So post your concerns, defend yourself in PI forums. They know if it becomes biased its not going to work.

Here I just see the next troll down the line.

I hope it catches on you have my support.