Is it possible too get a vanilla server/client? When Perpetuum was released or a snap shot of the source code during stages of it's development perhaps before gamma 1.0. I felt the game was more balanced back then, and community developers could have sort of a "blank canvas" and keep adding new stuff or old stuff depending on community feedback.

I agree with Syndic though, client should be free, as in no charges. Afterall community is the one dealing with all the grunt work and server maintenance.

Thanks for keeping Perp going anyways.

Devs: Thank you for replying, I will never forget this game. When I bumped into this game shortly after launch it was exactly what I was looking for in an MMO. the future looked bright, as there was huge pontential. As time went on with some good and bad moves, I saw what really kept it in the shadows was the slow development that kept slowing down and keep up with other MMOs.

Anyhow it's great news that a standalone server is been developed on your free time. You 2 devs are the greatest and most friendly I have ever met!


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Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

Welcome to a dead game.... Enjoy the silence ..... Ahhh the serenity lol

The Horse is so rancid, even Bear Grylls can't eat it. lol


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I got questions too:

Can I kill tier 5 Heavies in an Arkhe mk2?

How long since you haven't seen this? … rporations

Where are the game servers now, I lost track?

Will Zoom ever post again?



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The only thing worse than beating a dead horse Is betting on one. smile


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Not entirely sure why, but the old gamma seemed more fun even if it was broken, Gamma 2 was to much of a nerf and overly complicated restrictions. In hindsight I would have left gamma out and added more beta/alpha islands focusing on missioning and PVE content.

Anyways this game has far to little to do, with an unbalanced mess that needs to die, or sold to some other company that gives a damn.


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Game is dead guys.

Rovoc good post: at least 70% of development effort since 2010 has been wasted changing the goal posts, the last nail in the coffin for me was the robot balancing changes, absolute waste of time.

Rovoc wrote:

So... this is gonna come off as a little heated i know just bare with me.  I finally got some quiet time to do some beta missions and i see a new "Complex Production" Mission.  So i like trying new things as im a glutton for punishment(im married).  Note im max relations for missions so i choose a level six and get started.  First objective: pick up 2 items a decoder and an item and reverse engineer it.

Second objective: Mine each of the following, 64K liquizit 225K HDT, and last but not least 62K epriton and submit these items to a different turnin point on the map.

Third objective: pick up 30K worth of crafting materials from 3 different locations, which weight .10 U each.  For those of you keeping count thats 3,000U worth of weight you need to move.  God forbid you actually try doing this with something other than a Scarab mk2, which no one wants to risk it on beta so that's what 10 runs with a lithus mk2 or 30 runs with a sequer mk2.

Fourth objective: Mass produce 10,000 of a certain item from said CT and crafting materials.  I did not accept this mission in a full squad, as i was attempting to do this solo.  So what do i get for all my effort a measly 42M and 310 tokens.  This took me roughly an hour to do. 

My Question is, Zoom did you seriously test this *** *** before you put this out.  How is this compatible to completing a harvesting mission that gives me 4m in a minute?  Seriously zoom this shows a serious lack of testing your own game and the level of incompetence is staggering.  People have already stated that they want content they can do with other people, which is supposed to be the foundation of an MMORPG.

U know what forget it, no amount of me *** and pointing out your flaws is going to change, as other people have already done that for many years.  I give up in thinking this is an actual game that is supposed to be a sand box or that i'm supposed to enjoy playing with other people.  Even gamma points out that this "Sand Box" doesn't play by "Sand Box" rules.

  So keep on just doing harvesting missions, as any other mission is pointless.  Anyone who's made it this far ur awesome and i'll end on what i've been saying all along "Keep doing what you're doing Zoom i think its working". 

"In the Meantime, And as usual, go *** yourself!" - Les Grossman

Christ, paragraphs please, for an easier read, did this just to read it myself. Enjoy smile

OK, these bots are personally worth at least just to try them out!


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Annihilator wrote:

which language is that? "kkk" ?

i know "kilo", "giga", "mega" and "terra" as prefix hmm

It's kilo kilo kilo, I think a billion. Don't know where these use of K's come from anyways.

I like the idea of remote orders ever since I started playing, items still need to be moved, so no big deal.

BTW check your feeds, playerbase has increased somewhat.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

Message from our server hosting:

[SOLVED] Very large DDoS attacks

We have faced very large DDoS attacks this morning around 05.00 GMT+1 which caused some interruptions on our network. Due to an important federal police case we were forced, by a court order, to hand over a hard disk from a customer. This lead to anger from a large DDoS group.

Unlike traditional DDoS methods, this attack was pointed towards all the IP addresses in our network. Every IP in our network was receiving a low amount of Mbit/s from the attackers which resulted in huge amounts of incoming data into our network.

Again our apologies for the inconveniences caused. Our network operation team has implemented the necessary steps. If you would have any further questions related to the issues please feel free to contact us or on our live sales chat located on

If all game devs where this transparent. hmm

Why not? +1


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It's ok to be skeptical, I had no interest in Elite, some interest in SC which I think has become overly ambitious.

Dual Universe on the other hand has a strong focus on just being and MMO Eve-style with a Minecraft element to it.

It ticks all the boxes personally:

Single shard/server
ICE here = DAC
Safe zones
PVP zones
Monthly sub sounds realistic to maintain servers
Seamless with no loading screens
Planetary/space gameplay out of the box
How the game reduces lag:

There's much more out there too, that makes this a good project to back. It's already backed 37% already in 2 days, trending towards a 2million EUR backing … i-mmorpg/.


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Check this single shard sandbox Space MMO coming on alpha next year:

Sounds promising, kickstarter will be up tommorow.

Annihilator wrote:

and thats the issue i am writing about. that connection is as if you had to play several hours solitaire between every round counterstrike...

Some players like solitaire others counter strike, some like both wink. Now, with too few players most are forced to do both, that's why the market is dead. I understand low playerbase is a very big failing factor in this design, really works well with much more players, after all it's an MMO.

If what you want is more meaningful NPC combat , not to sure how it can be accomplished without getting boring after a while. Even if you tried to, it would get boring and would need to be updated constantly which is not realistic considering the resources available from developers.

What's left say is: NPC are there just to grind and gather resources for either personal progression, RP or PVP requirements, then the players drive the game with their own content. This is thought out by design.

Great post. Eve 'safe zone' is truly tried and tested and it works very well imho. Kill to many players on alpha get standing penalty, you become KOS for any player anywhere. Grind up 'Police' standing to make up for it.

I wish they would have continued with police towers, this would have avoided complete safe zones which players balance out the risk/reward aspect on alpha.

About PVP-PVE connection I don't understand where you are going with this. PVE has always been a means to and end to enable you to PVP, at that level they are connected.


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Eve is going FTP! … ve-online/

Probably a good time to think about changing your marketing strategy.


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Perpetuum wrote:

Over this last patch I have been one step ahead of everyone else of what it would do, and why.  This is no different what so ever. 

This isn't good, we need a EP cap per day.

Yep +1

I like to see a complete game redsign from the ground up. A complete rethink on what players demands are now, not 10 years ago.

Personally a more simplified system, less grinds and get more players to focus on pvp. For instance I would lose all the Eve-like slots things on mechs, just give it one slot that modifies reactor/cpu, then players use sliders to change further stats depending on bots. Fallback to a few tiers only.

In essence give us more bots with specific roles to compensate for lack of modules.

Edit:Mining should be less time intensive much less. Harvesting seems ok. Just have one type of ore deposits and as you chip over the layers you get to the good stuff espcially in Beta/Gamma(epri/colixium). Smaller deposits too that get much slower once you go lets say starting from titan all the way to liquizit in alpha only. Anyways this needs to be llike 10 times faster to mine than now.


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Annihilator wrote:

why not?

there are lot of games where you just level up to max level, and then enjoy "endgame content"
ok, most gamedevs concentrate so much on that leveling up content that they totally have no time to provide anything for those who are past that... but not these DEVs, right? fuuu

It's an RPG that always needs to be progresion of characters if not players leave.

Progression is meanlingless now. fuuu


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Hunter wrote:

Ok, i see 6 pages in the topic and no any kind of pool the problems. That means there are no big problems with robot balance OR developers have no time to read, analyze and aggregate.

What for need a pool? - For now i need read all posts to make sure the problem not sounded yet.

You mean, we need a poll?

Yes, take this opportunity to add more indy content +1


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Jita wrote:
Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:
Jita wrote:

If they drip feed these new bots over the next year and put in a good plan for the year after they might break a thousand again by Christmas 2017

even if that happened I cant see this game having 1000 people by then

Every patch brings back 50 - 100 people, they just don't stay. If they know something new is coming the following month and the stuff thats actually interesting is spaced out (instead of putting all the good new bots in the first couple of months) then some of those will stay as some new ones come back.

If it can gain a hundred people the first month and then fifty a month after that for the first six months you might end up with retaining 150 – 200 people. At that kind of population the fights and politics should bring in more veterans. What kills these veteran corps is the inability to keep recruiting to replace the burnt out people and if that steady stream of new folks keeps coming with the new bots I think we could be at 400 by the end of the year. The crucial part then will be what the devs do next year – new bots will still be needed but it can’t be the same kind of thing. Maybe one a quarter and a new weapon system? They were discussing the new randomized mods so perhaps.

Wishfull thinking, even at 500 players at a time caused lot of lag issues last time, and that was with sub and money was pouring in so...