I wonder - what about Steam Client? roll

Here is my 10 cents.

Dear Avatar Creations crew,

I never met you "face to face" (unlike Annihilator), and perhaps now I'll never see you, but I want to thank you for doing and maintaining Perpetuum for the all those years. I remember when I've started playing the game during it's betas 'till launch on different (and forgotten now) account, and I saw people were everywhere, and tutorial wasn't so clear like now. I had to stop when subscription went in, and I had to forgot about Perp to the time, when the game switched from p2p to b2p. Of course I bought the client, and saw what was changed after so long time. And there was a many changes. Anyway, I'll still remember about Perp like in the time when subs came in.

Take Care o7 cool


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I throught about bots with L-size (Large size) stuff, and I seriously second to implement those next big_smile

I give +10 to this idea - more about enforcing General Chat, but login counter could be nice too. big_smile

Celebro wrote:

http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … perpetuum/

This worked for me but thats a while ago though.

The patch did a trick. I've even switched version to 1.9.13 with Gallium Nine state tracker patch... But thanks tho.
BTW: Anyone who helped me in-game: Thx for ya as well! wink

So - I've managed to launch Perp in Linux Ubuntu 16.04, menus & terminal screens works great, but if I'll deploy, the floor is screwed. I tried to apply D3D fix, but it crashes the game and prefix in process.
Anyone have a another fix to this problem?

Well - I'm happy, but I'll agree that Daidalos would look much better if the concept art would be used instead of the actual model. (Seriously - Sequer transport module on the Riveler chassis? EVE Minmatars would be happy, but please:P).

Especially Metis - finally we have a dedicated Logi bot. It should help a lot Gargoyles and Termises in reps (because I know that every normal man is using Riveler and Symbiont, even with nerfed speed and all transport stuff including Scarabs for liquid stuff) smile


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Got the same - I saw the update is pending (first 274 MB, now 334 MB, possibly will count more tongue). Let's see if it'll work wink


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Hello - Can I help with translation effort?

I have a proposal. New islands, which shouldn't use any fixed teleportation stuff. The only way to get there is to use specific, rarely accessible Teleport Anomalies. I'm not saying that it should be applied ASAP, it's just a idea for consideration. wink

Annihilator wrote:

now, who has upgraded already? big_smile

I did. No problems so far wink


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Topic to be deleted then.


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OK - I've recently upgraded my Win8.1 to Win10.
I've launched Perpetuum, and everything seems to work allright.

Somebody else (who is using Tenth right now) found eventual issues?

OK... And what about Omega Islands? They're (re)planned for 2016?

PS: I've found some info about them in forum, but I don't know why they've been created etc. sad

Like in subject.
Sometimes I wish to talk with everybody outside of the game.
Tried once to connect, but no response... sad

Sadly it's only for KB's...

Jasdemi wrote:

There's an API, just not available to everyone. Both Sequer.nl and Perp-Kill use it.

Sadly it isn't... sad

DEV Zoom wrote:

And here are our plans for the near future:

http://blog.perpetuum-online.com/posts/ … 5-roadmap/

Good job Zoom, but it lacks one thing: Application Program Interface (aka API). Sequer.nl, Perp-Kill and many potential tools apps could do some nice use from it...


I'm looking for the corp, which accepts newbs and guys with Asperger Syndrome (yup, I'm one).
Years 23, living in EU area, played Perpetuum during Open Beta before.

Currently skilling towards missile warfare, next step would be the production.
Also played EVE Online. Those two are mostly similar to each other, so some experience I got (but there is a risk that EVE experience will be incompatible with Perpetuum one).

Was once in one corp, but life forced me to stay down from game, also sometimes I'm sitting in test server if needed.

I'm available under Mumble & TS (can install Ventrilo if needed).