Rage Blackout wrote:

Opportunists are now Exploiting/taking advantage of the impossibly broken PvP / everything and taking SAPs, rewrinting Perp history as nothing is being done about the broken mechanics.

Who are the exploiters? The usual STC and friends

Shutdown until fixed,,,,

Rollback ,,,,

What in the world is going on in Hungary?

Each minute that goes by, the Perp timeline is changing in a way it would not have changed if this borked thing wasnt going on.

QQ nerf stc.
Sweet tears.


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Norrdec wrote:
Mr Swine wrote:
Norrdec wrote:

The killboard didn't work with people parsed killmails, why would this work? Trading PVP is brutal too.

Because it has me. Something killboard will never have.

With this kind of attitude you should be in management and not website building/development smile

Sounds hard. But if it can keep me away from killboards, I guess I'll give it a try...


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Norrdec wrote:

The killboard didn't work with people parsed killmails, why would this work? Trading PVP is brutal too.

Because it has me. Something killboard will never have.


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Annihilator wrote:

where does the new players detection radius differ from the vet's one?
did i miss the implementation of an extension that increases my heavy mechs detection radius?

detection of bot classes:
light : 120
assault : 100
mech 120
heavy mech: 80
industrial robot: 80

Anything on the other points or you just came to pick on one?

Anyway, I know for a fact there is a difference - moved my Termis and Artemis yesterday and noticed they detect NPCs on a pretty highly different range, while both being mechs.


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Doek wrote:

Okay, so 'throttling' (that's me quoting it again), or rather data reconciliation, is pretty much the only method of validating this data without some kind of authority in place. But you seem to have a pretty good idea on how to proceed, I will say you don't have me convinced yet based on your current proof of concept cool

I'm operating under goodwill assumption. Amount of fraudulent uploads should not be overwhelming, so we can have post-factum reconciliation.

Can always reconsider, you know, software is soft.


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Doek wrote:

'Throttling' until confirmation does does have an added advantage of counteracting fraudulent uploads even more. Besides, you probably want a moving average for this, so timely data is very relative.

First, throttling has no immediate value, which is, for me, more important than moving average. I can still have moving average with corp orders being sorted out while having full immediate value, which is a justification for a request.

Second, throttling does nothing about fraudulent uploads.


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Doek wrote:

Well, people can change their exports at any point either way, so in the grand scheme of things it doesn't seem to  make sense to ask for features while you can put some time in yourself instead.

Have people send their corp tag with if you're doing an automatic uploader. Doubt there's any out there who would want to see their corp listings show up outside the game.

Even if there's corp tag, it'll take another corp to upload and the order can be simply fulfilled or canceled by the moment. So we can't show any orders presuming they're corporate ones, and have to throttle until confirmation they're not, in which case there's both a huge delay in presentation and room for errors.

I can put some time in tracking, but as I said, corp/noncorp orders problem has no practical solution without asking devs for a flag. That, or only permit uploads from NPC corp agents... but I fear they can make corp orders too.

ED: I have a few ideas against fraudulent/edited exports too, so don't be hasty in saying people can edit their exports...


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Doek wrote:

The attributes of an order should usually be enough to track them, depending on the frequency of your updates. Set theory, look it up yarr

Oh please. Let's say there are two orders actively outbidding each other by prices while also getting purchased from. The only thing I can track them from here are location and expiration, and I still don't know if expiration changes on order update, while I surely cannot track them by location alone.
Then, by pure chance, 9 days after 10-day order has been set, within a minute 1-day order gets set up. Expiration always has 00 in seconds so it must be within a minute. Those 2 orders will have the same expiration, could have same terminal and same commodity, and even same price - what now? What if somebody does that on purpose (it's not that hard)?

Of course I know tracking by other attributes is possible, but very unreliable and possibly exploitable way to do so.

Doek wrote:

This is easy - orders that don't appear on every's user export are corporation orders.

Then we get ten users from the same corp in a row for some reason, and they all have it. Unlike the previous point, that's a compete no.

P.S> btw we have a domain name now, welcome http://market.servegame.com/


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While I work on the next iteration, there are few requests I'd like to make to devs about csv export columns on market.

1) Order id. It would be a great help in tracking orders! I'd make a feature allowing people to subscribe to certain market orders and receive notifications about their status - like stuff being purchased, or when a "better" order outbidding them appears.

2) Corp orders. They are differentiated by color on the market view, but in csv there's no indication if the certain order is corp-only or public. This is one of the blockers which prevents me from releasing csv exports automatic uploader to users outside my own corp, because it'll be like the glitched market we had just a few days ago, showing corp orders outside. Currently I edit csv's before uploading to get rid of in-corp orders manually, and planning a function to export corp-only orders separately to filter them out, but that's a crutch hack.

3) Automatic export? Subscription model? Server API for market? Maybe a client API via some form of IPC? Would love to discuss any of those.


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Duane Dibbley wrote:
Mr Swine wrote:

Because imagine newbie assault doing tier 3 mission, then red appears = newbie got screwed for AFK miner sins. Pretty bad.

Roaming spawns are slow and need to be pretty close to detect a player and aggress them, once red Npc's appear on Radar/Landmarks, that player has a choice, either pull back to allow the Reds to pass or to engage them, rewards are better than static orange spawns and at the moment there is absolutely no risk to players on either Alpha 1 or 2, I agree with most suggestions otherwise.

1) Newbie detection radius sucks.
2) Missions have demobilizing mobs.
3) Why is risk needed again? Anyone who wants the risk can go beta, there is as much of it as alpha atm.


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Tux wrote:

I really get tired of the DEVS messing around with the resources in the game ... I think the only problem right now is the afk scarab liquid miners. other than that If you want to spend the time to strip mine field after field with however many RIV MK2's i really dont care you paid the price for the game and skilled the characters so you should have the benefits ...

If any change needs to be made to effect this NPC's should go back to being red on alpha2' and no liquids on alpha 1 islands. this will stop afk liquid mining. all of the other ores are mined tile by tile so their is a lot more work to be done.

This is not an issue on beta because there is pvp which = risk

Alpha 2 should have some risk = RED roaming (no static spawns please) NPC's

As a newbie, I support this opinion with a little clarification.

Beta is not risk, it's a certain death, thus no risk is involved. Anything but a megacorp grunt can't possibly mine there, while megacorp grunts have no risk doing it. Better address this.
Why introduce reds to alpha 2, when you can fix afk liquid mining in the same way as ore mining - making it tile-based, at least on alpha. Because imagine newbie assault doing tier 3 mission, then red appears = newbie got screwed for AFK miner sins. Pretty bad.


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Update 1 has hit the server.
- CSS has arrived. Now 46% less ugly!
- Anything which isn't Alpha Terminal or Main Terminal is having a different background color.
- Ability to change home terminal. Doesn't have gui yet, but here's a link for Tellesis as base (and you can edit it for your own base).


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Alexander wrote:

Already suggest in-game but separate alpha and beta. Make the terminal changeable as well so you can look at other places than just Shinj.

Separating alpha and beta, yes, will do.
Changing terminals were planned from the beginning.


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Here's the link.

Right now it looks pretty plain, here's a (new) screenie: http://i.imgur.com/v85WsPh.png
Prices are uploaded to it from CSV export, I am in process of making an automated uploader which grabs market CSV's as they go. There are only raws there for now, but I'll add the whole tree eventually.

At this point, you probably want to ask me: So why should I use your web site when I can just open the market?

Here's the answer: Because market is incomplete. I'm planning a feature which would allow you to mix personal orders with market orders. Personal orders will be created from export of your storage, not the market page, and you will be able to set your own price for those. They will be shown near the market orders with your name to contact for acquiring the said item, so you can just have a private chat with your clients and trade your items without putting them on the market where you can't use them. This approach would also make it possible to trade CTs and special materials (which don't have a market page) in a market fashion.

So, basically, you would just have to set up a container, put stuff you'd like to sell there, click export, then click market uploader to push it to web site - you'll be directed to a page with the list of items you just uploaded where you can set the price for them (of course, with market hints), select your terminal/outpost, and viola, your offers are available for everyone to pm you in-game asking for items. (And if you don't like that, maybe just put your items on the market, eh?)

Rage Rex wrote:
Mr Swine wrote:

- Ability to keep me as far from combat PvP as possible


Like I've been saying, they only recruit spacebar seals for now, and thus your trolling is misplaced.

All right, the first thing I learned is that all corp recruitment ads are one fat lie.

Nobody wants a carebear. Everyone is looking for pvp drones, and only pvp drones. "F1 monkeys" is a wrong term here, so I shall call it "spacebar seals".

All those adverts, with people who want any professions, were false. My carebear heart is broken.

Any corp to pick up what's left of my pvp-averse self?

Hi. I'm a carebear and I'm looking for corp which accommodates carebears.

I've got 4 years of eve experience (aside from 2-4 month ragequits after every lost drake).
I'm sane, mature (30), have mic, can speak russian and english.
Newbie in perpetuum, but have no reading aversion and not banned in google, thus found the answer to many of my questions myself. Joined from Steam.
Currently doing mining, as it seemed to be the easiest way to make newbie cash. Have no idea about profitability of other activities, but if there's more profitable ones, I'd like to learn them.

Now about corp I'm looking for:

- Ability to keep me as far from combat PvP as possible, as it's really not my thing.
- High end content available for my activity of choice. Who knows what it'll be. Pve, artifact hunt, industry...
- Inner market, as I see there are many things which are missing from open markets.
- Vets who can compare profitability of different activities and teach me the tricks which make them profitable.
- Not PHM/CIR. The way public faces of said entities communicate in in-game chat make Beavis and Butt-head seem well-mannered gentlemen in comparison.
- Not Jokers. Because grrr goons.