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t3 (Midon)  :  60 rounds  To t3 (Midon)  :  20 rounds


Or make them hold 100 Rounds.  lol


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Possibly Third?


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Shoot there Mass WAY Up.

That would fix some things.

I wouldn't do a discount for a second account make them pay, that ONE TIME fee for another.  Common its just 30 bucks.


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Jita wrote:

Detectors would be fine if you needed either a gimped mech or heavy to run them. That way your risking something for that level of sight. Adding a pvp flag when its used would stop people from scanning from the alpha exits and reduce alpha scouting significantly. maskers in general need to be removed imo.

+1 Not so sure about removing maskers, just rebalance them a bit, (bring down there masking value).


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Jita wrote:
F1R3F1GHT3R wrote:

I'm not trying to trash talk anyone on the forums, we prefer to talk in game with 10 - 20 assaults. All I was saying is taking away detection in game will destroy PVP (making it harder to find fights) and thus eventually destroying the game.

This is rubbish. The illusion of safety will actually generate PvP. There was plenty of fights before detectors and maskers - some of my best Pvp was the nightly harvest of the sheep on Dom. Detectors don't create fights they kill them.

Basically This.

or 15 and 16th.


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Stop throwing money at Zoom, he gets all self conscious.


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I'm starting to think we should be buffing ECM and Suppression Tuners.

Make it so Zoom.


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Making gamma even less valuable, (Cutting Epi out of it) will make it even more of a waste land.

We only need gammas for one thing scarabs.  Sure we have promises of other things that will need it, and if this is how DEVs wish to make this work, those "things" need to come WITH the gamma change not after.

No reason to do anything BUT ninja mining when you dont need it in mass qualities anyway.
So A semi +1 to what your driving at on the "no need for much of it anyway".

I would go with the simplest solution.  I sure hope they can find that simplest solution.

Annihilator wrote:
Elendil wrote:

yes, that's true I think, harvesting hasn't a spark, either.
I just think every role should have one.

+1 for loot monkey spark (+10% container access range)
+1 for hauler spark (+10% cargo space)
+1 for RSA support spark
+1 for chassis scanner spark (spies should be able to scan without lock)
+1 ....

no not really every role needs a spark.

The ***?

Are people slowly going mad?

Yea we should build a wall, and just put auto turrets on it so we dont have to pull the trigger, and feel bad.

Just add the delete in, it does the same thing, just one cannot get more rich, or richer, super rich, on a termial.

Common, you know,

1. Undock
2. Place Can
3. ....
4.  Pro....Um Err Delete?


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Or take the Eve Model and relise most people do not like, or want to live on beta (0.0 or Lowsec).

This realization has made them moneys in the long and short term, only now are they starting to scale back alpha (1.0) operations.

Carebears to pay the bills, most of the time.  While PVP is the gilts and the glamor that pulls players into the game.  Casual and hardened.


I will give you the fact that they have ganking over there which does keep things (AFK and the like) in check.  Most of the time.

Most of the botting in that game takes place in 0.0 due the fact of the size of the game space.

Good or bad?  Botting always bad, space, not so much.

Deletion still is a hard thing to do on billions of nic worth of stuff.

Just ask Ville he has done it quite a few times.  It still feels just as good for the other side.

Asked for year or so ago.


So now its ok to get intel out of game now?

Not really pointing a finger at you Jita, just some major double standards going on here.

Gunner wrote:


Because you wish it!

I wish Balfy would just say that.  Its more honest.

I suggested this about 6 months ago.

Tin Foil at on I guess.

Not really trying to push the change. Just a suggestion.

Its a conspiracy theory tho!  fuuu

Also detectors will be nerfed again I foresee.


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Aye Pod wrote:

I didnt suggest to nerf anything. That is what the devs will do once enough people *** and we all know once nerf'd ECM will be useless. Im suggesting the devs create tools that will allow the players themselves deal with it. ECCM isnt enough.

Heh, People see the light.

Until the overlords get them in line.

What you just suggested is a nerf.

Its a work around nerf.  You bring ECM strength more into line of where it should be, and ECCM's will start being the counter they should be.


http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … ma-viable/

What I wanted.


To the Top!

I think only the important people can attend Rex, leaves us out sadly.


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Also, I suggest you take the time to optimize your structure code, when you open the colony management it would always be quite laggy and such.



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DEV Zoom wrote:

If assaults die too easily to turrets we can tweak the turrets' hit dispersion/explosion size.

If, there is No If.  There is Is.