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Make Turrets go incap.



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As do I, I could go a step farther and say that all the gamma island could become "beta" by adding in a termail to them, 1 or 2.  Clean stuff up, provides more space, and expands the game over all.


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See Erotica 1.

Your get your answer, they will always cave when threats of someone could....

Answer, your not going to get one, they will change them as needed, whenever enough people say they should.


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BandwagonX9000 wrote:

Nyan cat missile ammo.

This would sell.  Much.


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Merkle wrote:

I dont think this game is even nearly stable enough to support what you think is coming.  We already run around with borderline lag issues, teleport lag, unable to dock undock.  Issues Issues Issues.   Have someone pay for the game just to have them get kicked off the sever really goes a long way for player retention.

Coming True to a Internet Near You!

Your So ***'d Cass.

In that case.

I think that idea does have merit as well.

It just works perfect, while adding in the necessary balance.

Would rebalance tuners as well.

Another Skirmish that armors could not be used in.

Ville wrote:
Merkle wrote:


They do need to be slightly adjusted, and I mean slightly IE: 5 Percent at high levels.  *Tuners need adjusted as well.

Start Small then if needed nerf more.
I don't see a real benefit to adding LOS to suppressors or ECM.

I love to see Merkle flip flopping on issues.  It amuses me.

They still needed nerfed, not LOS.

It doesn't make sense to have LOS with them. 

Successful Troll Is successful!

Actually the best way to do this would be adding in racial ECM's.  With Multi Factions at lower rates.

Tuners still need balanced correctly.  ( Really in favor of Stacking Penalty for everything would fix alot of issues.)
They do need a small nerf, not crazy hack and slash crazy stuff.

But my small nerf and your small nerf might be reality vs crazy.  Who Knows.

I would freely accept removing the Teles from Beta, and Gamma would be alot of fun!

Another Fight where teles would of done nothing!


In reality Very rarely to fights occur this far out, and on some islands your hard pressed to find a spot that far off a tele, or station point.

Both stations and Teles are conduits for players to move around quickly, as it stands defenders have the ability to spark to the station they wish and attack out from there.  This isn't a problem, one of the perks of owning a island.

But what this is quickly turning into is again, drop tele and go kill.

If it was equal for everyone this really wouldn't be any issue at all.

For the spectators that wish they were involved in PVP, today's skirmish armors wouldn't of effected the out come what so ever.   More so what would of effected it is I had people properly place before hand, of which I did not. 

A lesson for your side today would be to put guns on your tackle, might of gotten you a few more kills.  Pro Tips, from the Pro's.

Again, just reduce HP for Armors, another Idea is to have Light armors, replace the armors.  Move Armors up, and volume them up. 

Fixes the Inability to kill them.

To reiterate what the problem is.

Everyone having the ability to jump and and out of PVP = Fair.

Having Defenders ONLY having the ability to jump INTO PVP = No So Much Balance.


Well, Fix armored actually.  Lower HP, increase Timer. Fixed.

They dont get to have any fun, they are too busy jumping through teles.

So much hate, makes me feel really good on the inside.

I see alot of Crying over were not getting fights, please fight us, attack us.

Makes me all Happy Inside.

Actually Fear is what is happening to Nova right now.  Mining is not going on, ( You will say other wise to counter this.) Eyes are up all the time. 
This is far besides the point however.

Lets look at this the other way.  Two guys attack two targets, they kill and decide to move on, they drop tele (3min to charge), then start jumping.  (30sec Per jump).  Were up to 4 Min now on a external gate.  Now we have to wait still yet longer to jump out to safty. (2 Min stability) Up to 6 Min now.

Anyone on any given island now has 6 Min to kill a two man gang. 

I love how were completely glossing over how, crazy OP it is for a attack to have the ability to move around a island, but its not so crazy for a island holder to undock, walk 500meters, and jump and kill WITH IN 3 MIN.

(In before, but the defenders need a advantage, there advantage is having a station that makes there bot 100% safe when they choose, in 4 or 2 spots.)

Also Syn brings up yet another thing that needs looked at, Detectors are WAY OP at current usage rates.
Happy to know that both sides are on the same page on that one.

The actual fix is the inability to KILL armors vs. the usage rates, drop them down to two to three shots to kill, and were golden.

Fits are not new, same old speed kills, range kills.

This has been beaten before, even with Tele's. 

But there is so much political BS I would hope it wouldn't be too difficult to pick out what is what.

This isn't anything new, we had this back when, when sides were equal more or less.

In your scenario, your flagged, the other parties now have a window to kill you, more so your just moving your fleet faster through teles, yet the chance of killing remains. 

With this change is swings everything back into the defenders hands, with or with out blob.  The defender can also proxy where with in one island and still have ample time to kill. 

Your frustrations actually shows how successful simple hit and run tactics can be when a smaller for attacks a larger force.  The simple counter to this is easy.  Ask your 62nd guys, they would fight and kill us, (CIR, RG, Morte) all the time in US TZ using simple agile tactics.  I fear most of them will show little recollection of true events due to a scewed political reference.

You deal with this in preparations, anticipate, and deploy. 

Before everyone was on a equal playing ground.  All could use teles to navigate to attack, and defend.  Now it has moved to a full defense.  Detect, Deploy Tele, Kill.    Yes there are ways around this, but I dont wish to give up all my secrets in one post.

The problem, and yes there is a problem, as PHM, Chaos, 62nd, when they were getting there *** kicked how useful Armors were when they needed them, only is with armors.  Meaning the inability to apply ample DPS to stop a fleet from jumping out. (I use the term fleet VERY loosly as the recharge time on Armors is terrible, and a fleet would only get out small amounts before the bots are dead anyway.)

Its actually quite funny you make my case of how much power defenders really have when utilizing teles on islands.   All that is needed is, wait for someone to come on island, drop tele, spot, kill.

Removing the balance of both sides having equal opportunity to move around isn't much of a balance at all.  Its short sighted at best.  Even more so with PVP timers, and PVP on alpha's. 

Two Fixes.
Remove Tele's on Betas (People will go nuts over this)
Increase coolup time, and jump timers for armors. (Cost to 1.5Mill - Well over 4 Light Bots)  Decrease Masking Value.  Tweak Armor Value. 

I would hope we would go from nerfing, to Balancing.

Someone is getting a bit to high on there own propaganda.

Zooms getting frustrated.  This is never a good thing.

Hehe, this is quite funny.

How should we be playing the game again?

Heh, Funny.

Gunner wrote:

you guys seriously didnt know .....

Yea this...Really?

I like this, as the same will be applied to extenders as well.  As well as every other mod in the game.  Really shaking up the basic foundations of PVP, and the normal fits.

It would effect PVE, but that doesn't stop you from putting all tuners in the head.

+1  Hope this happens when steam comes out.

I can only count to 10, must not be me.  Followed by flailing hands screaming reset the server.

Issue to address. API security.  That is all. Move along.

Makes ya wonder how I kne....

Poor Arkhe.