Obi your vote is null.  Stranger speaks for all of CIR, fall in line boy.

The guy who is known for clever ***, doesn't have a problem with it, but may in the future.  lol

Stranger Danger I would agree with you if the player base was a bunch of absolute *** that have no idea where anyone plants noragis, or mines epi, or where other players live, or what routes they run, or what bots they drive, or what player is in what corp, or or or...

If I see a termis die on beta, I can guess what he is doing, if I see a Symb Die on better, I can guess what he is doing.

Look at the corp tag of who died, find there active OP, nora spotted and dead.  Wonder where your scarabs are?  Look at beta they are located on, find there alpha in point.  Scarabs found. 

Common guys this isn't rocket science, even PHM has figured it out.  ( I kid I Kid.)

His conserns is with miners or mining fleets.

I'm borderline on this, the timer needs to be a hour on all the kill boards.

Borderline leaning to no change.


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Thanks for the free bumps guys!


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There seems to be a major disconnect to what you think is happening, to what is actually happening.


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I can agree on the balance related issues within PVP.

Detection is messed up, shields are still out there, Ewar is still unbalanced.

Intrusion system I dont see as a pressing issue tho, it "works", where as other things need attention right now, just have never gotten it.


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Nope, make them repay for it.

You dont pay, you dont got to Gamma. 

Makes Perfect sense.

Anni might need two more just to hold his frail hands.

For a work around of sorts.

That is why it was added.


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Smokey am Happy someone is actually remembering it as it was...

There are still big fights, at around when the station is about to flip, or if the players really want the OPs in the first place.   

The big alliances will hate this system, the small guys will love it.  As your stations increase your work load goes way up as well.   I dont see this changing anytime soon, when you look at in objectively.

Would agree on all points but Beta Income.

The income is already there, every 10-14 hours.  One just has to go out and claim it.


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First off, I dont see this working.  No need to read too much into it, but this basically isn't a good idea for a game that is of this type.

Lets do a quick comparison, GuildWars 2 to this game.  Yes there are some differences, one of which, isn't the payment model.  Look at GuildWars, successful, good game, great quality.  Lets look at Perp, good game ok quality, successful not so much.  What we are asking ourselves is why.  Why is one better, rather more successful then the other. 

Sure one is more amusement then sandbox.  If you transfer equal quality over one another you see where Perp and how this sub type falls apart.  In GW2 you have content, and I mean LOT of content.  As in *** of content.  Look at Perp, if you look objectively Perp has basically ZERO content, PVE wise. 

The Missions suck, there seems to be nearly zero immersion what so ever.  But this is what these pay model types balance on, Content. 

Ask yourselves this, will someone really pay $30 for half a game?  On the front end everything looks great.  When you get down and dirty, I think quite a bit of players that do buy, will in the end get buyers remorse.

In turn giving out more negative feedback, churning the game down faster then most will think possible.

What about future expansions?  What about them?  Sure the first few will be free, then down the line we will have to pay around $20 for content that should of been in the game when we FIRST bought the game.  This will just add insult to injury, but I honestly do not think we will get to this point.

Believe it or not, but carebears pay the bills in this new model, and as it stands now we have no carebear legs to stand on. 

I dont think this game is even nearly stable enough to support what you think is coming.  We already run around with borderline lag issues, teleport lag, unable to dock undock.  Issues Issues Issues.   Have someone pay for the game just to have them get kicked off the sever really goes a long way for player retention.

You introduce a new cash shop, in a blog, that doesn't promise anything more then the ability reset EP.  Makes Zero sense at all, AFTER we have multiple forum posts stating what to put INTO the shop.

Lastly, you STILL do not give us a way to transfer accounts from one another.  After then entire community tells you to let us, AFTER we pay a fee TO YOU ($20) AND in-game nic to the other player.

Do I see this happening and looking great in the short term, kinda not really.  Long term, good luck.

TDRL:  This model revolves around content, of which this game has little of.  Players will come in, buy the game, then leave disgusted they spent the money in the first place.  You will have a small burst of cash that quickly tapers off.  Due to the lack of content, and the lack of Dev Power.

Not to be a negative Nacy here.

But light bots cost around 130-150K range, and are seeded for 531k.  So as was said earlier it would be a great opportunity to go out and make content yourself.

Strap some light bots together and seed them cheaply.  Great player opportunity and a good immersive environment as well.

In any case I believe players should be able to make anything anyway.  So let us make them and move them where we want them.

The sky is a light blue.  Duh!

Heh.  This just adds to our enjoyment that last week.

As they say, Icing on the Cake.


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As long as there is a option to do it by list.

Some of us know the islands without looking, would rather have a faster, non loading way to look at things.

Was a fast two hours....

I do like how we have all these experts that are saying the price point is too high.

Yet they most likely have zero information to backup what they are saying. 

I would hope, and do think, that the Dev Team has done some research on the topic.  I think the $30 price point reflect this as well.  They have a clear goal, with a good plan.

Personally the only thing that has some validity is the reset issue.  But with the amounts of EP all the vets have we really shouldn't care, as we are getting to the point one toon can do nearly everything we want.  Also we will get there 50% faster now.  Everyone will.

But, In before the "you dont know what your talking about Merkle".

These are the points where I disagree.

This will provide what is needed for markets, and with the level of new players, it wont matter the amounts of stuff that is had.

Only one player can bring one bot to die at one time.

If you want a success story look at STC.  The problem is not assets, the problem is getting a strong LEADER to lead them. 

Enslaving people over the market would work, if they are mindless, and complete ***.   With the research patch, we are even more so on equal ground.

History in other games, most notably one time in another game, will prove correct. 

Where we can both agree on, is this all rides on steam, it always has.

Thank you for proving my point.

Our pop is so low it doesn't matter anymore.  The amount will over come anything we can throw at them.  Providing they have leadership, and a coherent structure.

Common misconception, that having stuff kills a game.

In a free market, players having things to put on the markets is not a bad thing at all.  If any thing this will get the markets kickstarted faster.  Moving things in a more positive direction.

To say that this is the single thing that will kill the game, just simply isn't true, and you are intentionally trying to mislead everyone. 

There are far more pressing issues, the single biggest turn off WILL be, if players cannot connect to the game, and have a stable lag free environment. 
If you cant connect you dont even have a change to lose the player out of the gate, they are already lost.  They already know this, it was stated for your enjoyment.

Even IF Zoom made a....

It really wouldn't matter, at this point Zoom is Dammed if he does, and Dammed if he doesn't.

All that I see Zoom now is your personal punching bag, that if he doesn't do exactly what you wish they you tantrum out, with threats of leaving / unsubbing.

Don't worry Zoom next time I get mad, or *** I'll just call you names, and I will feel all better.  smile

Just think of this as speeding up the time frame for wiping gamma, were doing you a service in the end.  You can thank us later.


Zoom wipes gamma's all the time?

Don't ya think your being a bit hard on Zoom?