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necro topic...

does anybody still have the videos. would like to watch them for nostalgic reasons.
sadly the ustream videos no longer work ^^

hi there,
well first of cource thx to the devs for al their work over the years.
we realy appreciated it and now with making perp "open source" is realy a big step.

my personal opinion is that there is a crucial part for this to succeed.
if you want for perp to go on then you have to look at the reason why it went down. and that is mostly development of content. no hard feelings and we know for that you need manpower. and in a business that means money.
in a open project the manpower can come from the community and we all know that there are a lot games and mods where this realy works.
so my primary point here is that for this to succeed the community will need the means to develop the game in every way they see fit.
just changing a few numbers and running a private server will not get a big community together and keep going with it. this will only work if they can change everything they want to.
- changeing formula for ballancing,
- adding islands
- adding own content. like models, gfx and textures

and a lot of that will also require changes in the client.

we all appreciate your work and what you are trying to achieve here.
i hope that the community will be able to keep this game up. and for that the game needs to be able to develop futher. just like so many mods in so many games out there do and have for years.

and best regards

i tried to register at the forums for it, but i cant get the confirmation email to verify my account. i can hit the resend button as often as i like, but i just dont get the mail. spam folder also is empty ^^

if you are not sure:
start with high prices. you can always reduce them.
but if you start with low prices then it can be abused... and that will relult in more problems.

well maybe use multible points on large robots.. and you just have to figure what one it uses... (for example the closest one...)
there surely are a lot possible ways to handle this...

first: there are no endless reserves in this game. some ppl or corps might have hundrets or maybe thousands of bots and modules in their stash, but how did they get that? they had to spend many hours of time to get that. while other ppl that dont have these kinds of assets did not spend the time. they just complain that other ppl have it.

there is no reason to strip ppl of their assents just because they used more effort then other ppl to get what they have.

besides there already is a big inflation of NIC. so ppl that had billions of nic now have way less from their money. so a few ppl already have been hit hard and now have way less from the work they once did.

the only inflation that may arrive at some point may be that there will be new bots and new equipment in the game so ppl will use the old assets less. but honestly i think that would be bad game design if you make the "old stuff" obsolete.

complains like that usually come from ppl that dont want to spend the time to build assents. and just as stated above might just be jealous because they dont have it too...
in terms of market it would not change anything either. ppl that build assets just do it and always have done it. so if they cant afford their storrage then they might keep it a bit smaller, but they will still mine and build their own thing. the market is dead for other reasons and that is (as for so long) a population issue.

go build your own assets and dont *** about ppl that have spend a lot time to get what they have.


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only works for around ~50% for me...

in the other 50 percent he just does not advance the lock to the next target even i have already multible targets locked (yes with completed lock).


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no worries. you havent missed much. dont look that much different then plasma bombs do...

having more nic income in the system is basicly not the problem. proces will adjust just as we see atm. even more it hurts the ppl that have nic. because your nic will be worth less... so ppl with all the billions (like me) will have less from their money.

this just is a problem if (just as jita said) there are no nic sinks.
its not important in what you get paid. if nic or items. its only intresting what how much "stuff" you can earn in a given time (1h for example). if you change the payout to items then you will just shift the problem to somewhere else.
yes i think rewards are too high atm from missions. so some ballancing has to be done.

the market is not the problem of the nic. if you earn more nic prices will just be higher so that you still see your time worth as producer.
the emptiness of the market is not a result of higher mission rewards. thats a total different problem. but mostly because of the population issue and that most active playing ppl are vets that dont need the market anyway because they or their organizations are self sufficient (which is ok).

what are direly needed are nic sinks. the market will not help here much since nic will only trade ownership. if you buy a bot from me then i will have the nic intead of you. what is needed are system that remove the nic from the system. blowing up bots also only removes items from the game but no nic.

this way gamma has been a good nic sink... (terraforming charges and so...) so we need more usefull systems that allow player to get rid of their nic (removed from system not just trading to other players).
all suggestions i have seen so far here are not changing that realy...


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Jita wrote:

I was talking about injector charges actually. The reason I mentioned them is because they are purchasable from an NPC sell order so Iif you have nic you need never mine. They are not super space efficient but they are not bad really.

yea they are super cost efficient... but you dont want to transport them... because in terms of the energy amount you can pack into a scarab with injector cells... well do your own math... but i can promise you... not worth it.


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the problem with the energy storrage cells is not only that they give less energy for their cost, but also that they need the higher resources as well... stuff you normaly dont want to use for things like this. while cryo is cheap and easy to mine resources only.

so if this should be a reasonable energy source then the ammount of energy have to be increased drasticly...


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it was way better before the speed change when you accually could avoid npcs. and you dont had five patrols on your *** within a minute.
and if im right they had 10min or 30min or a hour respawn timer as well...

right now you see a npc patrol comming. and if you are not fast it will catch you anyway...


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they why would be a simple answer...
if you want effects that lower resists then its a intresting question.

he might have a new form of EW in mind... maybe?

first off... dimishing returns is a bad game design and mostly only cuts in another flaw in game design. so we have to get rid of the first flaw in game design...

the problems i see:
- Calculation formula: is way to complex and the boni are stacked in the wrong way(s)
- Tuners: besides the first point. they also have multible stats that benefit each other (especially weapon tunings)

so to the first problem:
make a new reballance of the weapons. including the dmg calculating formula.
make all dmg bonus work the following:
(dmg ammo) + (bonus1(%)/100*dmg ammo) + (bonus2(%)/100*dmg ammo) ... ...
so all you do is adding your bonus you get calculated from the BASE DMG. no multipliers!
if you want boni with more significant effect then simply increase the bonus %.
this way dmg can not scale exponentialy somewhere too high...

same way for ROF. if you increase that with a bonus.. always go from the base ROF of the weapon.

one major problem are the 3 stats on weapon tunings. and all 3 increase the dps. influencing each other and in combination by the way its calculated it increases dps eponentially.

so the solution besides changeing the formula would be to change it to one stat:
- firearms: + ROF (autocannos are all about getting more bullets on the target)
- em guns: +DMG (EM is all about more dmg. boosting the magnetic field for more power also sounds resonable)
- laser: +Crit (yellows are all about crit...)
- missile: + ROF (a missile warhead dont does more dmg... but boosting ROF on a missile launcher sounds resonable) (wanted to go with range, but that would be just another range extender...)

make all weapons T1 with no Bonuses! no +%dmg ...
can give bonuses with increasing tech lvl.

for all that you have to get your board together and see what dps you want to achieve at max. taking skills, slots, and ammo into consideration.

- but that in a spreadsheet.
- adjust boni from skills
- adjust base ammo dmg ( for example em guns have standart dmg boni. remove that and put it directly on the ammo.[of cource for SR weapons there has to be a bonus. but that also should be calculated to the ammo]. i would not make a difference in ROF between SR and LR weapons... but thats another story)

what you have now:
- a more simple system where everyone can easy see how his bonuses are affecting his dmg/dps.
- no more problems with exponential increasing stats
- more diversified weapon types.
- future proof if more boni might arrive in the future.

not too hard to do and ballance.

win win.


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Zortarg wrote:

only thing i dont like is the random stats on items.
how will you hande hundrets and thousands of items ppl have in their storage already. all getting randomized stats mean you cant stack them anymore. and you have to check all the items you produce or have how good they realy are.

also this just increases the costs of high quality equip because ppl will mass produce and scrap the rest.
sounds more or less like a increase in item costs in general. that can be done more easy...

sry but thats more a nuisance then a usefull feature.
i would prefere specialized equip as t5. better in one area.. worse in the other.

and i realy like the lithus base... just the ting that it would need a new torso to look good. the existing heavy mech bodies will look crap...

Annihilator wrote:
Ville wrote:
Annihilator wrote:

the only thing i want to see, is this:

That looks amazing.

yeah, but not possible sad

the lithus base was scaled up for this, which means, this robot would need a few lines or code to be implemented without clipping issues.

well you could scale the turret down instead of the base up...

Ville wrote:

I'm not so fond of "randomized stats". I hate *** like that because I like to min and max.  It's not fun for me when I have to keep Randomizing the same thing over and over again until I get what I want.

i realy hate it... but i have to agree with ville here.

things i like to see:

- a bot for high dps but low tank

- a bot good for erp use. (since the robot changes erps is not realy usefull especially because of the repair reduction)

only thing i dont like is the random stats on items.
how will you hande hundrets and thousands of items ppl have in their storage already. all getting randomized stats mean you cant stack them anymore. and you have to check all the items you produce or have how good they realy are.

also this just increases the costs of high quality equip because ppl will mass produce and scrap the rest.
sounds more or less like a increase in item costs in general. that can be done more easy...

sry but thats more a nuisance then a usefull feature.
i would prefere specialized equip as t5. better in one area.. worse in the other.

for syndicate bots i would prefer syndicate models instead of the patchwork thing. but i guess thats no point at the moment with the lack of 3d artists.


if a turret set to neutral shoots bad and below then also the following is true:

friendly shoots good and below
good shoots neutral and below
neutral shoots bad and below
bad shoots hostile and below
hostile shoots ???

and how do i get it to shoot friendly?

sorry makes no sense for me...


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no problem then


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because some ppl fragmented the existing ones quite well. or does the new system not care if tiles of a field are connected?


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pls clear out the existing liquid fields and spawn new ones ...


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when will this hit the live server?