Or as I suggested 2 years ago here to make firesales possible:

http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … rder-time/


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As much as I hated the account reset, these changes really screw the spent EP up, so +1 from me, although it should be a reset without the name loss, corp history loss etc...

Crepitus wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:

Yesterday Gooma on general chat said he needed 10563 kernels for a full research. Now that would indeed seem excessive if this were a solo game, but here people usually work together and a whole corporation feeds one man's knowledge. Split that 10k to 50 people and 200 kernels really doesn't sound that much.

Also buildings have no prototypes, so knowledge isn't really that important here, since you only need to acquire a building foundation from somewhere and you can reverse engineer it to start mass-producing.

Hint: if you snatch a building from the enemy you can deconstruct it and get back the foundation.

How many corps in game have 50 active players?

HINT: None.

Thats what I was basically trying to say...

I tested how many Tokens would be needed to complete the structure research till it´s end.

I bought as many Tokens from the market to get structure kernels from the token store and here is the result:

Aprox 500.000 Tokens were needed to buy the kernels to get 100% on every building.
With level 6 assignments handing out around 21 tokens per assignment, this would mean a little more then 23.800 assignments that have to be done to get all the tokens.

I heard some Dev saying they wanted less grind, but how is this less grind? Even with 100 really active players this would mean everyone has to do 240 assignments...

Also, trying to prototype a structure on the testserver throws "server errors".


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Although I agree that Perpetuum needs more bots for diversity, I think the highest priority after the PBS patch should be stuff to do that is not PvP. Most people I know that quit Perp did it because they got bored of the same old PvE.


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DEV Zoom wrote:
Lobo wrote:

Will there be new Extentions for all the new raw mats 2-3 new ores and 1 new plant that I've seen in the Blog. Now I have to agree that account Reworking be allowed again. 30 day to + or - our skills that are below 6 or 7 again especially with the loss of nav skill and the re-work of all the indy skills. Perhaps a Full reinbursment of mining/indy trees is in order?

Yes there will be new mining and scanning extensions for the new minerals and plants.

Of course the EP for removed extensions will be reimbursed, like navigation and one of the manufacturing quantity extensions (maybe some others I don't remember now), but I don't really see why a full reimbursement of everything would be justified. All the indy extensions still have the same roles, if you had good extensions before, it will still mean an advantage to you over the less skilled players. Granted, the advantage will be now less harsh, but that's the whole point.

Zoom, you have to understand that with the change of the whole "efficiency" system, one probably would not have spent as many EP into it if the Industry 2.0 system was there to begin with. I for one have 29 out of 30 material efficiency levels right now. I would not have gone THAT high if the system would be what you will change it to when I started!


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Ville wrote:

Q & A ( New posts )

Ask questions from the developers here.

Shouldn't it be "Ask questions TO the developers here." ?


Or maybe it´s a Developer forum section where the Dev´s can ask questions? smile

I agree completely. In addition there needs to be a tool or extension to buy and sell "stuff" remotely, meaning not having to be in the same terminal as the "stuff".


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DEV Zoom wrote:

Just an idea from the top of my head:
How about when your robot gets destroyed and you respawn at the terminal, you get an option to salvage your destroyed modules (ie. those which didn't drop as loot) for a certain price.

...probably a bad idea since it would affect industry quite a bit, nevermind smile

Yeah, that´s basically a bad idea if you want to stay with the "player driven economy" smile


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Accumulator recharger
Auxiliary Accumulator (M)
Energy transfer (M)
Energy neutralizer (M)
ERP (seismic)
ERP (thermal) <----------

Learn to read guys smile


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+1 Would make it easier to figure out which extension needs more love and whatnot


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I don´t think that you are allowed to post conversations with GM´s in here, so be prepared for an edit smile

I have been saying for a long time that exactly that spawn on hershfield needs to be nerfed as it was the most profitable spawn I knew. No other spawn (even Beta) yielded more plasma.

Well, either that or buff the Beta spawns to create a better balance between zero risk and 100% risk, because with how that spawn was, why would anyone bother to farm at 100% risk on a beta island at a lesser spawn?

I can understand that you are upset tho.


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Lemon, just for your ego, I tell a true story from the alliance chat:

"Hey who wants to go to novastrov and look for a fight?"

"We might go there and kill lemon while he is trolling noobs!"

Don´t flatter yourself that we bring a 20 man gang on purpose, lemon, it´s just that everyone likes to be on a lemonade, even when the mails are broken...

I support this message and or service!

Thank you DEVs, you can always count on my Axe smile


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You can currently only reverse engineer tech 1 and prototype modules in higher tech.
The higher tech prototypes can only be built by someone who has "researched" enough robot kernels to have that item unlocked in his research database.

High EP investment into production pays off as you can make things faster (reducing the nic-cost of the factory) and more efficient (less materials to use).


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Mark Zima wrote:

Kernel research/prototype subsystem is awful, the rest is fine as is.

I totally agree with that. The research system is bad as it is and bound to single characters. It has been said a few times already, the system makes you feed a single person with all the kernels and you can gain much and thrive a lot. Once that guy goes AWOL or has RL issues or whatever, you are doomed and have to start from scratch again.

I like how "Blueprints" (CT´s) degrade with their use, I really do.

There should be some sort of "horadric cube" however, where you put in 3x level 1 decoder to get 1x level 2 decoder, like the rune system in diablo 2. That way the thousands of level 1-4 decoders rotting around in hangars would get a use again. Same thing would be great for 25% mk2 CT´s.


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With the possibility of being locked out of Outposts and still having stuff in there, there really need to be tools to remotely destroy and sell things while not being in the item location.


Thank you!

Thank you!


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Haha Arga, 0wned by Zoom!

*Bump* for server status display, it´s still annoying!


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Serpens wrote:

I don't really play anymore, however I wish no ill will on this dame and its developement, if the dev's would like to contact me, I own a technology company that deals with these sort of threats and preventative measures to keep them from happening. This service I would gladly offer for free.

Without knowing you and only judging you by your posts on the forums here, I´d say:


By looking at todays sustained attack of aprox 9 hours, those 30 minute container timers won´t help much, would it?


I will buy 3x 180 days once shatteredcrystal get´s off their lazy butt and restocks!
That´s my support and I won´t stop, script kiddie or not!