Mark Zima wrote:

"bonus EP cost by spark selection" means back to attributes again.

Exactly that, whats wrong with you people?

The only advantage I see from the current system to the "new" system is that if you wanna cross train your now combat specced char to a miner it will cost you less... But who would want that? mad


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Why not just set up buy orders for your "reasonable" price and watch them get filled asap?


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These Lemonwhine threads remind me of a game that shall not be named here.

Could you please just get over it or quit?


Well, such changes really would call for a reset, because if you trained an extension now that you don´t have attributes for, you would have wasted EP if extensions were changed like suggested by Alexander.
I agree with having enough with the free resets, so I would suggested giving it a timeframe, like for 14 days after that patch you can do a free reset, if you don´t, that possibility vanishes.


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When I subbed to Perp, I was very happy with the flow of informations from Devs to the forums...
It has become very quiet in the last weeks though, giving me the impressions of stEVE.

The T1 epi removal came, full resets are still there, no further info on the extension-reset changes and/or who it applies to or whatever.

You guys planning to pull a Hilmar on us? smile