Dalmont Delantee wrote:
Cobalt wrote:
Dalmont Delantee wrote:

I so think its some *** who is upset with the game.

No *** Sherlock; you learned me something today!

I'm not Sherlock, I haven't jumped off a building and survived tongue

Anyhow, I can only think of a couple of people that might be this butt hurt. Emo quit and the number of players went up so they got all upset that the game didn't die but green shoots happened when they went and now they want to stop that.

Be careful, my conspiracy theory got edited by Zoom smile

*edit: Please don't start that. - DEV Zoom

By looking at the user-peak graph it was quiet during the EU TZ night period, so the script kiddie thats behind it prolly was in bed...


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Inda wrote:

I dont see a real problem guys, this is problem for any corp now? that was happen in the past?

I bet just 1 or 2 times.

And maybe that idea will bring more problems.

So I think dont do anything with CEO settings. Just go ahead another corp controls like capitalistic corp things, now that is a pain.

If you want to do something, for my idea: when CEO rage quit the game or seomething, if the game can verify he did it, just make a button for every member "do me a CEO" and the all members can cancel that for 1 week, if you are still a corp you can do this because most of the members who is active wont cancel if you dont have corp you cant do this because of lots of cancels, then you need to make another corp.

The problem comes with Perpetuums lack of player retension.
Our CEO for example didn´t log in for 82 days now. 2/3rd of the deputy CEO´s didn´t log in for over 50 days.
If the one remaining deputy CEO decides that some other game that shall not be named here is more fun for him, well then the corp is completely screwed in points of leadership (well, maybe not in leadership only, but that´s something else).

I bet there are a lot of corporations out there that either went completely inactive or their leadership went awol.

I guess the DEV´s could run a query on corporation leaderships and post some numbers here. If I had to guess, I´d say more then 50% of the existing corporations have a CEO that didn´t log in for 60 days or more...


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To be honest, I find it a bit long to wait two weeks to replace a ceo that has gone awol, how about when the dep-ceo hits "the buttan", the system checks for how long the ceo didn´t log on and if it´s
>60 days the timer is 24h
>30d <60d 48h
>14d <30d 72h

If you are too scared to lose the corp to a supersecret spy-agent, well, then don´t give him dep-ceo roles at all.
There doesn´t need to be any function to make the food-soldier the ceo.

Also, make the countdowntimers automatically stop/cancel when the original ceo logs on during the timer.
Don´t make the original ceo have to check if he possibly get´s demoted...


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Alexander wrote:

Sorry I've not been around much. Work work work at the moment. sad

Excuses, excuses, excuses. Interweb-Robot-Pixels is serious buiz, aight?


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Welcome to Perpetuum!

Dazamin wrote:

What the hell is so wrong with putting scouts on gates / around stations to look for ppl. Seriously, ppl complain about Arkhe scouts then want an automated system that puts something thats harder to find, that sees much further, gives more reliable intel and never goes afk for a smoke on EVERY GATE AND STATION.

While we're on crazy ideas, how about a Teleport Diverter? So if I have a scout with the module fitted already on beta, I can put him say 3km from a TP and hit the button. I'm then stuck there for the next 5-10mins and unable to move, but during that time, my squad can use the tp but instead of landing on the scouted gate, they land on me?

As in "Hot-Drop-O´clock"? smile

Eng Daniel wrote:

and use the home user folder to write?

for multiple clients, use like [home]/perpetuum/char/...

How would I set that up?
Or was that a suggestion to the DEVs?

I know stEVE does it like that, and I had one REAL folder for it and then just a few more Junction-Folders for the other Accounts. Worked like a Charm because there was no writing to the datafolder, only to the ""username"/blahblah/eve" one...

But then again, stEVE was 11GB for one damn client...

Can you please stop derailing my Thread? Thank you smile

So Gargaj, is it good or bad to use NTFS Hardlinks to have just one main perpetuum.gbf when running multiple clients?
Because I would really like it to have Perpetuum on a SSD, but 5x 1.7GB is just too much space...

It just takes trial accounts and/or alts, it doesn´t generate any additional paid for accounts if you want to go there.
And I don´t call it effort to place an arkhe on a teleporter, keep the sound at 100% and minimize the client.

Okay so it´s a bad idea to hardlink it, I understand. It has to stay on the slow HDD then sad

0110011100001111001010001 wrote:

This needs to be disabled ASAP, and rethought.
WAY over powered.  Even with a limit of just 5, you can know any time when someone enters your island.

You do the same thing with gate arkhes. And I like a system to replace those...

Can we please have proper display of the server status when starting the client?
Right now I start the client and it says the server is online. So I type in my 64 digit password only to get the return message that the server is in "Admin only" mode...

Also, I have 5 accounts, for each Account I have a specific folder on my harddrive. Would it be possible to keep those folders, but only keep one main Perpetuum.gbf file in one of them and just create junctions (NTFS-Hardlinks) to it for the other folders?
It would save me 8GB of space (I know, 8 GB is nothing nowadays, but on a SSD it is A LOT).

Thanks for the answers!


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No, it wasn´t, that´s why it´s missing...


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It is missing the reset and refund of changed extension tbh.


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Game is running and I can connect just fine from Germany.

Where are you from? Maybe something on your way to hungary is broken?


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I´m sorry, but using a 10 year old operating system is kind of... pr0 smile

Shaedys wrote:

It would be good if farming on betas became worth it again.

This, there is currently no reason to NPC on beta (except roams/observers) when there are tier4/tier5 spawns on alpha.


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I agree, it is very confusing for new players as they are being led into assumption firearms are the way to go smile
It needs to be more faction and with that faction-weapon focused.

+1 to the Extension undo limit removal. 300k ep players do have that option anymore so it can be removed.


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I like this idea, I also liked it in steve where the players never got it within 8 years, not even with the walking in a closet stuff.

+1 for giving ownership of a beta outpost more advantages maybe?


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You mean this: http://www.perpetuum-online.com/Legal:T … ons_of_use ?


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Mara Kaid Pirate of Nia wrote:

Great to see you, flew with scooter1, and others. Was awesome fun. Welcome to the game. Was good friends with priory. Quesa is here btw. But he pops on sometimes wink

You flew with Scoot? Me too smile

TBH, let the ones that actually play during the holidays take whatever they want, because that´s what Intrusion 2.0 is all about, right?

It doesn´t matter if it´s a system that may work great with 1000 players but is forced on the 150 players left on the server.

When you leave the game for a few days like me, it is our own fault, because Intrusion 2.0 is awesome as it is with the current playerbase, right?

And with that, merry Christmas to everyone, if you don´t have family or a life, have fun on empty islands.


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You recently changed the possibility to set your homebase to be on on every terminal/outpost on the alpha islands (was main terminals only before).

I would like to be able to also select the beta outpost that your corporation is the owner of because it would just make sense, right?

Are there any contra´s I disregarded thinking about it?


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