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Topic: The Tip of the Spear - a 12 step guide to tackling in Perpetuum

Greetings Roboteers!

I was recently tasked with helping to train some new guys in the tackler role but RL is biting huge chunks out of my playtime at the moment.

Firstly, what do I mean by 'tackle'? You will chase your enemies at high speed and snare - slow - them by using a module that you personally activate.

Tackling is simply brilliant fun in Perp and I hope this guide can not only inspire but also help some new guys to get set up.

A big thanks to every indy and miner guy or gal who helped me into a bot and thanks to CIR leadership & officers who were around to trade them to me.


The Tip of the Spear – a 12 step light EWAR tackling guide for Perpetuum by Stradivar of CIR corp, July 2014.

In this guide I shall provide you with some insights into the motivation, fits and tactics that I have employed during my tenure as a tackler in Perpetuum. My guide simply contains my opinions and, seeing as you are playing in a sandbox, you are entitled to your opinions too. This guide does not necessarily show you the way to play but I hope that some ideas regarding good practice may be gleaned from reading it.

Step 1 - The Role
Step 2 - Basic Extensions
Step 3 - Basic Fits
Step 4 - PVP Preparedness
Step 5 - UI
Step 6 - Radar
Step 7 - Terrain
Step 8 - Landmarks & recap
Step 9 - Versus 'X'
Step 10 - Looting
Step 11 - Advanced Fits & Modules
Step 12 - Advanced Tactics

Step 1: The Role

The guts & the glory. The blame and the shame. In all of Perpetuum, the role of the tackler represents the edge of the switchblade. "On the cutting edge you just might get cut and that’s the chance you’ll have to take"(Wayne Kramer).

If you consider yourself as capable of thriving under the immense pressure of expectation (that of your FC, your fleet and every single miner and indy guy in your corp who helped create the bot you are sitting in), a constantly evolving battlefield and the real adrenalin rush associated with the hunt, then this is the role for you.

Operating sometimes several hundred metres away from your FC and fleet, you’ll be responsible for advanced target acquisition, target calling, intense levels of teamwork if working in tandem with a fellow tackler(s) and naturally self preservation is your highest priority.

It will take time, wins and unfortunately some losses to master this supremely important role but you’ll find it to be the most exciting role in the game. You will dictate the outcomes of battles of all sizes and with great power comes great responsibility – you’ll need to be focused on a level beyond that of hitting a spacebar.

Step 2: Basic Extensions

Thelodica clan – Intakt

Nuimqol clan – Cameleon

Pellistal clan – Troiar

All robots come with an information icon in the top right hand corner of their avatar. Click on this and you’ll be provided with a robots’ parameters, bonuses and also build & extension requirements. If you choose to specialise in tackling, you’ll be spending the majority of your time in a light EWAR and all clans’ robots are effective as tackles. Pay extra attention to the bonuses tab of the robot info. Increase the extensions specified here and your tackler will improve dramatically.

Your extensions can be found in the agent tab at the top left hand corner of your UI. It may help to highlight extensions (click on the star) which you feel are important. You can then simply scroll down on the extensions filter list at the bottom of the extensions tab and click on ‘marked extensions’ to locate your important extensions again swiftly.

Step 3 – Basic Fits.

Your tackler has three areas about it’s chassis where modules are fitted. Head slots, chest slots and leg slots.

All modules come with an information tab similar to the robot avatars. Be sure to check extension requirements before buying and fitting. All modules come in tiers from 1 to 4+. These tiers will affect fitting requirements as you progress onto more powerful modules. As you progress to higher tiers of equipment, you may wish to revisit and mark extensions which improve CPU, reactor and accumulator skills. There are also extensions which will lower the requirements of modules you wish to fit, in particular be sure to thoroughly read the descriptions of all the engineering and electronics extensions.

At the bare minimum, you can tackle with a lightweight frame (LWF – enhances the speed of your tackler) and a demob (the module which actually provides the stopping power and snares your intended target). Demobs come in both long and short range variants, however, we will only be focusing on the S-Demob for the remainder of this guide. Be sure you are fitting the correct demob, always.

There are two other modules that I would recommend for a basic fit. A sensor amplifier (SA – reduces your lock time and increases your lock range) and a shield. Again, shields come in two sizes, be sure to fit a small shield. You can activate your S-Demob with your shield up. These two modules will require further extension considerations so revisit and mark as before.

Once you deploy and activate your modules, revisit the robot parameters info screen and compare the differences your modules have made from when you were docked.

Step 4 – PVP Preparedness

Speak with your corp regarding the importance of spark teleportation and ask where they wish for you to have your sparks set. Spark teleportation will allow you to teleport instantly, at a cost of 1000 nic, around the various outposts of Nia. You can currently have up to ten spark teleportation points. You can also set what is known as a ‘Blood Spark’ – this is the location you will arrive at when you die. This can be set apart from your spark teleports.

Spark teleport points require substantial extension point (EP) expenditure. Set them wisely.

Alpha Island = 1 point
Alpha II Island = 2 points
Beta Island = 3 points

Once you’re able, set up tackles, spare bots & mods at each outpost you’ll be deploying from. This will improve your availability and readiness should you be required in the field far from your current location or should you be required to refit and redeploy swiftly.

Before you deploy, familiarise your self firstly with the various island names and the PVP status you can expect once you jump there (some islands are free for all, full loot PVP and you can be targeted and killed on sight. You’ll spend most of your time on these islands. Lucky you!), learn the names of the outposts, then the many teleports. A competent Fleet Commander (FC) will always have your route in mind so just sit tight and check your squad / corp or listen in teamspeak channels for guidance to your target zone.

Open your cargo and place a teleport beacon inside. Standard TP beacons can be bought cheaply at outposts if your corp has no hangar set up where you are now.

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Re: The Tip of the Spear - a 12 step guide to tackling in Perpetuum

Step 5 – User Interface (UI).

How much do you really need to see of the battlefield? How much of your UI could be considered clutter? It’s mostly up to you, however, I personally minimise my chat window and focus on fully on teamspeak whilst in PVP. All other UI windows will be closed apart from radar, landmarks, landmark info, targeting computer, modules and robot status.

My landmarks bar stretches the height of my screen. Battles really can become this large. My targeting computer is as high as the number of targets I can select with my current skill level. Radar is as large as it can be without causing too much distraction. You will rely on it to plot your routes as you navigate some very tough and confusing terrain at high speed. My modules are usually lower central where they can be clicked easily, however, I do re-bind keys close to WASD for simple activation of my demob. My landmark info window and targeting computer window will show demob(s) applied and are essential for capture and release relay maneuvers with other tacklers in my fleet which I will hopefully come to later on.

I need to see as much of the field as possible, I am travelling at speed and terrain can become very tricky, very swiftly.

Step 6 – Radar

As previously mentioned, you will rely hugely on your radar. Set it correctly and you’ll reap delicious tears. Firstly, an Observer will lock you at 450m or thereabouts, so set your marker range at 500m and do not ever stray closer than this to them, a red static spawn or a roaming caravan. You simply cannot survive these encounters in a light bot.

At higher speeds such as those allowed by velocity nexus and tier 4 LWF you can gamble on hostile NPC lock times vs your current speed and blow past them at 350 - 400m (do not consider terrain or line of sight (LOS) as the NPCs will demob through terrain and then you're soon to be scrap one you're in firing range), but this is always a gamble and one that can mean the end of, or delay of, a successful invasion or defence. Remember, the expectations of those who follow you in your fleet are high and rightly so.

I prefer having my radar spin with my camera orientation rather than be static. Get used to zooming in and out within your radar window, this is done by placing your cursor in the radar window itself and using your mouse wheel. You can also right click and hold your cursor whilst in the radar window, then drag, then survey terrain outside of your current radar image. A double tap on the radar window will PING your entire squad’s radar which is useful for highlighting enemy positions. You can left click, hold and draw on the radar which is useful for marking routes across terrain or highlighting enemy routes.

Step 7 – Terrain

The Chase...

Now you have mastered your radar and planned your route towards a fleeing enemy, your next barrier is terrain. You can remove non-essential flora from your visuals. Press L to show passable terrain on screen. The only way you’ll succeed in not getting stuck in plants, trees, gullies, dead ends and foliage is to actually DRIVE YOUR TACKLE YOURSELF. All the time.

Never rely on autopilot. Never trust a program to conduct a tackler’s work. Your reaction times are far superior.

Other than that, all I can suggest is just focus as hard as you can on gaining ground whilst staying out of terrain which will trap you. Another deadly situation for a tackler is a complete lack of terrain in which you can work your magic. Grassy, sandy or rocky plains are the graveyard of tackles. "Nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide".

The Catch...

Now, you’ve tackled your prey following some nifty footwork and focus. Use terrain to ensure you have a solid barrier between their guns and you, Plants will swiftly perish under fire so you have to think constantly about your next point of cover. Use LOS and cover when facing Thelodica and Nuimqol robots and use available cover when facing Pellistal missiles. Stay in demob range and keep them pinned down.

Stay alert and stay frosty. Track all enemy movement wherever possible with a glance at your radar. Plot your course to the next target and scan/drag your radar for their route if they have left landmarks window whilst keeping your demob on your current target and staying alive, using terrain and LOS. Once your fleet takes over your target, release and give chase once again!

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Re: The Tip of the Spear - a 12 step guide to tackling in Perpetuum

Step 8 – Landmarks Window

Once again, how much of this info do you really need? Landmarks is an important window which will span the height of your UI, however, you as a tackler only require target name, distance and robot type in my opinion.

You need to make this window as thin as possible, freeing up your view of the all important terrain. Corp name is meaningless, just their colour signifies their intent towards me and mine towards them. You can slide this column (click in the edge of the column at the top and slide your cursor to widen or shorten it) to mostly closed. Names are mostly meaningless to me also and some FCs will repeat only the initials (first 2 or 3) of their intended targets for clarity, slide this column across to show perhaps 4-5 letters. Close the effects column as much as you can. We're all about making as much of your terrain and battlefield as visible as possible.

Filters required on landmarks window should become familiar to you as you gain experience. Essentially, you would filter out the icons you do not deem important.

Click on distance to ensure your closest enemy is at the top. As you become more experienced, you will be able to give accurate info on your time to target by paying attention to distance. This will help your fleet as they approach behind you. Your FC may require you to set target by name, distance or type depending on your role. Pay attention to this also.

Recap, steps 5,6 & 8.
Ok, in the following image*, you can see that my landmarks window is thin but high. My radar not too obtrusive, my targeting computer can handle all the robots that I can target in an Intakt. Not a single pixel more is dedicated to the aforementioned windows, as a tackler I need to observe terrain - Step 7.


*Modules, chat and status windows hidden for security purposes.

Step 9 – Versus 'X'

Always back off and lose locks if you are primaried by a whole fleet. You’ll swiftly receive an alpha strike and the battle (and all the prep time that came before it) may be over if the enemy fleet moves faster than yours (who now has no tackle). You are fast enough to get right back into the fray in no time at all. Inform your FC if you are about to engage this defensive maneuver


Do not, under any circumstances, underestimate the power of Nia’s hostile inhabitants. These guys will chew you up and spit you out in a heartbeat. Stay well away from Observers in particular. I’ve found them to be the most deadly opponents in a pvp zone for many years now…

Light bots.

Unless you face these guys en masse, you’re usually golden. They don’t have the speed to escape your grasp, however, they can travel over the same types of terrain. As you have a SA fitted, you’ll be able to lock them much further away than they can lock you due to you being an EWAR bot. Use this to your advantage and pull away to break their lock after your initial demob. Now use your speed to rush back in and get another tackle on them. Repeat this without losing your own lock whilst breaking theirs and always stay within that distance. A simple tactic but a guaranteed kill for your fleet. If you are worried that they have a demob then just keep tackling and then pulling back but more swiftly, do not allow them time to lock you fully and employ one.

Light EWARs.

Let’s just hope their guy isn’t as sharp as you and hasn’t read this guide.


Once again you can rely somewhat on locking distance, however the assault class will definitely lock further than a light bot. This reduces your effective window of operations dramatically and makes for an exhilarating experience. You know that they can two-shot you so it’s high risk vs satisfying reward. Their speed is lacking. Your speed, terrain, LOS and your level of aggression are your allies in this battle. Assaults work just fine with demobs and many enemy pvpers will be carrying one. Be very careful against assaults but not too much on the defensive.

Mechs & Heavies.

By the time you’re chasing these guys down, your fleet will be pretty much right behind you. Wait for your FC to call targets, tackle them and stay out of their locks. If it looks as though you’re getting primaried or gathering lots of yellow secondary boxes from their bots in your landmarks window, just move behind your fleet, break locks and quickly return to the front line, always informing your FC of this. Your hit size can also be a factor, you are small – their guns are big and often miss puny little robots. You gotta love watching those tanked Seths hitting the floor with a volley of 6 short range lazorz! A lot of the time, mech pilots will completely underestimate your ability to make or break a battle and won't even target you. Exploit their foolishness and watch them burn...

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Re: The Tip of the Spear - a 12 step guide to tackling in Perpetuum

Step 10 – Looting.

Leave it to someone else!

Your cargo is full with a teleport beacon anyway. Let the remote repair guy (*cough* Gothmog *cough*) have some fun whilst you chase down your next victim.

Step 11 – Advanced Fits & Mods

There are many different fits and, believe it or not, some very distinct and different tackler roles, all determined by your fitting skills and modules. Your corp and FC will have their expectations from you and some may even recommend a blanket ‘Fleet Fit’ for your tackle. Go with that, it’s a fleet fit for a reason.

I’ll simply list here some of the mods I have employed in my time and their uses. You can always test stuff out on the test server yourself.  http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … st-server/

Plus One! S-Demob – Take on 2 targets at once.

Velocity nexus – Further improve your speed and that of other players within range of a small radius which emanates from your bot. Massive EP commitment – not for the faint of heart or the impatient.

Evasive module – Make your robot’s hit size smaller.

EWAR nexus – Vastly improves the range of EWAR modules such as the S-Demob. Once again, huge EP commitment.

Accumulator recharger – Sits nicely alongside a shield in your leg slots. Improves accumulator recharge rate and allows you to run more modules simultaneously without running out of accumulator charge or "capping out".

Masker – Helps you to pop into enemy view later and out of enemy view sooner.

Range extender – Improves the range of your demob by a certain percentage but chews up reactor power.

There are other EWAR modules which can be considered but some things are best left to be discovered by you or to be discussed with your corp. All of the above cannot be fitted on a light EWAR at the same time. Consider your fleet composition, enemy fleet composition if you have enough intel, the location of the battle and then fit up your tackle accordingly. Just don’t take too long about it or you’ll miss the fireworks, let alone instigate them.

There are also MkII versions of the light EWAR bots which will provide hours of mod-fitting, head-scratching fun!

Step 12 – Advanced Tactics.

The first and probably the most important, numero uno, supremely enlightening piece of advice I can give as a tackler when it comes to advanced tactics is…. Hey wait a sec…. I see boobs approaching! Be back later.

Perhaps those of you who have an interest and experience in this role may wish to continue this conversation below. Also, if you have anything you would like for me to add to the guide, please make it known and I'll be happy to include relevant info for the new players.

Wake up out of your slumber and answer your call! Many are called but few are chosen.


Stradivar of CIR corp. July 2014.

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Re: The Tip of the Spear - a 12 step guide to tackling in Perpetuum

Very informative, thanks Stradivar


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Re: The Tip of the Spear - a 12 step guide to tackling in Perpetuum

Please delete this guide, tackle is no longer a relevant or effective role in Perpetuum Online. hmm

For any who are interested in running with a light ewar, just fit supp / ECM and roll behind the arbys with as many mods fitted as you can and stay at 135kph. Work on velocity and / or ewar nexus for the lulz.

That is all.

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Re: The Tip of the Spear - a 12 step guide to tackling in Perpetuum

R.I.P. !?

Energy to Earth!

18.01.2014. [12:57:58] <BeastmodeGuNs> after that i remembered all those warning about 1v1 you lol, and i found out why xD

Re: The Tip of the Spear - a 12 step guide to tackling in Perpetuum

Inda wrote:

R.I.P. !?

Yes, Inda. Speed tackle is RIP.

You are now free to come and go as you please.


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Re: The Tip of the Spear - a 12 step guide to tackling in Perpetuum

he said tip

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Re: The Tip of the Spear - a 12 step guide to tackling in Perpetuum

lol turned into epic thread.


Re: The Tip of the Spear - a 12 step guide to tackling in Perpetuum

Someone got the tip of the spear....

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

Re: The Tip of the Spear - a 12 step guide to tackling in Perpetuum

RIP Tackle... so many ghosts on the battlefield these days.

stop haunting those killmails!

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Re: The Tip of the Spear - a 12 step guide to tackling in Perpetuum

Tackling helped killed a Mesmer mk2.... oh wait... no it didn't.

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