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Tonnik wrote:

He is asking if you can position an alt next to a field terminal and then leave one alt next to one plant and another alt next to another plant. No travel time means faster missions and of course a squad bonus.

Actually no, Im having a legit issue.

Just getting tired of waiting for Zoom to give me answers through the ticket system.

Two toons accepting 1 harvesting mission each from two different field terminals on Tellesis. One gathers all the prismo for both missions and the other gathers Helio. The problem I am having is each toon does not complete the step of - Acquire 1 Harvesting Work Log for the other toons mission even though they harvested the required items, looted the mission can with the log, and have the log in their cargo. I get credit for turning in the required amount of logs but the mission cannot be completed due to the problem above.


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DEV Zoom wrote:
leo davinci wrote:

Zoom, in harvesting missions can anyone in squad complete the step of - Acquire 1 Harvesting Work Log, or does it have to be completed by the agent who took the mission?

Anyone should be able to do it.

Is there a maximum distance allowed between the terminal where the mission was taken and where it can be completed? (IE mission has to be completed within 5k of the terminal/field terminal)


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Zoom, in harvesting missions can anyone in squad complete the step of - Acquire 1 Harvesting Work Log, or does it have to be completed by the agent who took the mission?


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Ville wrote:

One of your harvesters probably popped it and you didn't notice.

I looted all three needed for both missions and got credit for submitting them. Only thing missing to be able to complete the missions was the step for acquiring them.


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Rolafen Azec wrote:

I know of behaviour where if the mission acceptor is on the field when the harvesting fullfills so the log pops out but isn't anymore when the person near it picks it up it makes it miss the trigger. This can happen by accident if a mission holder moves indoors while others do the lifting part of the missions.

In my case both toons were on field and listed as participants on both missions albeit they were on opposite sides of Tellesis due to plant spawns. 

Annihilator wrote:

you probably got the mission log for someone else' harvesting mission.

Stranger things have happened. I would say no as problem first occurred on 2/9 with 2 missions and then today with 2 more. Each pair of missions were ran concurrent and were one lvl 5 and one lvl 4 harvesting mission.


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Jasdemi wrote:

Happened to me 2 times out of couple hundred missions. Was also in squad. Couldn't reproduce and had to abort mission.

Its 4/4 for me. Had to abort them all.


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The game was given to any player that subscribed 3 or more months during the old subscription model. If you subscribed for less than 3 months then you would need to purchase a copy of the game for those accounts.


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Anyone else having an issue where this step of a mission doesn't complete when you loot the mission can (light blue)? Only happens when Im in a squad.


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Wait, we are getting gold ammo?


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I would only support this under 2 conditions:

1. The daily fee would have to be substantial. To make it fair we could make it scale to the size of the corp being war deccd i.e. 3m per member/day. If you want to be a *** and war dec me then its going to cost you.

2. The corp being war deccd gets %100 of the fees paid. If I have stay logged in a station or have to stay logged out for a few days til the war decs are over then I want to profit from it.

Makes it so the mechanic wont be abused much.


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Yeah same here. Gonna lose my can and probably my Riv.


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Anyone else having problems connecting?