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My old pvp video tongue
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APgmavU … lyqJFLx1AA

balancing content for the convenience of some people is does not work, need some new events and stuff. balancing it's a steps back.

who said that it will be created? lol

Netherlands say ip

80 stab needs, some stations have speci sap, need 2 successful intrusions to open station.
Tax is good idea!
More stations - more work!

Jita wrote:

5) T4+ token and nic cost is way to high, one module should be closer to 10k tokens and 150m nic

15-20k tokens and 250-400kk are ok


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Ville wrote:

Sounds like you don't want to work for outposts on beta anymore.

Go and check, need a purpose is more than I can kick the sap in my prime because I can only that


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they mean Post vs Post

дебилы бля -1

Not all ready to do it Jas)

9 days of farm in trash

Change: Reduced the NIC cost of black robots to 2,500,000,000 in Syndicate Supplies.
LOL im too fast mad

patch patch patch \:lol:/

probes hate carlitos


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its world of ville or perpetuum online? mad


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check out this set with the new spark + 5% damage from premium package fuuu <-nuimqol driver

Gekko wrote:

Некоторое время буду вне игр. Переезд, финансовые дела и работа над большим проектом.
Не кикните там, чар под бустером, вернусь - вкачаю какого-нибудь таклера smile

Ок будем знать, хорошо что предупредил, удачи! big_smile


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fix block! why i should listen crying of chemist lol

Рекрутим yarr


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-1 line drunk yarr





smile neutral big_smile yikes wink hmm tongue lol mad roll cool yarr fuuu ап!