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Improved reset system?
New fun & dynamic pve encounters?
Interesting lore and mission development?

Nah, let's work on alliances instead. Who cares about the health and longevity of the server. We need to make CIR more powerful !!!!!!!!

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Goblin wrote:

Improved reset system?
New fun & dynamic pve encounters?
Interesting lore and mission development?

Nah, let's work on alliances instead. Who cares about the health and longevity of the server. We need to make CIR more powerful !!!!!!!!

No one is saying we need an alliance system this second unless the intrusion changes happen. Put the intrusion changes off for awhile focus on other things along with the stuff you said up there. But when they change intrusions they need to add an alliance system.

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I would like to see an alliance feature.

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Can I haz alliance feature?

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This is something i have been asking for i just don't know which account i posted it on the forums as.

but to sum up my other post, the game already has Conglomerates if you click on a npc corp players profile and look at the bottom it says "Conglomerate: IC" and up at the top you can see ICS-DD or for ASI-IM

if that was in game already that whole S-K german thread wouldn't have even existed. So really this is just asking for a mechanic to be available to players that is already in game.

im from a small corp so this would actually be counter to my position but logical in the sense of the game.

we could get into taxing corporate income from sales and there taxes, conglomerate outposts.

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It would be nice to get a pulse on what the Developers are thinking about this, as a huge amount of Perpetuum's people+accounts are obviously in favor of this feature. smile

Tell us what you think guys! This shouldn't be a monologue of players, it should be a dialogue of players and developers! smile

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Re: Player Conglomerate Suggestion

Goblin wrote:
Khader Khan wrote:

Oh look its the CIR/Nova signing the head count thread. looks like we now know your true active strength. First its stop shooting so I can be the killer now its log on the forums and sign a thread to waste the dev's time on a mechanic that is A. Not needed at this time and B. irrelevant to all Alpha corps who BTW are the small corps your claiming this will help. Whats next Spin Doctors?

I would be willing to say this is a good idea in a year from now, if and when the server population is either increasing or holding steady. As it is right now this wouldn't bring anyone to the game. PVE is whats driving them out fix that then worry about other things.

Novablob would rather reign supreme on a game with no players than to have healthy competition on a thriving server.

Honestly working on *** like INSTEAD of what really matters (pve content) will be the death of perpetuum. I don't know who is in charge here, but they got gift wrapped a *** of subs courtesy of Eve and they're just pissing it all away.

I know I'm necro'ing, and I truly apologize for it.  Shortly after posting this, I was however re-activated by the U.S. Navy, and just got back in August, was married Sept. 1, and just returned to the game last week.

That being said and all, upon returning to game, I'm a bit disappointed really that I haven't read anything at all about incoorporating an alliance feature into the game.

As it looks to me, population wise, this person is obviously no proffit.  The game seems to be on a steady decline, and is losing a lot of it's veteran members due to boredom, even with so many PvE changes.

Hardcore players don't truly give a damn about PvE, we want to go "pew pew" with other players, and if we aren't given the oppurtunity, we don't even give the game much of a  chance (referencing both Asheron's Call and Horizons to make a point here).

I"m hoping by "bumping" this post back up, the current player base will begin the discussion anew.  I have no affiliation now with any corp, sadly not even my own since I was auto kicked when the "new wife" cancelled my subs.  Alas, I'm back, and I'd still like to see alliance features.

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WTF is with this wife cancelling your subs? Divorce asap!

There's enough pvp content. We need pve especially with Steam release coming.

Re: Player Conglomerate Suggestion

seems to me this last year has made some major changes to the PvE content.  About every big patch has done so to add more to it.

The only change i see for the "pvp" content that comes close is the changes to intrusions.  And that was just a modification of an existing system.

Reading back on the changelogs and learning about the new stuff in the game, I really can't find anything at all that has added to the PvP content in the game.

Giving folks the ability in game to group up and become "the biggest and baddest blob" out there seems like an option to add some flavor to the game.

PvP games need wars.  They need the "blob" to keep on competing with each other.  Now, many argu "CIR"s blob, did more to hurt the game then help.  I disagree.  I think the fact that others couldn't make a better blob then theirs hurt the game.

If you give players the ability to fit under the same banner, working together, not just in an unofficial capacity, it breeds a competitive spirit.  One required for a game with PvP.  Yes, i understand, it's a production themed game, not pvp centric.  The point behind that production though is to feed PvP players with bots and equipment ot go out and blow up someone else's, or get theirs blown up.

I  hate the blob vs. blob style fights.  Hated it in Eve, and truly didn't care for the taste of it I had when we friended CIR.  Though, I understand that PvP games need them.  It helps to make it success.  Just look at Eve.  Within two years of the game, we had some large scale wars, nearly 200k subs, and the game was figuring out just exactly what it could be.

We're now close to 2 years with Perp, and we're not even close.  And now on my return, I don't see a blob at all that exists in the game.  Even the alphas are ghost towns.  This saddens me.

Re: Player Conglomerate Suggestion

Also, this game is one in which says it tries the "player driven content" aspect of gaming.

Without the players, without the blob, that means you have no content at all...  food for thought.

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Re: Player Conglomerate Suggestion

You're going on and on about PVE-changes - just what "major PvE-changes" did you read of? Industry and orefields? This is again player driven content, not for opportunity gamers and new players.
In fact, it may look like a lot has happened on PvE side but those were only minor changes like rebalancing, AI improvements (?), NPC band-aid-changes,...; the big patches were about PvP - still no action to PvE yet.

Atm. Perp is a hardcore PvP-game with just too less players for good wars and industry/market, there are enough PvP possibilities (gamma islands with MCP + terraforming, intrusions, player driven PvP events,..) - but theres barely real PvE content that holds you ingame for longer than let's say a month.
In a sandbox a nice PvE is the basis for a working PvP. PvP-changes alone didn't bring in new players nor hold off older players from leaving (even the contrary at times).
And what would you do with an alliance feature if there's not enough players to make good use of it?

So putting the whining aside,
DEVs already told us that they're working on PvE content after Gamma (+ its hotfixes, hope that part's done now). Maybe there will come some small improvements inbetween like before, but this is necessary too for a stable and fun gameplay (concerning connection, lag, bugs, ...).

Nonetheless, an alliance feature is afaik still on the To-Do-list of AC (not cancelled but postponed).

Re: Player Conglomerate Suggestion

So now I have to ask you a similar question.  What major PvP changes have occurred in the game?

Buildable outposts?   That intrusion change was a modification of an existing system, not anything new.  Those outposts in my eyes are a lot more of an industrialist/manufacturers fortay then someone who PvP's.  They're the only ones that get any bonuses for having them. 

As for player driven PvP events, I don't know what you mean by this statement.  Has something been added to the game in the last year that I've missed?  From what I see, it's the same pew pew bang bang "have a new arkhe and welcome to station" fighting that I'm more than used to.

PvE however, orange bots don't agro, so no agro mobs on alpha-1's at all.  Only patrols agro on alpha-2's.  I haven't been out to a Beta yet, so not sure really if there are oranges there yet or not.

Those new devices you can deploy that "summons" NPC's in waves to you, so now you don't even have to go look for the mob, they deliver.  Right before I left, they changed mob spawns all together so that now, a single mob spawn won't spawn the same exact mob over and over again.  There seems to have been three different assignment addition patches in this last year. 
A complete overhaul to the mk2 CT loot in artifact scans, often have I seen that it was too much, too soon even.

I'm not even gonna bring up all of the manufacturing/mining changes that have been added.  I just haven't had the oppurtunity to experience it all myself, nor the terraforming/station building.

So, what exactly has been added to the game that has changed PvP?  The location people fight?  From what I can tell, that really about covers it.

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Re: Player Conglomerate Suggestion

Oh, and I have to ask, whatever happened to that "Energy Credit System" they were talking about over a year ago?  I was expecting to see it in game by now.

Oh, and "zombiepilot", that wierd Pathfinding for inputing automatic bot controls over a programmed path?

Re: Player Conglomerate Suggestion

... if you're so worked up about something please make a new topic - in general/open discussion something like "Hear my wrath" or "stress-reliever". Like this it seems you wife had her reasons to "cancel" your subs, poor her... Btw. ever heard of rhetorical questions?

Even so, some of your points are valid in a way and according arguments have each their topics where they are discussed. PvP and PvE changes take their turns, now its the turn for PvE again after gamma has been introduced.

Furthermore, since you only use the player conglomerate topic right now to vent your anger instead of keeping it as a serious feature discussion, I beg to the DEVs please close this topic for good. You trolled your own topic, so I can't see it anymore as a serious request from you.

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Re: Player Conglomerate Suggestion

First off, I apologize if you feel as though I am typing in a way that is confrontational.  A lot of people tell  me that, however it is difficult to express emotions at all through forums such as these.  I am not angry, and do in fact want to bring up this conversation again to discuss the introduction of an Alliance feature into the current game of Perpetuum.

I apologize further if you feel like I am side tracking or getting off topic by ranting a little about my other current problems while I attempt to return to a video game that I enjoy playing.  I will try to stay more on topic.

Now though, you have yet to answer my primary question.  And it is a true question, not rhetorical, because I have been gone so long, and I have very likely missed something in the blogs and changelogs.

What exactly has been added to the game that has altered PvP combat?

I'm just not seeing it to be honest.  I see all the new structure building, the new islands, Intrusion changes, and a good deal more.  All of those additions don't seem to have changed how or even the implementation of PvP, just the where and the when.

Edited to add:  Oh, and by the way, I started a topic in General Chat already to vent a bit of the frustrations I am currently dealing with my return.  So thanks for the suggestion, I already came up with it myself.  Feel free to comment in it or flame me as much as you want.  It has little to no effect on me as a player of Perpetuum.

Arjha ShanooYou trolled your own topic, so I can't see it anymore as a serious request from you.

When did I do this?  I can't tell here, anyone tell me please if I'm being trolled?

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Re: Player Conglomerate Suggestion

There was a dev-player conference : … -07-05.mp3

Interesting discussions, might shed some light on some of your questions.


Re: Player Conglomerate Suggestion

Appreciated Celebro, I was just in the process of looking for some of those broadcasts at this moment.  So truly, thank you.