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Hey all, compiled all the bots into one single sheet full of joyous numbers! 621 of them if I'm not mistaken!

So for those of you playing spreadsheets online v2.0 along with me here you go:


Enjoy and hope it helps someone.

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Re: Robot Stat Sheet

Ah, thankyou! big_smile

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Re: Robot Stat Sheet

Very nice!

Suggestion - color code name slot to indicate Corp affiliation (if any).

edit: also, doesn't Cameleon have two turret slots and zero missile slots?

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Thanks Gobla!  I'll make some graphics out of these as soon as I get a chance:)

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Using Gobla's data I made a semi-useful set of graphs. … p;:tabs=no

You can highlight one or more points/bots and see how they fit into all of the other graphs as well.  Highlight resists, pick slots etc.,
I hope it is useful...might be trying to cram too much into one view, dunno...but it certainly kept me entertained for a few minutes:)

And here is one for Weapons, again, using Gobla's data: … p;:tabs=no