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Topic: [BluRep] claims first field victory - Call for aid for Heydelhorn SAP

This saturday night Blue Republic has claimed the first field victory over the Red Federation in the newly sparked Red vs. Blue conflict!

After the treacherous Red Federation has called for help and was joined by Agents of two different corporations, who are now affiliated with the Federation, Blue Republic Agents were joined by the Agent named Leary and were able to defeat the Federation after a valiant sacrifice of their very own agent.

Leary later on joined the Republic to bolster the ranks in the ongoing war effort.

We now call for reinforcements on the next Heydelhorn SAP happening tonight (sunday) at 18:48 o clock!

You yourself want to be a hero of the war and ensure that the treacherous Red Federation is defeated and the rightful claim on Heydelhorn is secured?

Join Blue Republic today!

Join the ingame coms channel "RvB", the discord communication channel https://discord.gg/aNs7ekZ or talk to your nearest Blue Republic member!

BluRep best Rep! To Victory!