Topic: [REDFED] Bots Bleed RED (Red Vs. Blue)

The Federation has the following announcement:

Citizens of the Federation,
A weak faction of dissidents have splintered from our glorious union many cycles ago has again appeared on our probes.  Intelligence analysts have high confidence that the threat of this new, so-called, sovereign entity is high and attack is imminent.

We call upon you, the citizens, to defend and push back the Blue miasma that chokes the life from our lands!
The time is now to fight,
for your right,
to party.

Join REDFED today!
Red Federation is part of the Red vs. Blue Project in Perpetuum.
Drawing inspiration from the RvB project from "the other game" RvB seeks to provide an equitable PVP atmosphere by having simple rules-of-engagement, self-balancing, player organizations dedicated to fun, fair, fights.


In-game Channel:

Rules doc: … sp=sharing