Topic: [BLUREP] Blue is BETTER! (Red vs. Blue)

Nians! To arms!
A new scourge has reared its ugly head and will not cease until our republic is no more.
The Red wave plagues the beautiful lands of beta and we will not cease until the Red abscess is excised.

Join the Blue Republic; together, the Red wave will be defeated!

Long live the Republic!

Blue Republic is part of the Red vs. Blue Project in Perpetuum.
Drawing inspiration from the RvB project from "the other game" RvB seeks to provide an equitable PVP atmosphere by having simple rules-of-engagement, self-balancing, player organizations dedicated to fun, fair, fights.


In-game Channel:

Rules doc: … sp=sharing

Re: [BLUREP] Blue is BETTER! (Red vs. Blue)

The blue Republic is looking for new recruits!

After our first field victory over the treacherous Reds and their allies, we seek for new recruits to bolster our ranks and ensure our claim on Heydelhorn outpost and its profits!

Enlist now and support our way to victory! With quick wit and the will to fight you might climb the ranks way up to an officer position!

Join the RvB channel now, apply on discord or talk to your nearest recruitment officer!