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Topic: Energy fields, MPC and you.

Q: Do you know how long 1 energy field can feed 1 facility (with boosters)?
A: 5 days.

err... WHAT?!..

P.S. There are possible install 8 different facilites. Yes. You have to install new energy well every 12 hours.

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Re: Energy fields, MPC and you.

Imagine a day, when that was worse (energy well/ day not 5 day in the 1st example)! Even worse! Yes that was before they changed.

Now I think that is not bad at least.

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Re: Energy fields, MPC and you.

Imagine when there was a server reset it would set all structures to have 1 AP.

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Re: Energy fields, MPC and you.

Such things are usually being handled automagically in games.
But in this game with robots everywhere it should be made manually.

Shouldn't we be worried about the some kind of siege bots instead?

Re: Energy fields, MPC and you.

You only need to online facilities you need or you face moving wells.  Long past are days of afk bases.  Long past are actual usefulness of bases.

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