Topic: more extensions: kill mega-squads by requiring ep

The squad function is currently used in a funky way where a whole alliance is put into a single permanent squad. There is a problem associated with doing missions as passive members contribute towards mission challenge level generation.

Make a timelimit for squads so that in a group of double the size an agent can spend only half the time (ie drain one unit of resource per participating agent). Then make extensions that raise how much an agent regenerates this resource.

With this having the same number of people in two separate squads would be able to uphold twice longer than if they all were in one squad. There could also be a feature where it would automatically keep you in a squad with max number of indefinetely holdable friendlies. This way you would not need to constantly shuffle people in and out of the squad and people that happen to be by chance missioning at the same place might start more involved cooperation.

Re: more extensions: kill mega-squads by requiring ep

If alliance features were implemented you wouldn't have a problem. IMO I'd rather coding time was spent on that than this.

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Re: more extensions: kill mega-squads by requiring ep

We have a current problem to doing missions in squad, I would solve that first.

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