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Topic: Weapon upgrade is convenient?

Hello i am new here and i am loving this game:D but i really need  some advices about weapons upgrade.
I am in the Pelistal faction and after thousands (:P) of quests i would like to upgrade my firepower (i have increased the extensions) but doing a benchmark among a light missile launcher T1 and a T2 (DBM) seem that T1 is better (less cycle time less recharge time same range ) and the only thing where T2 is better is the number of missiles it carry (from 20 to 25).

What is the best way to empower my combat statistic  1) level extensions (using the same starting Waspish fit) 2)spent all nic on weapon upgrade (because 5 missiles more are better than nothing)?

Thank in advance

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Re: Weapon upgrade is convenient?

DPS wise, t1 and t2 should always be exactly the same

T2 always* has less "mass" and lower fitting requirements, and eventually a bigger magazine.

basicly, T2 is when you lack cpu/reactor, and/or when you want to make your bot as fast as possible.

for performance increase, you need to go t3 or t4

*T2 exception is to be found in lightweight-frames. there t1, t2 and t3 are nothing but crafting components to t4

*Disclaimer: This post can contain strong sarcasm or cynical remarks. keep that in mind!
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Re: Weapon upgrade is convenient?

thanks for you quick reply smile

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Re: Weapon upgrade is convenient?

Welcome to the game.
First off the bat make sure you grab Zortargs game guide found here under guides.
I too play Green Pellistal whoo hoo.
There are 13 tiers in the game currently.  To keep it simple for a new player lets talk only about T1 T2 T3 and T4.
T1 is basic T2 has same stats but lighter, T3 better stats but heavier and finally T4 one of the best in game heavier and harder to fit with extensions.  So that is the gear side of things.  Also you can raise the weapons skills.  On top of that for missiles the key is the seismics skill, basically means more of your missile damage explodes on top of the enemy.
You can increase your missile cycle time using extensions so you shoot faster.  You can increase the missiles range to shoot further.  Also you can put some gear on top of your head for each specific weapon type to increase DPS.
So look for missiles weapons tuning s on the marketplace.

Keep in mind there are 2 sizes of missiles small and medium.
Each robot in game has a different size, smaller robots are harder to hit and also well smaller.
You can find each robot size in the information panel in game.
Medium sized missiles do more damage but the explosion size is so much larger you actually do less total damage against smaller robots.  This can be reduced with seismics skill and the leg modules weapon stabilizer modules.

Hope that helps you out, good choice on the robots.

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Re: Weapon upgrade is convenient?

T4 is not the best in the game.

There are 13 tiers in the game. T4 is the 11th best.

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