Topic: Robots are getting old?

I've noticed that the paint on the robot i use for missions... Erased.
I've thougt the frays are the part of the skin, but they became bigger O.O
Have bought a new one to check... Interesting.

And what makes them became like this? Time, damage, distance traveled, kills?
Can it became paintless later? smile

Re: Robots are getting old?

Yes, if you package it and unpackage it it will be like new.

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Re: Robots are getting old?

Yes this is a nice little feature what hardly decideable.

Little things what makes Perpetuum interesting.

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Re: Robots are getting old?

same feature is in elite dangerous.
but "repairing" paint costs you a few credits, and the worst status ther doesn't even come close to what we can have here.

seems to be an easy to implement feature when you can multiplay a color-mask with a procedural mask.

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Re: Robots are getting old?

Getting damage should remove your paint. As this indicates Bots that grow old not in storage but on field, most player account this as a boon and are sad, that packaging restores old paint.

Re: Robots are getting old?

What about robots that have dust on them >.>  I saw a mk2 seth the other day that was yellow................