Topic: New beacon idea

Hello folks. Seeing as any beacon can easily be done in a group of 3-5 players, I have a preposition. How about adding a raid-like beacon. Requiring at least 10-15 players working together (pretty much the whole corp). The beacon would be acquired by either some world event (like those SSD) or purchased with tokens (5-10k minimum). It would function similar to normal beacons with waves of enemies.

As the current aggro mechanics and relatively low tanking ability of the seths are inappropriate for 20-30 mobs, i recommend a different tactic: spawn a small number of highly advanced DPS and EWar.

3 DPS and 2 EWar for example.
The 2 Ewars would have a massive shield tank and extreme neuting/ECMing abilities. The ECM bot could easily ECM 2-3 bots, while the neuter could drain a seth's accumulator in half a minute. They could be jammed (with low %) and would regain locks after only a couple seconds.

The DPS mobs would pretty much melt the heavies. You would need to cycle aggro between the heavies. Repairers would die within a couple volleys, so it would be vital to never get the logi bots aggroed.

There would be 3-5 waves from the beacon with a super spawning in the last wave (not alone). The waves would be timed (you would need to kill all the mobs in fast enough). This is to prevent fully repairing all the heavies and regaining energy on the logi bots.

The loot would be either massive amounts of kernels/indy stuff/cores. Basically a lot of rare stuff. OR you could code in something exclusive that is yet to be announced (T4 building BP or so on).

The people required:
At least 7-10 players. That does not mean accounts. Players.

Why make it so hard?
So a single multi multi boxer (like me, 15 accounts) cant solo it.
It provides a hard, group-only activity. For players to be invested in.
"I've been invited to do beacons, but i can solo 3 stripe mech beacons, so i declined the invitation" <- this would no longer be a problem.
And most importantly, bots would blow up. A LOT. Provides the market a bit of movement again.

In PVE bot vs bot scale, I always found the game easy when you get to high EP levels. Seeing as Jita can do one stripe mech beacons in one bot, i can do 3 striped mech beacons in 3 bots, we have pretty much reached the pinnacle of PVE. Now I'm not going to be talking about how players have the ultimate advantage if they just simply multibox. But as it is now, PVE doesnt provide so much a challenge any more.

I personally love PVE and hate PVP. As such, I believe having a high risk, high reward combat opportunity is much needed. Without any PVP involved.

TL/DR: Something in the lines of pocket incursions in EVE.

Re: New beacon idea

+1 for any idea that:

-Is difficult to do

-Requires a group of active people, not a group of accounts

-Has NPC's that form a coherent PvP like fleet (with actual PvP like fits) and not the usual garbage

I think as much as possible PvE should mimic PvP and benefit the same fits, experience and chance of loss. In a game with a fight every three days what else are you gonna do? :-)

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