Topic: Agent profile affecting performance

I'm surprised none has ever reported this, it feels like this issue has been around forever.
Whenever I open the agent profile window, FPS drops by more than 50%(118 => 40-50). It happens both in terminal and outside. What could be causing it?

Here's a comparison:
Agent Profile closed
Agent Profile open
(FPS counter on bottom right)

Does my pretty face have to many polygons probably? big_smile

Re: Agent profile affecting performance

i had closed my bug report about this when i got a new pc... (there was some interaction with Zoom in that one)
but recently i noticed the lag comming back and wondered if i should reopen the case.

my wild guess about the reason, would be "data is sent to all members in squad or in vincinity" (just because that was the reason for like every other lag-spike issue, or even why the Autopilot didn't work)

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