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Hey guys, I wanted to make a place where I can post things that don't have to do with Robot Chronicles. While I hope you enjoy I also don't want to upset or bother any one so if you don't really care or like these let me know and I'll stop.

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May 1, 2015
6:00 PM Friday, Pacific Time (PT)
1:00 AM Saturday, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

There will be a Art Stream at  where to celebrate 250 Subscribers we will be making a Xenomorph ( Alien) Titan ( Attack on Titan ) Hybrid.We will be starting with basic drawings and concepts before moving into a full 3D model where we will sculpt out the creature and potentially pose the monster.  This has been planned in advance and we hope you all enjoy the show.

Also thanks to all here at Perpetuum for helping support us so much. You guys are beyond awesome and I'm grateful!

(stream canceled till further pops in the hospital.)

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Re: None Perpetuum Streams and Specials

Stream is over but not complete. We have more to come and I hope you all enjoyed apprently part 1 of 2