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Topic: Investors' money


Have you thought about the additional funding from investors. By the kickstarter or startup scheme?

Write a plan for 3-5 years, which you about to accomplish with these money. And, of course, the proffit that investorw will have if everyting went as planned.

I'm the investor. And i'm constantly see a game developers with the investment proposal. It's not exactly my profile, so i've never invested in it, but i'm sure that many inverstors have made some proffit on those.

What i see in this game it's a HUGE potential, LOTS of ideas for EVERYTHING. But they can't be all implemented, because it'll cost a lot of the resources, a lot of manpower. A lot of, in one word, MONEY.

The good thing that, again, this game have big potential, and it's obvious. So it can be a very interesting investment possibility, and there will be investors.

And we'll see everything we've wanted in this game much more sunner then in 10 years smile

Just make sure that minimum investment won't be too low. For a real investments. I don't think it'll be cool if every second player here with $100 will call himself a "shareholder"...

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They were looking for a publisher and investor for a long time and never found one. I think a lot of their time pre steam was taken up with that. I have suggested crowd funding before, with our small but dedicated player base I'm not sure how successful that would be.

I personally think that going free to play is the answer with a cash shop and expansions based on donations. I think archage among others does the ftp / cash shop method really well and I see it working here.

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the could make a blog about how possible investors suggested adding station walking (with humans) and whatelse you can find listed in failed games years ago.

I really hope for a propper implementation of custom paintjobs with the update of the game engine and after getting a new 3D artist.

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Re: Investors' money

I've talked about the investors who invest for PROFIT after some time.
Not the gamers.

So they won't be asking to spend the money on useless stuff and reducing their chances to get profit.
And they won't have a reason to throw their own ideas, because there will be a plan written by the developers. Which they've read at the begining, and decided that it's can worth it.

That's why i'm talking about a bigger minimum for investments. Like $3.000-$5.000. Because this is the money that most people can use for investment and making a proffit for that. But not for playing the game. So they won't be whining on forums about something like "give me a special avatar and walking on station or i'll take my money back!".

The players can give some money, of course. But not much. Something like $10/month.
This might be a good money when there will be much more players. And for thet the game needs to evolve faster.
And for that, again, some investors are needed.

Get the money -> develop the game -> after 3-5 years return the money plus some % -> both sides have proffit plus the much better game, with much more players and revenue

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And maybe some crowfounding plages.

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