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Topic: Three Bugs on Test

1. An interzone TP, if selected by multiple agents, will crash all agents except the first one to teleport. In other words, if a multi-zone TP is placed and multiple agents in a squad select the TP so the drop down with destinations is listed, when one agent teleports the other agents with open destination dialogs will crash. Crash reports submitted today.

2. Attempts to shift-drag from private storage into robot cargo do not display the maximum number of items that would fit into cargo - instead the dialog just shows "1". On the live servers the dialog defaults to an amount that (usually) will completely fill the remaining cargo space though sometimes it is off by one too many for some raw materials.

3. Spark teleport fails with a message indicating too many destinations have been selected. Removing the spark TP destination and resetting it fixes the problem. Probably this is just an artifact of copying live to test, but I figure it can't hurt to mention this behavior in case it's actually a new bug.

Re: Three Bugs on Test

3. is because of the new slot system (targets taking up more than 1 slot), but the interface wasn't ready on the test server yet.

We'll check out the other two, thanks.

Re: Three Bugs on Test

Fixed 1. and 2.

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